Stoner Gifts For Her

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Stoner Gifts For Her
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If you have a special lady in your life that likes to spark up and enjoy a stoney moment, you’ll want to impress her and show that you are thinking of her beyond the basics. Sure, you could take her out to dinner or buy her some roses, but every stoner girl hopes someone will come along and buy them the real flowers they crave accompanied by some cool hardware to smoke it out of. We don’t need to know your girl to know that she will love this carefully curated list of stoner gifts for her. Just go ahead and add a few to cart, you’ll be thanking us later!

Stoner gifts for $4.20

Budget gifts are the best because you can stack up on a few without feeling regret later on about going overboard. Also, if your stoner situationship is new you’ll want to keep things financially light versus dropping a few hundred bucks because in the weed world that is equivalent to saying you want to take her home to meet your mom. Here are a few stoner gifts for her that you can snag for $4.20 and build a little basket for your stoner babe. 

Horton Glass Pipe - 3 inches

horton glass mini pipe

If you think the Horton Glass Pipe is cute, your girl’s reaction will be even cuter once she sees you picked out this pretty pink table-stable mini pipe just for her. At only three inches tall, this pink elephant-themed glass pipe will bring your girl back to her favorite childhood memories of Dr. Suess. This hand blown mini pipe also has a four-legged design to stand upright when not in use and save your stoner girl from experiencing any breakage.

Pooh Dab Tool

Pooh dab tool

Do you have a girl that is more into dabbing than dry herb? The Pooh Dab Tool is the perfect way to show your hunny some love. With a non slip grip and a textured handle, this Winnie the Pooh inspired design is perfect for 710 stoner girls that want to safely handle wax and look cute doing it. As Pooh himself says, “sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart” and it can’t get much smaller than this!

Pink Bowl - 14mm Male

pink bowl 

For all the babes that love bong rips, the Pink Bowl is a subtle and sophisticated touch to any bong. With a flared triangular cone shape to hold your precious weed, this male jointed bowl fits most bongs and rigs so your stoner girl can switch this out on any setup she already has. You’ll want to grab a few of these for the price you can’t beat!

Rolling trays for her

Another great way to show your stoner girl how much you care is to set them up for success during a smoke sesh prep. Here are a couple of rolling trays for her that she will fully appreciate and will be motivated to roll you a few joints too.

V Syndicate Pink 420 Shatter Resistant Glass Rolling Tray

V Syndicate Pink small glass rolling tray

The V Syndicate Pink 420 Shatter Resistant Glass Rolling Tray is a 6.5-inch shatter-resistant tempered glass tray with a gorgeous 420 design of pink Mary Jane leaves. The best part about this glass rolling tray is how extremely durable it is and even easier to clean. 

Flowtray Fluorescent Rolling Tray - 9.5 inches

flowtray fluorescent rolling tray

Light up your girl’s world in more ways than one with the Flowtray Fluorescent Rolling Tray, a 9.5-inch dream of a rolling tray that glows in the dark! Choose from different colors to match your girl’s vibe, and show her fun features like the quicksand feature that moves when the tray is shaken. Take an edible (or three) and then roll up on this bad boy for an elevated experience you and your girl won’t forget.

Bongs for her

Trying to impress your woman and need to step it up? Here are some bongs that every stoner babe would appreciate and you’ll be reaping the benefits of taking bong rips as well. 

Pink Color Tip Icey Beaker Bong - 18 inches

pink color tip icey bong

The Pink Color Tip Icey Beaker Bong might look soft and gentle on the outside but this is a huge bong that will have your girl flying high in the clouds. This huge pink bong has a triple pinch ice catcher and a slitted diffused downstem for ultimate filtration and nothing but smooth hits. If you want to stay in all weekend with your girl, this is the bong to gift her so you can both take a trip to the moon together!

Pink From The Bottom Of My Heart Bong - 9 inches

pink from the bottom of my heart bong

For obvious reasons the Pink From The Bottom Of My Heart Bong needs to be on this list because it is so beautifully crafted and just screams I love you. This small bong is only nine inches so it can sit on any surface and add sophistication to a room. The slitted diffused downstem and the heart-shaped chamber put on a show with swirls of filtered smoke dancing up the neck of the bong and ready for inhale. This is a gorgeous bong that any stoner girl would happily show off.

Stoner gifts for her

Now that you have an idea of what to get that special someone in your life, make sure to make sure any stoner gifts for her are given with love and appreciation because it’s really the thought that counts! If you really want to impress your lady, sign up for the Bud to Bud Subscription Box so your girl can feel special every month with new stoner gifts for her right at her doorstep. Keep that stoner love alive and fly high!

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