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stoner gifts for him
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We must admit that most times it is very difficult to find the perfect gift for that special guy in your life, and the mark is often missed with overthinking and never knowing what to get the dude. If your man is a stoner and you are wanting to give him a special something, here is a list carefully crafted for a simple stoner gift for him that says you love him as much as you love Mary Jane - that says a lot! Don’t fret about a budget either, we’ve got you covered with budget picks and more.

Stoner gifts for him for $4.20

Let’s face it, sometimes it is best to give a guy an array of little items you know he’ll need, mostly because you know he won’t remember to pick the essentials up himself. Here’s a list of things you can pick up for $4.20 and make it look like you carefully thought out a special stoner gift for him!

Bob Marley Lion Metal Rolling Tray

bob marley metal rolling tray

Tell him don’t worry about a thing with the Bob Marley Lion Metal Rolling Tray that comes in a 7-inch or 11-inch version in case your guy needs the extra space. With raised edges and made of metal your man can knock this around and rely on it to get him by for a long time. Featuring Bob Marley himself as a hybrid with a lion, this is a beautiful piece to gift any stoner and for $4.20 you really can’t go wrong!

Bat Bowl - 14mm Male

bat bowl

The Bat Bowl is a 14mm male bowl made of high-quality glass to help your guy set the vibes in his stoner space, aka man cave. A Caped Crusader design to pay tribute to DC Fans Unite, this is a deep bowl that stoners can take full advantage of. You’ll feel like you grew wings once you smoke a big bong rip from this bad boy, so make sure your dude is ready for the task!

High Hemp Organic Wraps - 2 Pack

 high hemp organic wraps

If you’re trying to get your special someone onto a more natural path, get him some High Hemp Organic Wraps that come in a bundle of two to make it even more cost efficient for a mere $4.20. Made of all natural organically grown European hemp, there are no additives and non-GMO, gluten-free and tobacco-free. With filters included, there’s no reason your man won’t be rolling up a fat blunt for the both of you when he receives his stoner gifts for him!

Stoner gifts for him under $50

An increased budget calls for higher quality gifts so time to think about upgrading your man’s stoner setup with some bongs, dab rigs or even stoner apparel so he can really get into the mood when it comes time to sit down and chill. Here’s a list of special stoner gifts for him under $50 that any man will appreciate and hopefully you can get some good use out of it too!

Fish Out Of Water Bong - 9 inch

fish out of water bong

Tell him he’s the only fish in the sea with the Fish Out of Water Bong, a 9-inch marine style bong that will catch his attention and make him want to catch a wave too. This bong can also be used as a dab rig (banger not included) but does include a 14mm female joint with a 14mm male bowl. The glass percolator is the little upgrade your guy never knew he needed and of course he can have you to thank.

All Stacked up Bong - 8 inch

all stacked up bong

The best stoner gifts for him calls for a unique bong like the All Stacked Up Bong, aka the 8-inch percolator bong of your man’s dreams. Although small in size, a 360-degree sprinkler perc makes sure each hit is filtered completely and nothing but luxurious bong rips will be delivered. A gorgeous glass bowl is included and your guy’s bong collection will look 10x more sophisticated with this colorful three-tiered design.

Glow In The Dark Silicone Dino Egg Mini Bong - 5 Inch

glow in the dark silicone dino egg mini bong

A small but mighty piece, the Glow In The Dark Silicone Dino Egg Mini Bong is so cool to even look at but low and behold all of its features! Obviously fully capable of glowing in the dark, this mini bong can also be used as a dab rig (banger not included) and is made of heat resistant silicone making it extra durable no matter how it's handled. This is a water fillable egg so you can light up in the dark and watch the dino in the middle dance it up and get high with you! At five inches this is the perfect travel-friendly bong that is a must-have. 

Luxury stoner gifts for him

Prepare to showstop and tell your man in the stoniest way how much he means to you. Here’s a list of stoner gifts for him that are a bit on the pricier side but totally worth it when it comes to impressing your other half. I’m sure one of these have been on his wish list anyway so might as well get some extra brownie points!

Dr Dabber Switch Vape

dr dabber switch vape

The Dr Dabber Switch Vape is one of those once in a while purchases you make when you’re ready to make the leap. This is the ultimate vape setup that literally switches between dry herb and concentrates so seamlessly you won’t remember how you smoked before you experienced this much luxury. With a whole bunch of Dr Dabber Switch accessories you can customize your guy’s smoking sessions with 25 heating settings - you can literally find a use for every single one too, so why not make a game out of it! With a battery built for real life, this is an excellent purchase for serious stoners that want high quality sessions.

Empire Glassworks Galactic Flagship Water Pipe - 9 inch

empire glassworks galactic ship water pipe

Get your man ready for takeoff with the Empire Glassworks Galactic Flagship Water Pipe, an epicly impressive nine-inch bong that can also be used as a dab rig (banger not included). Empire Glassworks is known for their ridiculously unique pieces and this is no exception. Made of borosilicate glass and hand crafted to perfection, this is a crazy stoner gift for him that he will never forget.

Stoner Gift Box for Him

If you really want to impress that special guy with the ultimate stoner gift for him, the Bud To Bud Stoner Subscription Box is the best way to show your stoner affection and probably get some good use out of each mystery box too! Anyone would be lucky to get this subscription box gifted to them so why not make this standard and gift your man while coincidentally gifting yourself.>

We hope you are a bit less stumped and a lot more inspired by this list of stoner gifts for him, no matter your budget, to really let your stoner guy know they are the weed guy of your dreams. Make sure to buy CBD online as well to balance out your guy’s THC usage, his mind will be so blown by the thoughtfulness!

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