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How To Make A Bong Out Of A Glass Bottle

January 27, 2021 5 min read 1 Comment

how to make a glass bottle bong

Have you ever had a tragic moment of coming home with a bag of your favorite strain and your water or gravity bong is suddenly out of commission? We’ve all been there and know that glass pipes are an especially delicate situation. If you’ve ever broken your beloved bong you definitely need to smoke a bong rip to get over it. But how is that possible? Cue the homemade bong gods! Learn everything you need to know about how to make a glass water bong. Get your supplies ready and you’ll be ripping your free new bong in no time!


Supplies to make an easy homemade bong at home

Look around for the following household items you probably already have on hand:

  • Try to find a bottle that has a wide base and a long neck, similar to the build of a bong you’d buy in store - booze bottles work great! Also, glass is much better to smoke out of empty plastic bottle so let it be known that the extra work of making a bong out of a glass bottle is worth it!
  • Drill and drill bit: You might not have this lying around but I’m sure your homie or the chill next door neighbor might! If not, try getting a cheap drill bit about ¾ inch in diameter. Make sure it is battery powered too!
  • Note: If you absolutely cannot find a drill, YouTube different methods like using a sharp object to poke a hole and work your way out. This will not be as accurate as using a drill so it is highly recommended to buy or borrow a drill.

  • Downstem, bong bowl, and grommet: Check out the $4.20 store section to buy a cheap downstem and smoking bowl, a 14mm is recommended! You can also repurpose a downstem and bong bowl from your old water bongs if they are still intact. If you want to get really creative you can also learn how to make a homemade bong bowl. Grab a rubber grommet online or from your local home improvement store. Make sure the rubber grommet has the following measurements: outside diameter 31/32’, inner diameter ½” and a ¾ groove.
  • How to make a homemade bong step-by-step

    Step 1: Clean the glass bottle

    Make sure the glass bottle is clean. Feel free to use soap and warm water as the warm water will help the drilling go easily. Now is the time to remove any labels from the bottle too. Make that bottle squeaky clean for you to smoke out of!

    Step 2: Prepare glass bottle for drilling

    You’ll want to make a hole with a marker and mark the spot the downstem will be inserted. Imagine it as a normal bong and mimic where the hole is, usually towards the bottom base but high enough to where the downstem can fully fit into. 

    Step 3: Prepare drilling setup

    Put your drilling tool together. Remember when we suggested using a battery powered tool? The drilling setup will be done in your sink while warm water is running so to avoid any electric situations you’ll want to keep it battery powered only. Warm water is what will help drill the hole without breaking into the other parts of the glass bottle. 

    Prior to starting the drill, you will want to have a steady stream of warm water to prepare the glass for the drill. Make the water stream enough for the marked spot to have a steady flow but not enough to where you are unable to see what you’re doing!

    Step 4: Start drilling!

    Approach the marked spot with your battery powered portable drill. Start the drill at 75% of its maximum speed and angle the drill at 90 degrees so that the drill can slowly engrave the marked spot without stressing the glass around it. When you are just about through the marked spot, ease up on the pressure of your drill and it will easily create a hole without breaking the entire bottle!

    Step 5: Smooth and perfect glass bottle bong

    Use the drill to smooth out the edges of the hole created, this will help your downstem fit in nicely! When this is done, clean up any bits of glass by rinsing with water and make sure your area is clean to avoid accidents with leftover bits of glass. 

    Step 6: Insert grommet, downstem, and bowl

    Take the rubber grommet and work into the hole, then run water over the downstem and insert into the rubber grommet. Try not to push too hard it will be difficult to get the rubber grommet out! When successful, insert the bowl into the downstem and prep your bowl for a bong rip! 

    Master stoner skills!

    Now you officially know how to make a glass bong! Making your own water bottle bong can be extremely rewarding and feel free to get creative too! Decorate your glass bottle bong however you please to have a one of a kind piece. There is nothing more exciting than making something out of nothing and reaping the benefits of a fat bowl at the end.

    If you decide you’d prefer to buy a bong instead check out our online headshop for cheap bongs under $50!



    How to make a bong on your own?

    If you've broken your prize glass piece, you may be wondering how to make a bong. First you'll need some supplies, a glass bottle, a drill bit, and a downstem. Check out our collection of downstems if you don't have one on hand.

    Which bottle should you choose?

    When you're making a home made bong, you'll need a glass bottle. This glass bottle should have a wide or large base, with a long neck to the top of the glass bottle. This is important for making your home made bong. Be sure to thoroughly clean the glass bottle as well.

    Do I need special skills to drill?

    When you're in the process of learning how to make a bong, you'll need to know how to drill the hole into your bong. You'll want to first mark the spot of the hole to make sure it's proper. Then, under a stream of warm water carefully drill the hole for the downstem.

    What is more profitable to buy a bong or make yourself?

    When learning how to make a bong, you make ask yourself if its worth it. Although a home made bong is a fun thing to make, it might not last as long as your traditional bong. Check out our huge collection of bongs so you don't have to go through the trouble of making one yourself!

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    February 06, 2021

    There are drill bits out there that are made to cut glass, which makes a break far less likely, even dry.

    However, I still intend to try out this technique (normal drill bit, warm water for lubricating/flushing debris)

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