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Gary Payton Strain

April 20, 2022 8 min read

gary payton strain

The cannabis community has named some of the best strains after some famous celebrities, including rappers and athletes. The Gary Payton cannabis strain is a great strain named after an NBA Hall of fame player. The Gary Payton strain is often referred to as gas-like and has a high THC content that has the ability to deliver euphoric and long lasting effects. From the taste, flavor, and look of the Gary Payton strain buds, this is a definite go to in the cannabis world and every user is left happy and in a calming and relaxed state. Learn more about the Gary Payton strain and why you should rush out to your local dispensary and grab some if it is in stock. Be sure to treat this great strain properly with some of thebest bongs online because your cannabis products definitely hit differently when used with cool cannabis accessories found on the website. 

Why is there a strain called Gary Payton?

The Gary Payton cannabis strain was introduced by the brand Cookies a few years back in collaboration with Powerzzz Genetics, the creator behind the powerhouse strain. Combining Snowman and the Y cannabis strains, Gary Payton was born after smoking it and thinking about Gary Payton and his accomplishments. This hybrid strain has users leaving rave reviews that are similar and familiar to how fans feel about Gary Payton himself. Gary Payton cannabis was an idea that was born to revolutionize the cannabis version of an athlete on a cereal box like back in the day. 

Gary Payton accomplished so much during his time in the NBA and with the legendary Seattle Supersonics and fans loved the way he played defense and was nicknamed the Glove. Gary Payton has done so much to deserve an NBA Hall of famer award and the Gary Payton canabis strain is also a huge tribute to the Glove. When breeders of the Gary Payton cannabis strain smoked it, the feeling of a glove providing physical relaxation and stress relief reminded them of the infamous Gary Payton and thus the strain was named after him and Cookies Gary Payton collaboration was created. 

The Gary Payton cannabis strain is a slightly sativa dominant strain over indica but can surprise you by creating a chill and relaxed effect in your mind and body. Creating a euphoric effect, Gary Payton weed is an excellent marijuana strain for those dealing with anxiety, depression, headaches and overall can be a mood enhancer. Gary Payton cannabis strain links to strong genes of its parent strains so this marijuana strain is intended to ultimately mellow the body and mind to focus on happier and light things throughout the day. 

Gary Payton weed is part of the popular strains because you often cannot find it at local dispensaries very often, but when you do it can fly off the shelves. If you are ever looking for Gary Payton cannabis strain be sure to look for local dispensaries that carry Cookies brand cannabis products and you will have a better chance of scoring some of this top shelf bud. 

Gary Payton strain seeds

Are you looking to grow your own little batch of Gary Payton weed and want to source your very own Gary Payton strain to harvest yourself? You can look online or browse any site that sells Cookies Gary Payton seeds and you will see it is easy to get your hands on some Gary Payton seeds to start your own little weed farm. Gary Payton strain allbud can source Gary Payton weed seeds in about seven to ten weeks and can be grown both indoors or outdoors depending on your growth location, situation and parameters. 

The Gary Payton strain weed ranges up to 25% THC levels and has very little if not any CBD in its weed genetics. Cookies Gary Payton seeds combined two very big powerhouse cannabis strains and joining the feminized seeds to create this sativa dominant terpenes strain created an even bigger powerhouse strain than the breeders could have imagined. The best part is that the name came naturally when smoking it so it truly deserves the tribute to Gary Payton as an NBA Hall of famer. The flavor, taste, and sweet but pungent Gary Payton smell can be mistaken for an indica bud strain but still looks like a sativa dominant marijuana strain. Gary Payton weed is bred from Snowman strain that is made of sativa dominant terpenes.

Gary Payton strain effects

There are many positive effects when smoking Gary Payton weed that put you in a relaxed state while leaving a sweet but gas-like Gary Payton smell in the air (you will know what that means when you smoke it). Calm down your nervous system with some Gary Payton cannabis strain as the calming and relaxed state also helps with chronic pain and any user that is in need of body and mind relief. 

On the contrary, Gary Payton cannabis strain might seem like an indica dominant strain but indeed it is sativa dominant with big bursts of flavor and a heavy aroma that might suggest indica but is actually just the Girl Scout Cookies genetics in the strain. Gary Payton strain is definitely news worthy and creates a great image for a well balanced THC body and mind effect. The Gary Payton cannabis strain is good to smoke during any time of the year, no matter if it is October or December you can plant your harvest during the time of year you need it and get to producing your own weed crop. 

Relief of anxiety and depression

Gary Patyon strain is best for any user looking for relief when experiencing anxiety or depression. Not only does Gary Payton weed offer full flavor and taste from its excellent genetics, users also find that the full mind and body high is a perfect balance between the two that will have you feeling relief of any bad feelings or thoughts but rather promote a calming and euphoric environment.

