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Best 420-Themed Graduation Gifts - 2019 Edition

May 31, 2019 2 min read

Bongs and bubblers for graduation gifts

Help your grad clear their head before hitting the job market.

It’s the end of May, and that means students all over the country will be graduating from high school, college, and post-grad programs. Grad gifts tend to be gift cards and career-centric items; in other words...boring.

After years of hard work, sometimes also balancing a job on top of school, grads just want to relax with bongs, water pipes, and bubblers! With that in mind, check out the best 420-themed graduation gifts, with a tip of the cap from famous academic designations:


The person with the “highest” GPA in their class deserves an apparatus worthy ofGreen Goblin Perc Bong their efforts. With grades and a distinction this impressive, get them a Percolator Bong. Companies will be tripping over themselves to a hire a grad this accomplished, so they won’t be “percolating” long about their future. Percolator bongs, such as the Green Gobling Perc Bong, are known for the bubbles they produce, and if your grad likes a filtered, clean experience, then check these out today.


Summa cum laude:

This award is designated for students with the best GPAs, and who also were The Ice Catcher Bonginvolved in sports, leadership, or other campus/community activities. Students like these are “enhanced”, much like Straight Tube Bongs, which blend sleek, clean design with features that enhance any session. Straight tube bongs sometimes feature ice catchers (like the one here), which enable you to put ice cubes in the chamber to further filter and cool your puffing. Whether your grad likes these, or prefers multiple chambers and tubes, these are the way to go!


Magna cum laude:

This award is determined using the same factors as Summa, except these Elixir Bongdesignees are ranked just below Magna. Instead of studying 5% harder, they figured out how to combine 420 with academics. Check out our beaker bongs, which is shaped like the beaker containers used in chemistry class. Learning is fun! Ours range in height from 7.5 inches to 30 inches; some are part of our collection of huge bongs, and everything comes in different colors and artistic styles. Like the Magnas, they have brains and a little brawn!   


Cum laude:

Out of all the gifted students who graduated with distinction, this group ranked theDouble Trouble Bubbler lowest. Since this might mean a lower salary, and with it, starting life off with a roommate to save on rent, you should get your grad a Double Trouble Bubbler. Water bubbler pipes like these can help you plan for a bright future! One of the many glass bubblers for sale that we feature, these have two mouth pieces, so if your grad wants to share his hobby with the roommate he also shares a bathroom with, then pick up a Double Trouble Bubbler today!

Gifting money for a new suit for interviews is nice, but what your grad really wants is the gift of a clear mind before hitting the job market. These 420 products not only celebrate and reflect graduates’ academic successes, but they can also help prepare them for the challenges ahead!

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