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Stoner Beach Essentials

July 24, 2021 4 min read

Revelry Champion Cross Body Bag

Nothing screams summer more than a day getting high at the beach with your best friends. Fancy glass bongs and tabletop dab rigs may not be ready to withstand the outdoors, but there are loads of portable smoking products made specifically for blazing on the go. These products make toking at the beach a lot simpler, plus you don’t have to worry about delicate glassware. From smell-proof weed storage containers and unbreakable silicone bongs to stealth vape pens that fit in the palm of your hand, these are the top smoking accessories for stoners who love the beach.

Revelry Champion Crossbody Bag

This unisex bag looks like a hip fanny pack, but it’s not just about the looks. Thiscrossbody bag is completely smell proof and water resistant! Even the dankest of bud won’t stand a chance against the triple layered carbon filter system sandwiched between a twill lining and rubber-backed exterior. The Champion Crossbody Bag measures 8.5 x 5 x 2.5 inches with an inner divider and external front compartment that will fit your dry herb, rolling papers, lighter, a pipe, and even your wallet and phone. It’s the perfect grab-and-go beach accessory that will keep you organized. The bag is available in Navajo maroon print or dark grey.

The Champion Cross body Bag

EF420 Doob Tube

Not much is worse than pulling into the beach parking lot at sunset ready to light up a fat one and watch the sun go down just to realize it got smashed in your back pocket. Roll your joints and blunts in the comfort of your home and transport them with ease in an EF420 Doob Tube. Available in black or clear, these durable plastic tubes protect your joints so you can transport them in your backpack or glove compartment. The 5-inch long doob tubes come in a 2 pack for just $4.20 and have a secure attached lid.

EF420 Plastic Doob Tube

Genius High Expectations Pipe

The masterminds at Genius have come up with the most portable and high quality pipe on the market. Made from heavy-duty anodized aluminum, the High Expectations Pipe uses a patented vortex cooling technology first invented for cooling down nuclear reactors. Because of this technology, Genius pipes have the smoothest rips ever produced by a 6-inch pipe. Designed for the modern stoner, this stylish pipe is great for travel since it has a top sliding lid that covers up the top so you can transport a packed bowl and the dirty ash won’t spill into your bag when taking it back home. For an even more compact and discreet pipe, try the5-inch Genius Mini Classic Pipe that weighs just 5.4 oz.

Genius High Expectations Pipe

Fruits of Summer Bong

It may be made of glass, but this water bong was meant for toking while you tan. The Fruits of Summer Bong is a petite 7-inches tall that’s easy to carry and is sure to make all your summertime fantasies come true. Everyone who sees this cool bong will want to have a taste. Available in red, green, or yellow, this detailed mini bong is crafted from beautiful speckled borosilicate glass and comes with a matching bowl.

Fruits of Summer Mini Bong

Silicone Trident

You’ll want to call up your friends for this one! Roll up three joints and insert them into the Silicone Trident for the ultimate beach smoke out. This unbreakable smoking accessory is super travel-friendly since it measures just 3.5 inches and is made from heat-safe silicone. Throw it in your beach bag and get ready to test your limits by smoking three joints at once! Awesome for passing around at parties, the Silicone Trident is just what you need to share around the bonfire and cap off an amazing beach day.

Silicone Trident

Ice Cream Cone Pipe

There’s no better way to beat the heat than with an ice cream. This smoking pipe made from heat-safe silicone is nearly unbreakable, even if you accidentally drop it on the sand. The Ice Cream Cone Pipe comes in vanilla or strawberry complete with a waffle cone and colorful sprinkles. Each 5-inch silicone pipe has a glass bowl and left side carb to control airflow and can smash down at the bottom of your bag and still be ready to smoke. At just $14.20, this shatterproof smoking pipe is the perfect companion to your summer escapades.

Ice Cream Cone Silicone Pipe

Stone Smiths Slash Vape Pen

If you’re all about discreet dabs and love not having to worry about finding all your tools, choose a concentrate vaporizer. With a long battery life and classy, minimal look, the Stone Smiths Slash Vape Pen will quickly be your go-to way to blaze this summer. Encased in a sturdy zinc alloy shell, this dab pen is just as tough as you are and it’s no wonder that it was crowned one of the best dab pens of 2020. Add your favorite cannabis concentrate, choose from three temperature settings, and enjoy giant, dreamy clouds. You don’t even need to bring along a dab tool since the magnetic top has a built-in dabber, making dabbing while out and about, that much easier. Just grab you Slash Vape and head to the beach!

Stone and Smith Slash Vape Pen

V Syndicate Grinder Card

Never forget your grinder again with the V Syndicate Grinder Card that fits right into your wallet! Grinder cards are as portable as it can get and are essential for those that like to travel light. Simply pull out the herb grinder and grate your bud against the non-stick openings. These herb grinder cards don’t take up any space and come in a variety of cool prints. We love the 80s style cassette tape design that will have you longing for a boom box.

V Syndicate Grinder Card

For more stoner beach essentials, check out our online smoke shop where you’ll find portable dab rigs, vaporizers, vape pens, bubblers, mini bongs, rolling papers, herb grinders, and more!

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