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What Is Bomg Slang For
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What Is small bomgs Slang For?

There are so many vocabulary words to learn when immersing yourself into the cannabis community, it can become quite confusing when trying to figure out what everything means. From learning the different methods for smoking to knowing exactly what a certain phrase means, and doing all of this while getting stoned is not an easy task. As time goes on it will become more natural, but when you are first introduced to the world of bomg slang you might feel like you are hearing a different language. Whether the crowd you are in wants to be cool or must speak in code to avoid exposure from narcs - there is a reason for bomgs needing this type of protection so they can stay in rotation. This is the information you never knew you needed about the linguistics within cannabis, so don’t forget to grab some cool bomgs to get your head straight and in the zone for learning.

What does small bomgs mean in slang?

As you might know, your beloved bong is actually slang in itself for the proper term, which is a water pipe. Dating back to over 2,400 years ago, there were cannabis users smoking out of nice bings made of pure gold that you could not imagine getting your hands on now. There have been many discoveries regarding small bomgs in the past and some of the cool bings are obviously well beyond our time. Nowadays, it is easiest to find expensive bings but not for its material and more so for its design and functionality. Back in the olden days there was not much dabbing going on so modern day dab bomgs are also an important slang term to keep note of as devices for vaping and dabbing have evolved over the past several years alone. Omitting a lot of bonga smoke, dab bomgs are an excellent alternative to getting a potent smoking experience as compared to typical bonga smoke bomg rips.
What Is Bomg Slang For

Why do people say small bomgs?

The term bong actually derived from the Thai word baung, which refers to a wooden tube usually made from bamboo that is also used for smoking. Now that you know how cute bomgs and pretty bomgs got its name from, you can understand that the term bong goes all the way back further than most of us have even existed. Using cool small bomgs and bomg bowl has not been a recent discovery and has in fact evolved into more bongs being made from different materials as time as allowed for further innovation and functionality. From cheap bomgs to expensive bings there is an option for everyone to get in on the fun.

What put in bomg?

While there are many things you can put into a bomg, your favorite dry herbs can be accompanied with certain things to enhance the experience. Adding other herbs like lavender for aroma and flavor, to making an ice bonf for yourself on those hot summer nights. You can also spike the bomg water too with a tea bag, some flavored juices of your choice and more. Feel free to get creative with your combinations; you might just mess around and change your smoke sessions for life.
What Is Bomg Slang For 2

What can I add to bong water?

You can just about anything you can think of to your small bomgs water, and while some ingredients might not be the best idea over others, here are a few suggestions as to what you can do to properly enhance your bomg water the right way.

  • Citrus fruits. Adding fresh orange slices with some lemon and lime can create a citrus haven and might even inspire you to make yourself a little cocktail or mocktail on the side. The last thing you want to do is feel tempted to drink the bomg water and despite how tasty the smoke might be, the bong water from pretty bomgs will always still be dirty bong water. 
  • Berries. Mixing strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and other kinds of berries can give your smoke a really sweet taste and not to mention making a drink on the side will be jam packed full of antioxidants and are great for your skin! Be sure to buy enough to supply your small bomgs and your accompanied smoothie. 
  • Mints and cucumber. Obviously a must-have combination for a refreshing smoke, mints and cucumber are an excellent pair to give a soothing menthol taste but not overpowering in a way that is too strong. Mix the two with some seltzer water and squeeze some lime and you have yourself a homemade cucumber refresher. 
  • Essential oils. If you’re reading this and in a pinch not wanting to go to the store but have some essential oils nearby, here is your time to shine with your holistic self. Surely if you own essential oils already you might know what kinds of drops you might like to use, but if you are a newbie try soothing yet sweet oils like lavender, eucalyptus or peppermint. This might sound like a low grade potion for Vicks vapor rub but it is actually more of a spa-like experience so might as well put on that rainfall playlist on Spotify and immerse yourself into full relaxation.
  • Wine. If you are a wine enthusiast, this was probably already an idea you have already explored and does not need mentioning. But if you were wondering if you can add wine as your bong water then the answer is yes! Similar to any type of drinkable liquid, you can pour your favorite wine into your bong just be sure you do not drink it afterwards and immediately discard so it does not sit and further ferment - it will smell!
  • Cocktail of choice. We highly recommend creating a cocktail mixture if you choose to go the route of using alcohol as your liquid of choice. Why do we not recommend using only liquor as it will most likely not be a pleasurable experience nor a tasty one. Can you imagine just inhaling vodka smoke? You will probably get pretty intoxicated through inhalation but adding some flavor and watering it down a bit with seltzer or distilled water will make all the difference. 
  • Sparkling water. If you are a firm lover of La Croix then you should definitely be trying this as it will taste just as good inhaling it as opposed to actually drinking it. The carbonation will cause a fizz effect that will translate to your bomg rips and will probably prefer to take bing hits this way over regular still water. 

