CBD For Back Pain

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CBD for back pain
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CBD, or cannabidiol, has been highly recognized in recent years for providing relief with symptoms of anxiety, depression, pain, and even helps with loss of appetite. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that regulates the body's homeostasis. Finding balance is important in one’s life and CBD is an excellent way to do that, where it is a way to help even out what a person is experiencing and provide calmness to any situation. CBD for back pain is specifically beneficial since everyone knows it is essential to tackle back pain as it affects everyday life. Learn more about using CBD for back pain and which types of CBD to try!

Will CBD help relieve back pain?

Studies show that CBD often helps with inflammation which is a huge factor with chronic back pain. After a long day, it is normal for those with back pain to experience inflammation and it can be very difficult to subside back pain symptoms. 

Ways to treat back pain with CBD

There are a few ways to find relief for back pain and using CBD, and it is recommended to try different methods yourself to see what works best for you. It is always advised to consult with a medical professional like your doctor for dosing suggestions. Here are some ways to treat back pain with CBD:

  • Reduce inflammation - As stated before, CBD helps a ton with reducing inflammation which is a large factor in combating back pain! Using CBD consistently provides better results for reducing inflammation as the body will get used to more dosages and rely on that relief.
  • Help ease anxiety associated with chronic back pain - It is very normal to develop anxiety when experiencing back pain or other types of painful symptoms in the body. Anxiety can be triggered by a busy day and knowing your back will be overworked, having to bend over and knowing you’ll be experiencing pain, etc. CBD is a hit with those with back pain and associated anxiety because it is one of the best ways to get out of your head and rely on a holistic solution.
  • Help promote better sleep and relaxation - Those with back pain will often experience better rest and relaxation which makes all the difference in anyone’s life! A good night’s sleep will help anyone feel better and CBD most definitely helps with inducing sleep and an easier way to relax and wind down.
  • Topical CBD and CBD oil for back pain 

    CBD oil is great for back pain because it can be taken in various forms. Topical CBD products are beneficial with relieving back pain because it is fast acting and specifically targets one spot versus an entire body experience. If the pain is extreme, many will apply topical creams to the particular area along with taking CBD oils via tincture. This will help the body find relaxation both inside and out which will speed up the CBD effects. 

    Vesl Oils CBD Muscle Gel

    A great CBD topical choice is the Vesl Oils CBD Muscle Gel that comes in 300mg or 1000mg strength for handling all aches and pains. This travel-friendly CBD topical is a good choice for muscle-related aches and pains, especially for the back. Instant results will provide a cooling, relaxing, and warming sensation that will have anyone feeling less tense. Made of pure CBD and menthol, capsicum and camphor oils, this CBD muscle gel is one of the top choices for those that go to the gym or just need to target a specific spot on their body for quick relief. 

    The Helping Friendly Herbal Extract Topical - 200mg

    The Helping Friendly Herbal Extract Topical is extremely popular in the athletic community as it is very similar to Icy Hot or Tiger Balm that is normally used on aches and pains. Containing 200mg per jar, this CBD salve is made from infusing eucalyptus oils, natural beeswax and camphor oils for additional benefits. Choose from different scents like orange lavie, cooling, or even unscented if you prefer, the options make it easy to try out and see what you like!

    HempLucid Body Butter

    Prefer something creamier while leaving your skin moisturized and soft? HempLucid Body Butter has 1000mg of CBD to help relieve any body aches. After a nice warm shower, apply the CBD body butter to your back and experience instant relief while your pores are more open and receptive. CBD body butter is an excellent option as it is a normal step in one’s routine anyway so switch out your current body butter for this when you need extra relaxation. 

    Vesl Oils CBD/CBG Bath Bomb - 100mg

    Sometimes a person might prefer to use CBD once in a while and we are all for upgrading the self-care routine with the Vesl Oils CBD/CBG Bath Bomb. Containing 100mg of CBD, this is the ideal way for a newbie to introduce themselves to CBD. Imagine a hot bath and dropping this CBD bath bomb into the tub to soak in it for 30 minutes. Getting out might be difficult though, you will be very relaxed and want to stay there. Choose from Continuum or Dark Matter scents, put on your favorite music with some candles and you have yourself some Sunday night plans to recharge for the week. 

    CBD for back pain

    While CBD can be used for many things, relieving back pain is one of the common reasons CBD is incorporated into a person’s routine. CBD for back pain can help alleviate sore symptoms and while tinctures can be taken for an entire body experience, it is recommended to use CBD topical treatments for a fast-acting solution to body aches. Need to use CBD for something other than back pain? Check out all the best CBD products that will help you find relief!

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