Quartz Bangers vs Titanium nails  The art of dabbing

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Master the art of dabbing! Whether you’re new to the dab rig game or a seasoned wax warrior, choosing between a quartz banger and a titanium nail can be confusing. To help you make the decision we’ve compiled this handy guide detailing all the pros and cons!



If you're all about tasting those terps, a quartz banger is the way to go. Some users of titanium nails say their dabs have a metallic taste compared to the clean flavor of a quartz nail


A titanium nail takes longer to heat up, but also takes heat retention for longer, because titanium cools slowly. On the other hand, a quartz banger warms up faster, but loses heat quickly.

While quartz bangers can be heated in 5-10 seconds, a titanium nail takes about 15-30. The difference in time isn't huge, so go with what most fits your needs. If you usually take one dab and call it a day, the quartz banger may be for you. If you find yourself taking multiple dabs in a sitting or sharing with friends, the titanium may be the better option.


Domeless titanium nail can't be beaten here. Titanium is a tough metal that's incredibly hard to break. Quartz nails are more fragile and can break if dropped.  

Titanium oxidation

One final concern is titanium oxidation. Some claim heated nail cause oxidation, releasing harmful fumes that shouldn't be inhaled. While heating titanium can produce Titanium Dioxide (found in paint, sunblock, and food coloring), this only happens at temperatures above 2,190°F. Since most dabs are taken between 750 and 1,100°F, this isn’t a concern. 

The final verdict

At the end of the day, both titanium nails and quartz bangers do an amazing job at delivering a satisfying dab. 

If you want to really savor the taste of your concentrate, quartz bangers offer the purest hits. However, if you're prone to dropping things, quartz is significantly more fragile. 

If you want something durable and usually take multiple dabs in one sitting, titanium nails are the way to go. 

You can't go wrong with either of these options. While you consider which is right for you, check out our selection of bangers and our awesome titanium dab set !

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