  • Smoker slang other than small bomgs

    Do you feel comfortable enough now that you know a bit more about bong terms and how to fit into that? Whether the answer is yes or no, keep reading to get full confidence in smoker slang beyond the word small bomgs that will have you easily navigating your next local dispensary visit like a pro. 


    If you literally google the meaning of bogart, results instantly show that it is the selfish act of keeping something. This means if you are hogging the bomg or joint you are bogarting the sesh and it is a major party foul that many remember. Do not be this person and bogart anything, the rules are puff puff pass for a reason so respect the tempo of the session and don’t hold onto the ganja too long.


    When you hear someone say that bomg bowl is cashed, that means that there is no more cannabis in that bowl and it is either time to replenish the supply or pack it up and go your separate ways. Cashed can be used at the end of the night when you want to end the session but need an ice breaker to do it, they most likely will not be quick to offer loading another bowl. But if you see someone saying it while simultaneously reloading a bowl, you will quickly come to realize the difference in how someone is saying the word and how they are using it based on their concurrent actions. 


    This slang word is one of the more classic terms in smoker slang, and dank can refer to any type of reefer that is of high quality. Typically top shelf or organically homegrown material, when a stoner says dank and speaks about weed that means that the stuff is strong and will peak the interest of most experienced stoners that know a high quality strain when they smell one. Dank is described by the smell and potency of the dry herb and saying a strain is dank means you better buckle up, get ready to stink up the place and put your head high in the clouds!


    This slang term is used to describe the opposite of dank, meaning it is usually a dry herb strain of low quality that even expensive bings cannot enhance. Also known as reggie weed, these are strains most stoners typically stay away from if they have that choice. Sometimes you might not have another option and need to toke on some reggie stuff for a quick minute. This is the stuff that usually gives you a headache but in times of need beggars can’t be choosers! Mids are usually on the low end for ballers on a budget so if your tolerance is low and you can afford to stock up, this will probably be the best bang for your buck. Reggie literally refers to regular grade cannabis so you are getting what you pay for.


    You might not hear this slang term very often, but sploof is when you create a makeshift device of a dryer sheet covered at one end of a toilet paper roll with a rubber band, and smoking through the other open end so that the dryer sheet filters the smoke. This is usually done if you are in a closed space and need to avoid the place from piling up and smelling of cannabis. If you are a true stoner there are probably many points at some parts of your life where you have had to resort to the dryer sheet on a toilet paper roll trick so you could quickly light up a cheap bomg when you are in a pinch. There are other ways to avoid stinking up a room and while there are room deodorizers that help specifically with smoke, incense works wonders as well and can mix very nicely with the smell of cannabis. 


    To make a party extra fun, some stoners might suggest a shotgun. While they are not talking about beers, to shotgun a weed sesh you are basically blowing the smoke of a hit into the mouth of another person. While this can be sensual if you want it to be, there are non contact ways to blow smoke into someone’s mouth and can be an innocent and fun way to introduce someone to the idea of smoking if they have never taken a bomg hit before and need to practice. 

    What do small bomgs means?

    Having a small bomgs present means it is time to add some of your favorite weed and get the party started. There are other methods of smoking that are just as fun and efficient as a bomg hit, but there is something about loading up a bowl and letting the water rumble while you patiently wait for as much smoke to load up into the chamber. Owning nice bings does not have to overtake your bank account as there are many affordable options that have as much functionality as expensive bings and cool bongd without needing to take on the hefty price tag. Be sure to add your favorites to cart and once you have your dab bomgs set they will be right to your door in no time! Shopping around for your next favorite bong just got as easy as can be without needing to leave the comfort of your home. Add on accessories and extra supplies and you are well on your way to an epic session where you can practice your newly acquired cannabis vocabulary. 

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