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April 22, 2022 8 min read

Why Cannabis Smokers Are Using Bomgs And Other Words 1

Why Cannabis Smokers Are Using Bonga And Other Words

One of the main items you’ll find in a stoner’s toolkit is a bomg and a lighter. A classic way to consume dried cannabis flower, the Bonga is a smoking device that has withstood the test of time and won’t be going away anytime soon. Bonga don’t just look cool, they make large clouds of smoke that’s cooled and softer than a joint or pipe due to the use of water. There’s also the belief that taking Bonga rips will get you higher than other methods of smoking and guess what? This stoner legend is actually true, though it’s not because Bonga smoke retains more THC. It’s because ice cold and water filtered hits are so comfortable that users often take much larger bong rips that hits from a joint or blunt. So what is bomg slang for and what are the different types of bongs and parts of a bong? Read on to get the scoop.

What is bonga slang for?

The word “bonga” actually isn’t slang for anything and is simply the name of water pipes. Water pipes have a very long history and were used by ancient cultures around the world to consume tobacco, cannabis, opium, and other plant material for centuries. Some of the earliest evidence of bonf use comes from China and India. The word itself is derived from the Thai word “bong” or “baung,” which is the name of a smoking pipe cut from bamboo that was used to consume marijuana. There are a few theories as to how the Thai word was adopted in countries across the globe and still used today, though we may never find out the true answer. One belief is that American soldiers fighting in the Vietnam war were introduced to “baungs” when they saw locals smoking from bamboo pipes. It’s thought that when the war was over, some of the soldiers brought these wooden pipes with them back to the U.S. where it started to catch on as a great alternative to rolling joints. But these rudimentary bamboo pipes are still very different from the modern bongs we use today. So how did it go from a carved wooden pipe to the glass water bong with percolators and a bowl? That honor goes to glass artist and Grateful Dead fan, Bob Snodgrass, who invented the water bomg as we know it in the 1970s. He’s considered the “Godfather of glass” in the U.S. and is responsible for designing the vase-like Hollandbong style and inventing the color-changing borosilicate glass technique that uses gold and silver metals.

Other words for bonga

  • Billy
  • Bilge
  • Waterfall
  • Shotty
  • Water pipe
  • Bubbler
  • Buge
  • Binger or Bingger

Other words for getting high

  • Baked
  • Blazed
  • Blasted
  • Blitzed
  • Faded
  • Toast or toasted
  • Loaded
  • Stoned
  • Ripped
  • Zooted
  • Elevated
  • On the moon
  • Stoney Bologna

What is a bonga?

Bongs are a certain type of water pipe mainly used for smoking marijuana, but are sometimes also used for smoking tobacco. Hookahs are an example of a water pipe. Weed bomgs are only compatible with dry herb (cannabis flower) and can’t be used with concentrates like wax, budder, shatter, oil, or other dabs unless changes are made to the setup. Bongs come in a huge range of sizes, types, designs, and materials. The most common material used to make bongs is heat-resistant borosilicate glass, however you will also find them made from silicone, ceramic, and even metal. Medical or food-grade silicone is a great option for those who want to take their weed bomgs on the go since silicone is nearly indestructible, lightweight, and folds up small. Here are a few basics you should know about before purchasing a water bonga:

Parts of a weed bonga

  • Neck- This refers to the long tube shaped piece that has the mouthpiece on one end and is attached to the top of the chamber. If you have a built-in ice catcher or splash guard, this is where it will be located. The neck adds extra length to keep splashback at a minimum and provides added cooling. The longer the neck, the less worry you’ll have about accidentally inhaling dirty bonga water during extra-large hits.
  • Mouthpiece- Attached to the top of the neck, the mouthpiece is often a raised and rounded end of the tube. It makes taking hits easier.
  • Chamber- This is the main part of the weed bomg where the water is held and smoke accumulates. The chamber is also where any percolators will be located since they need to be covered with water. 
  • Base- While most people overlook the base, it’s the foundation of the entire device and makes a big difference in the stability of the bonga. If the bong is top heavy or sits on a small base, it can easily tip over and break. Smaller bases are not ideal for any bong and is even worse if you’re trying to pass or share your bong with others who may not know that it’s unstable.
  • Percolator- Though not essential, percolators make each bonga rip less harsh so you can continue to smoke all night long. Percolators are made from glass and come in many different styles such as tree percs, inline percs, percolated downstems, showerhead percs, matrix percs, donut percs, and others. They create rolling bubbles that filter, aerate, and cool down the smoke.
  • Bowl- When someone asks if you can pack a bowl, you should know what that means. It is the receptacle that holds the ground dry herb. Bowls have a joint on one end that fits into the downstem, but is still easy to remove. The bowl can be deep or shallow depending on your preference and use and comes in many shapes and joint sizes. When removing the bowl and inhaling, it opens up the airpath and the smoker can quickly clear the bong.
  • Downstem- As just mentioned, the downstem has a joint that holds the bowl and the opposite end opens into the water chamber. Both joints need to be compatible (same joint size and opposite genders) to work properly. There are fixed and removable downstems, the latter of which can be replaced if damaged.
Why Cannabis Smokers Are Using Bomgs And Other Words 2