Treatment of chronic pain

Users that might experience physical ailments or injuries can use the Gary Payton strain to help with that to some degree. While Cookies Gary Payton cannot completely cure all symptoms and is not guaranteed to, most users experience some sort of calming and relaxing state of mind and body to help balance the THC levels physically and mentally. Users like to smoke Gary Payton weed because of the sense of relief they typically feel after just a few puffs to lighten the mood.

Dry mouth

On the contrary, Gary Payton does have some downsides that users should be aware of. They are not deal breakers when it comes to smoking or not smoking Gary Payton weed, but make sure that crossing this path might give a user dry mouth if they do not stay properly hydrated. A downside of the Gary Payton strain can also be flipped to an upside because this is an easy fix and also promotes staying hydrated!

Dry eyes

Along with drying of the mouth, smoking Gary Payton cannabis strain can cause some serious dry eyes. Again, nothing a few eye drops can’t cure, but it is also best to seek professional medical advice if your eyes become too red or you overuse your eye drops. There are some natural eye care remedies instead that can help if your eyes become dry so a medical professional can recommend some especially for you if you continue to experience this problem. 

Helps with headaches

Using Gary Payton cannabis strain helps with headaches and the strong aroma helps you take in all of the smell and sweet cookies undertones from its Girl Scout Cookies genetics. THC often helps with headaches and the Gary Payton cannabis strain is often a good choice if needing to find mental relief and total relaxation. Gary Payton strain is a nice one to toke on a nice October afternoon if you ever have a headache from the start of the holiday season and need a reset. Indica strains often help with headaches but indeed this sativa dominant strain can really be a mood enhancer at any age and despite a slight burnt rubber smell with the gas-like aroma, Gary Payton cannabis strain is a definite vibe. 

How much does Gary Payton strain cost?

You can consider Gary Payton weed to be a top shelf marijuana strain, thanks to its full flavor, excellent taste backed by powerhouse genetics of marijuana buds to help you focus and rid you of any headaches with a strong and potent aroma of that marijuana strain gas-like weed smell. 

Cookies Gary Payton weed can run you upwards of $60 an eighth in local dispensaries near you, so one of the top shelf marijuana strain products can run pretty pricey but for good reason. Gary Payton cannabis strain is a good investment if you are looking for a very balanced and even high quality that delivers great flavor and taste for a marijuana user of any age. 

You can look around and price check on any dispensary website and compare before going into any physical location. Using a website information is subject to misinformation, but if a dispensary near you offers online pickup then you can normally see what is the most accurate rate if you purchase on the website that way. Since the pandemic, contactless purchases and bud pickups have totally become a thing so nothing a little website lookup that can put you onto some good deals if you just know where to look!

It might be cheaper as well if you are purchasing with a medical marijuana card, so if you have access to those medical marijuana discounts you can always buy some extra of the marijuana strain with medical cards. If you have a friend that you know that has a medical card you can always ask them to pick some up for you if they are stopping by themselves. Friends don’t let friends miss out on an epic deal on buds so ask if they want to meet up and smoke some of it together and you just scored yourself some good buds and some good company. 

Gary Payton strain weed

Overall, there are typically no complaints when it comes to using Gary Payton cannabis strain. Whether you are looking to find relief physically or mentally, this is a tried and true THC that will have many persons feeling nice and relaxed to take on the rest of their day or wind down from a long one. Gary Payton cannabis strain is a good choice for anyone that is a fan or just looking for instant relief with very little side effects that cannot be taken care of instantly. With too much consumption, users might experience paranoid thoughts but for the most part this type of weed will have a user leaving another rave review about the Glove. Many refer to it as a perfectly balanced hybrid that will have you feeling energized and relaxed at the same time, which is hardly ever possible but somehow breeders created it with this one. With notes of apricot, pepper and lavender there are many levels to the notes of this type of marijuana flower and can only be understood when used. 

Grab yourself some good THC at the dispensary near you that sells any Cookies Gary Payton, and remember to scope out some deals on the website near you before going to pick up your THC plant. Even if you are an indica fan, it is encouraged that you try this cannabis plant as it can offer similar effects that indica provides but in a more balanced way than the typical indica induced coma on the couch. If you experience anxiety or need full body relief, Gary Payton cannabis is often a go to and can be used day or night no matter what you are planning to do. Puff on a little or a lot and control your high and it will wrap around you like a glove.

Disclaimer: The statements made regarding Gary Payton Strain have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This press article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please check with your doctor. 

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