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Growing Weed
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There are many things to know and learn when trying to grow marijuana. Whether you are growing weed indoors or outdoors, there are a few tips and tricks to get you by! One massive tip is to upgrade the nutrients in your plant growth process, aka soil! Here is the best soil for growing weed and why it will help deliver a quality harvest every single time.

Soil types

There are various types of soil to exist: clay, sand, silt, loam, peat, and chalk. There are different reasons for using each type of soil which will be explained later, but understand that soil delivers specific nutrients depending on what you are growing! While there are many benefits to using one soil over the other, we highly suggest mixing soils in order to get the perfect concoction. Suggestions will be provided, keep reading!


Sand is a type of soil that is permeable when it comes to root growth, however it does not retain water or fertilizer very well. >


Clay is totally opposite to sand as we all know, where it can harden and be extremely difficult and virtually impenetrable making it not very ideal for growing weed. Clay is, on the other hand, extremely rich in minerals and nutrients which can be highly beneficial for plant growth that does not need as much air flow as Mary Jane plants do. 


Silt is a bit better than clay in the sense where it can retain moisture well, however when hardened it will become similar to clay and not the best choice either when needing to keep moisture flowing through a plant. 


Why limit yourself and choose one type of soil when you can get the best of all worlds! Getting back to mixing soils, Loam is a mixture of 40% sand, 40% silt and 20% clay. If you couldn’t tell already, loam is the best soil for growing weed as it combines a specific amount of each soil type to get the best of each! So how was it determined that loam is the best soil for growing weed?

Many cannabis experts agree that the ideal acidity for cannabis is a pH level of 6.0 or close to this, and loam hits that neutral zone. Loam is an excellent choice for growing weed because it takes the best qualities of each soil while minimizing the weaker attributes, hence a lower amount of clay compared to sand and silt. 

Loam for growing weed indoors or outdoors

Regardless of growing weed indoors or outdoors, loam is a great option for growing weed in containers and customizing the soil growth for your weed plants. However, loam can get pretty pricey! Loam is worth the splurge if it means better buds, but you can take the homemade route and add organic matter to it like compost. While this can be more time consuming, you are replenishing your waste back into your plant growth and that is a huge win for the environment! Plus your weed will taste even better, the payoff will be huge!

Nutrients needed for growing weed

Like all living matter, nutrients are necessary for healthy growth and like human beings, weed plants will flourish with the proper nutrients! Cannabis plants need the following nutrients especially: nitrogen (N), potassium (K), and phosphate (P). This can be found in most fertilizer mixtures and of course feel free to make your own with compost that will get the job done as well.

Water and light for weed soil

A consistent water and light schedule makes a big difference when it comes to proper weed growth. Without water and light, the soil quality won’t really matter! Most weed plants need at least 10-12 hours of consistent light a day, so you’ll want to be sure your plant is receiving light from all sides. Sticking to a timed water schedule like a drip irrigation system is great too, but make sure to not overwater it as it will drown out the nutrients needed for growth.

Best soil for growing weed

With the right soil and fertilizers added to plant growth, the best soil for growing weed will be a combination of different soils to get the right amount of nutrients. Remember, the best acidity level is a pH of 6.0 or near that and you can trust loam will properly retain moisture while delivering a consistent air flow. While growing your own weed can be time consuming it is well worth the wait, and in the meantime be sure to check out the best $4.20 store steals for when your crops are ready to be smoked. You’ll be flying high feeling extra good knowing you grew that good stuff yourself!

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