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Best bubblers for sale double trouble bubbler

Bubblers are a little bit of a Swiss army knife, right? They check off a lot of boxes in helping create a chill vibe. Much like a bong, they utilize water in the base (or chamber) to filter out ash and gunk, as well as cool the temperature of the smoke. 

They’re also quite portable; most are around the 6-inch mark, though some can be as small as 3 inches. Generally, their shape and size make them easy to keep in your pocket, safely wrapped in a suitcase, or even in the pencil slot of your company’s branded laptop bag, which means you probably work for one of those super hip tech companies that has ping pong and free La Croix.

So what are the best bubbler pipes for sale? Does it really matter if your bubbler is a sidecar or a Sherlock? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Check out the best types of bubblers, learn more about what the benefits are to each of them, and see for yourself what you like most!

Blue Boot

“Stop...hammer time!” This 7 inch, cobalt blue boot bubbler is shaped like a hammer. The bowl attaches to a flat protrusion, making it safe to rest on a tabletop with no worries of spilling water or tipping over. And at just 8.5 ounces, even your weakling friends can pick it up. Small glass bubblers like these hit hard, so get one today and we wish you good luck!
The boot on this thick glass hammer bubbler is also a stylish, fashionista conversation piece that will get your crew talking. And isn’t that sense of community and camaraderie what’s really most important?


Double Trouble 

In one of George Clooney’s movies, he says, “If you think about it, your favorite memories, the most important moments in your life...were you alone? Life's better with company.
One of the best glass bubbler pipes for sale, the 7 inch, 10.3 ounce Double Trouble Bubbler has two mouth pieces, because life is better with company. Whether you’re sharing with a friend or a romantic partner, the double trouble bubbler makes things better.
Its bubbled diffusion gives you the smooth hits you’ve always dreamt of. Also, the swirly design makes you look artsy. The traditional “s-shape” of this cool glass bubbler also prevents splashback.

Bubble Blaster

Hand-blown and designed with a blend of cobalt blue and white, this 7 inches and 6.9-ounce water bubbler pipe is a must-have item for true aficionados. The flat hammer bottom also means it’s less likely to spill when not being used. The double bubble chamber means you’ll get the ash-free, twice-filtered feeling of relaxation upon pulmonary arrival.The Bubble Blaster has a bent neck to prevent any splash back, and the borosilicate glass means it’s a high-quality investment, not a “use it and lose it” piece. It might look like a cute bubbler pipe, but it hits like a perfect 10!

Captains Glass

This gorgeous mini bubbler pipe proves that sometimes 4 inches is enough to make you happy! Its bent neck reduces splash back, and the flat base makes it easy to store on flat surfaces (know never to put bongs, pipes, and more on unstable surfaces, right?).
The deep blue base and bowl contrast nicely with the spiraled white designs cascading up the neck. Its bowl is made of double-layered glass. Wouldn’t it be great if all mini bubbler pipes looked this cool?

Captain glass bong 


The 6 inch Sherlock bubbler pipe is one continuous piece of beautiful hand-blown borosilicate glass. A minimalist S-shaped curve is modeled after something the world’s greatest detective would use for tobacco.If you’re looking for clean, smooth, filtered hits, then you’ll like how the Sherlock Holmes bubbler pipe’s Swiss cheese percolators enhance the experience!




Isn’t it great to have so many types of bubblers to choose from? Everythingfor420’s bubblers are stylish, portable, and can even brighten up a room. Whether you stick to your ways or are interested in trying something new, we have bubblers for every type of 420 enthusiast.

Check out our full list of bubblers and see which one is right for you; or take the Pokemon approach and say to yourself: “Gotta buy’em all!”

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