Simple Stoner Drawings

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simple stoner drawings
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If you’ve never heard of high art, then you are about to discover a wonderful pastime that pairs perfectly with doing what you do best: getting stoned. You don’t have to be Picasso to create a masterpiece while high. With some inspirational drawings to point you in the right direction and a few tutorials to get you started, smoke a joint or take a few bong rips and you’ll be feeling the creative juices flowing in no time! Here are some simple stoner drawings that you can definitely recreate and pass off as your own.

Simple stoner drawings inspiration

Sometimes you just want to create something, but you don’t know what. Whether you are naturally creative or need a few step-by-step directions to get going, simple stoner drawings are so easy and are especially encouraging for beginners. Here are some simple stoner drawings inspiration that you can draw from and feel free to doodle on your own and in your personal vibe!

Galaxy Goddess

Galaxy Goddess

In order to draw creativity from visuals it must stimulate a person and what better way to stimulate a stoner than with trippy illusions? This YouTube channel provides visuals while you’re high so you can actually watch and screenshot the moments you feel most inspired to recreate. This galaxy goddess looks like she is enjoying some of Jupiter’s molten goodness like you’d be enjoying the inside of a molten lava cake after a nice smoke sesh. Hot tip: you can always print out these screenshots with no color and then trace each drawing so you can color in yourself! This is best for those that really have no drawing skills but still want to get in on the fun.

Ganja Pinup Girl

ganja pinup girl

This graffiti art inspiration of a ganja pinup girl is giving us all the feels. If you have enough skill to master the emotion in the eyes, this simple stoner drawing will be a piece of cake for you to whip up in no time. Feel free to change up the hair and lip color, make the weed leaves psychedelic colors and make it your own! The great thing about drawing is that no piece is the same as the next.

Abstract High Art

abstract high art

If people aren’t your thing (we get it), take a shot at drawing a landscape painting. Make it abstract if you will, it will add so much dimension to any work of art! This nordic modern minimalist inspiration shows how much texture can be created with just a few different strokes and layers. 

Cartoon Stoner Art

cartoon stoner art

Cartoon fanatics probably have an idea of what they would like to draw and we encourage recreating your rendition of your favorite cartoon character. This Super Mario Bros stoner drawing is just one way to inspire your inner artist. Smoke a joint and imagine SpongeBob or Mickey Mouse as your herbal homie and get to drawing!

Psychedelic Space Art

psychedelic space art

Maximize your creativity to the fullest with stoner illusion art like this psychedelic space art as inspiration. Combine all the different dimensions in your mind and create your own version of reality through a simple stoner drawing like this one. Again, shading and layering textures can go a long way and adds to the trippiness factor of a stoner drawing!

High art tutorials

Even if you are not the most artistic, with a few Pinterest boards and YouTube videos you can be just as great as the next. Here are a few tutorials on how to get started with your simple stoner drawings.

Start out with a simple stoner drawing like this How To Draw Marijuana video. You’ll learn in a few short minutes how to easily draw a marijuana leaf and a bong that just looks too cool for its own good. You can fast forward and rewind however many times you like so roll up a few joints and prepare yourself for a nice afternoon of drawing. 

Enjoy a compilation of Tik Tok tutorials on trippy hallucination art ideas to get some inspiration from the best of the best. See step-by-step directions of how to recreate each idea and you’ll easily be occupied for the next six hours. Tik Tok is a great source of gathering inspiration for not just dance ideas, the tutorials on there are extremely useful too.

If you are a beloved Rick and Morty fan, learn how to draw Rick and Morty step by step and it’ll take you down the rabbit hole of step by step cartoon drawings for you to choose from. A simple cartoon like Rick and Morty is probably a good starting point for beginners so choose a character based on your skill level and be honest with yourself, everyone has to start from somewhere!

Easy stoner drawings

Now that you have various sources of inspiration, make sure to buy a cool bong online and get to work on your upcoming masterpiece. You might not ever get to leave your day job to fulfill your dream of being an artist, but creating simple stoner drawings is definitely a great way to occupy your time and release some stress in the form of art. Remember, anyone can be an artist and your finest work is yet to come! 

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