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hemplucid CBD Lotion
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Everyone experiences body pain occasionally, but do you experience body pain more than others and looking for a holistic cure? Many turn to CBD lotion and topical cures to alleviate symptoms of discomfort because it might be a better option compared to consuming medication. So what is the best CBD lotion? There is not one specific answer to that, but more so there are ways to identify what might be the best CBD lotion for certain needs. Learn more about the best CBD lotion for you and we will dive deeper into which CBD lotion can specifically be helpful to you. 

Does topical CBD actually work?

While topical CBD products will not enter the bloodstream, topical CBD remedies are helpful for those dealing with pain and ailments that are on a specific area of the body. CBD body lotion is always used topically and not designed to address any systemic issues, so it is actually similar to what athletes would use when treating joint problems or bruising. While CBD lotion most definitely helps skin health and keep your skin cells in prime condition, you will only experience a change in the areas where CBD lotion is applied. This means that if you need CBD lotion for pain, you will have to lather yourself up in CBD lotion in every nook and cranny to be able to feel the CBD effects. 

What form of CBD is most effective?

Depending on what kind of CBD you are using, how pure the product is etc. makes a difference in knowing how effective it is. Obviously oils will be the most effective since they are the purest and most potent form of CBD, and in all honesty, topical solutions like CBD lotion are the least effective when it comes to potency. However, that doesn’t mean that there is not the best CBD lotion out there for you and your specific needs because there most likely is! Compare it to a light cocktail for a happy hour versus taking double shots of tequila while having a night out on the town - different vibes but the potency of each drink fits the occasion. 

Best CBD lotion

There is no telling which is the best CBD lotion for you since each reason for use differs from the next. While there are many recommendations to make, one CBD lotion that has been tried and true is HempLucid CBDA lotion. This CBD lotion is great for inflammation and injuries, but also used for so much more! Here’s a quick overview of how this CBD lotion can help you.

HempLucid CBDA Lotion

We know you’ve heard about CBD lotion, but have you heard of CBDA lotion!? CBDA is actually a more effective form of CBD and often used in cancer patients to really make sure their symptoms are alleviated and under control. Did you know that since CBDA is a cannabinoid, it is also found in the human body and used in the endocrine system to promote normal bodily functions. Fun fact: there are about 113 cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant, so CBD and CBDA only skim the surface!

This cruelty-free body cream is grown and manufactured in the United States so everything is done domestically without worrying about breaking any laws and regulations. This cruelty-free product is formulated with whole plant CBD and CBDA extract to really tackle your discomfort in a non-invasive and topical way. 

Made of full-spectrum hemp extract, HempLucid has essential oils to not only make you smell good but feel good too. HempLucid does provide Certificate of Analysis (COA) at - this is very important as it shows transparency and the ability to trust HempLucid as a company!

So what should you use your HempLucid CBDA lotion for? The list goes on, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Apply CBD lotion to any joints of the body that needs relief for a post-workout routine
  • Add to self-care routine and is perfect for applying when you are fresh out of the shower
  • Incorporate into your skincare routine on any dry spots or problematic areas of your face
  • When performing a massage, use this CBD massage lotion to calm the patient and create a calm environment to promote positivity and healing properties 

There are many reasons to use the best CBD lotion but mostly for reasons that cause comfort and alleviate pain. There is no reason that someone should be in pain and how lucky are we to have more holistic options than previous generations before us have had? While CBDA does differ from CBD, CBD derives from CBDA and both have healing properties extremely valuable to the human body. Is CBD lotion not your thing? Check out other ways to consume CBD when you buy CBD products online. 

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