Top Five Recycler Dab Rigs

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Three Recycler Dab Rigs
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Do you love using traditional dab rigs, but hate the harsh dabs that force you to cough? A recycler dab rig is what you’ve been missing. From external recycler dab rigs with multiple percs to mini dab rigs that can be taken on the go, these are just a few of the top five recycler dab rigs to add to your glassware collection.

What are recycler dab rigs?

Recycler dab rigs and recycler bongs have an added level of filtration and aeration since the vapor and water are pushed back around the chambers and/or percolators for a second time, hence the name recycler. The 710 community is slowly moving more towards recycler dab rigs since dabs are less harsh, just as potent, and have less splashback when taking giant dabs. Recycler dab rigs are separated into three types: external recyclers, internal recyclers, and perc-recyclers. External recyclers are the most popular type of recycler dab rig since they have a unique look. These dab rigs have multiple chambers connected only with a recycler tube. Internal recyclers work the same, but have internal chambers and tubes, while perc-recyclers can be either internal or external as long as it has a percolator. Perc-recyclers offer the most cooling, filtration, and aeration power of all three types.

Best recycler dab rigs

Extraterrestrial Bong

Get ready for giant dabs that are out of this world with the 13-inch Extraterrestrial Bong that comes with both a bong bowl and quartz banger so you can move seamlessly between flower and oil. This top recycler dab rig features a UFO perc and a mini honeycomb percolator to filter contaminants, plus the external recycler forces the vapor around the circuit a second time for double the cooling power. The unique design of this dab rig isn’t just for looks, each of the tubes and chambers add additional length so the vapor is as smooth as it can be before it reaches your lips. Choose from blue, black, green, or purple accent colors. If you’re looking for a cool dab rig that not everyone will have and can handle massive dabs, the Extraterrestrial Bong is it!

Close up of extraterrestrial bong

Grappa Dab Rig

Don’t be fooled by this mini dab rig. While it may be just 5-inches tall, expect potent and filtered dabs that go down as smooth as the Italian brandy it’s named after. From the twin chambers that create a unique whirlpool effect, to the slanted neck and built-in splashguard, the Grappa Dab Rig proves that bigger isn’t always better. Available in transparent blue or amber borosilicate glass, this recycler dab rig is great for passing around with friends and is also simple to clean after the party ends.

Grappa Mini Dab Rig

Ghost Rider Dab Rig

This is one of the best big recycler dab rigs out there in terms of function. At 16-inches tall, the Ghost Rider Dab Rig has three chambers that house a tree and inline percolator for smooth, filtered dabs. Blown from fully transparent heat-safe borosilicate glass, the tabletop dab rig is fun to watch and even more enjoyable to use. This big dab rig comes with a bong bowl that can be swapped out with any quartz banger with an 18mm male joint so it can be used for dabs and dry herb depending on your mood.

Ghost Rider Big Bong

Chariot 2 Tone Percolator Bong

Available in black or Jade, the Chariot 2 Tone Percolator Bong is packed with diffusion power thanks to the dual chambers and twin percs. This recycler dab rig has a fixed downstem with an 18mm female joint and comes with a deep bong bowl for dry herb that can be exchanged with a banger for dabbing concentrates. Vapor first passes through the large inline percolator before moving to the second chamber with the 8-arm tree perc. You don’t have to worry about taking giant dabs since the splashguard will keep all dirty bong water contained. Expect comfortable, yet massive dabs that will get you blazed in no time.

Chariot 2 Tone Perc Bong

Color Tip Double Matrix Beaker Bong

Beaker bongs are a stoner favorite because of the stable, nearly untippable base, direct hits, and easy to pass design. The Color Tip Double Matrix Beaker Bong is a 2-in-1 bong that doubles as a dab rig. While the water bong comes with a matching smoking bowl, you can easily dab oil and other concentrates by changing to any banger with a 14mm male joint. This recycler dab rig stands at 8 inches tall and has two matrix percolators, each in their own chamber. A built-in three pinch ice catcher is also there if you want to cool things down. The dab rig is made with durable, clear heat-resistant glass with either green or purple accents.

Double Matrix Beaker Bong

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