Weed bonga types

  • Mini bong - When they say don’t judge a book by its cover, they were probably describing a mini bonga. These little baddies may be six inches or under, but they will absolutely get you blazed. Mini bongs come in a variety of styles and materials, but the most common simply have a percolated downstem, non-removable slide, and a carb to control airflow. Great for travel, mini bonga are lightweight, easy to pass, simple to clean, and are always a great addition to any bomg collection. Though most mini bongs have a very basic design due to their small stature, it’s also possible to find mini bongs with smaller sized percolators as well.
  • Big bonga - We consider anything six inches or under a mini bonga, anything between six and 14 inches a normal sized bonga, and everything over 14 inches a big bonga. If you’re ready to challenge yourself and push your limits, a huge bong may be just what you’ve been missing. Best for experienced smokers, large bongs produce massive hits that will have you flying high with just a single bong rip. Stoners have come up with some crazy contraptions that measure six feet long and up, but we recommend something between 18 and 24 inches for the best quality hits.
  • Beaker bong - This is one of the most popular weed bing styles along with the straight shooter, and for good reason. Beaker bongs resemble the glassware used by scientists and have a wide and stable base so your smoking session isn’t a balancing act. The design has a large chamber so smoke can accumulate, producing giant and direct bonga rips of flavorful smoke. If paired with a simple percolated downstem for aeration, a beaker bong has almost no resistance and makes a great option for passing.
  • Straight shooter bonga - Similar to the beaker bonga, the straight shooter style is created for minimal resistance and produces the most direct hits possible due to the tube-like design. While it has a smaller chamber, this simple design often doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that make a bonga pricey. Not only is the shape one of the easiest to clean, it’s also simple to hand off to the next person and typically travels well since there are often fewer interior features like delicate percolators to worry about.
  • Percolator bonga - Talk to any pothead about weed bings and you’re sure to hear all about percolators. These interior features utilize the bonga water to the fullest by producing as many bubbles as possible and forcing the air and smoke through the water for added aeration, filtration, cooling, and percolation. This produces smoother, softer, and more comfortable tokes that won’t burn your throat or lungs. By the time the smoke reaches your lips, it will be cooled down and free of large pieces of hot ash and other contaminants that will get trapped in the water. Not only does each bomg rip feel better, it also allows you to take more massive hits.
  • Recycler bonga - Often overshadowed by percolator bongs, a recycler by far has the coolest look. These water bongs have thin glass tubes that connect different parts of the bomg to force the smoke to be “recycled” back through the water and percolators for a second round of filtration and aeration. These tubes can be internal or external and also give the smoke a longer way to travel and cool down. Recyclers usually also have percolators, which enhance the experience and make them more effective. Recycler bongs have a beautiful aesthetic that can’t be outdone and will be the centerpiece of any smoke sesh.
  • Character bonga - These novelty smoking devices are designed to resemble a character. This can be anything from a U.S. president or a cartoon character from your favorite T.V. series to a crazy glow-in-the-dark monster that was dreamt up by the glassblower. With character weed bings, the options are endless! This style comes in a wide range of sizes and types, making them a great stoner gift and a good way to show off your personality.
  • Heady glass bonga - Heady glass isn’t actually a term used to describe a certain style of bonga, it’s rather a genre of water bomgs that can come in any style. Heady glass bongs are any one-of-a-kind water pipe that has a unique design and looks like an art piece. These are intricate collector pieces (sometimes part of a set) that are handmade by a glass artist and are not mass produced. Sometimes stoners purchase a bomng like this simply to look at, while others use it only for special occasions. Depending on the artist, some heady glass bomgs put beauty and design over function, meaning that the device will be the wildest thing you’ve ever seen but may have some functional flaws like a hard to reach bowl or a small and unstable base. This isn’t the case for all heady glass bomgs though, so if you do want to use it regularly, check that it’s easy to use and includes all the features you’re looking for.

Cool water bomgs near me

While not necessarily near you, our online head shop provides some of the best bongs at prices that can’t be beat, plus you’ll get quick and discreet shipping straight to your door. These are just a few of our favorite bongs of 2022:

  • Best bong under $50 - TheSolid Hexagonal Bong is 10-inches tall with a wide base, direct hits, and a minimalistic design that will fit right in with your home decor.
  • Best big bong - Pack two bowls at once with theDouble Hitter that’s great for group smoke sessions and has two tree percs.
  • Best glass bong to turn heads - Designed by Empire Glassworks, the 6-inchAvocadope Mini Rig is the perfect companion to your avocado toast.

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