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Vape Pens - Batteries & Coils

The need to know about vape pens & how to pick the perfect one.

What’s more portable than a pen? If you’ve ever stuck a pen into your shirt pocket or stuffed it in your purse before heading out the door, you’re already prepared to own a vape pen. A vape pen is basically just a dry herb or concentrate vaporizer that has been conveniently shaped into a long and skinny tube, much like a pen. They are one of the most popular styles of vape because of how convenient, portable, and easy to use they are. Find out more about vape pens below! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Types of Vape Pens

  • Concentrate vape pens - These have been squeezed from freshly picked vape pens and processed for distribution… ha ha. In reality, these are simply vape pens that are used to vaporize wax concentrates or oils. The Slim Wax Kind Pen is a high quality affordable option for concentrate vaping.
  • Dry herb vape pens - Amazingly, it is now possible to vaporize dry herbs thanks to a fantastic invention called the dry herb vape pen! These basically work by heating up the dry herb to the ideal temperature for activation, but still far cooler than the fire that creates ash, tar, and other toxins in traditional dry herb smoking methods.

All in all, choosing between concentrate and dry herb vape pens is a matter of personal preference. If you’re not sure, consider getting one of each to test it out and see which speaks to you. We have a range of both dry herb and concentrate vape pens in our collection below.

Cartridges vs. Chambers

  • Chambers - Most vaporizer pens simply have a chamber which you can fill with your favorite strain of wax, oil, or flowers. These allow for maximum control and customization.
  • Cartridges - Vaporizer pens that use cartridges are a super convenient and mess-free alternative to vape pens which have chambers. Rather than dealing with the sticky mess of wax or trying not to drop any crumbs of your favorite herb, cartridges (which can be bought separately) are a simple click-and-go affair. They’re also extremely portable and easy to use. The Vertex Vape Pen is a popular option for those who prefer the convenience of cartridges.

Things to Consider
Once you’ve decided whether you prefer concentrates or dry herbs, cartridges or chambers, there are a few final decisions to make before purchasing your new favorite 420 accessory! Here’s what to factor into your decision:

  • Size - Much like regular pens, vape pens come in both standard and ultra slim varieties. The slimmer versions are lighter and more portable but can usually hold less herb or concentrate, so you might want to think about whether you’d prefer portability or capacity.
  • Style & Color - Most vape pens have very sleek designs, but they do come in a variety of colors and styles. If you’re looking for a more discreet option, some vapes are designed to look almost exactly like an actual pen, so prying eyes won’t even know the difference.
  • Battery - When it comes to vapes, the more powerful the battery, the more precise the temperature settings will be, and the faster it will heat up. However, stronger batteries are slightly larger, so take that into consideration as well.
  • Voltage - The main thing to remember is to make sure you charger is the right voltage setting for your vape pen. If your vape comes with a charger cord like the Orion Kind Pen, then just use the cord provided and you won’t have to worry about voltage at all.

Vaping is one of the easiest, healthiest, and most convenient ways to consume herbs and wax concentrates. Whether you’re a dry herb aficionado or a wax concentrate enthusiast, our collection has something that’s sure to meet your needs!