Does Delta 8 Make You High?

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If you’re in a state where marijuana is not legal or in the process of becoming legal, sometimes you’re a bit out of luck when it comes to securing the bag of weed since it is not as easy as just going to a dispensary...yet! One of the loopholes many are learning about is purchasing Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, which is sold online and there is not much regulation surrounding this compound. Make sure to catch up on this epic read if you’re wondering is Delta-8 THC legal and head back here to see does Delta 8 make you high? Let’s get to it!

Is Delta-8 THC like normal THC?

Yes and no, since Delta-8 is technically considered on the spectrum like a CBD strain that has minimal amounts of THC. Delta-8 is not as potent as classic THC, but overall still promotes a slight “high” effect the way THC normally does. Comparing to forms of alcohol, classic THC could be hard liquor and Delta-8 can be considered as potent as a light beer or seltzer. If you have enough you’ll definitely be feeling the effects regardless of its minimal THC content.

What makes Delta-8 so desirable is that many users mention being able to control their high a lot easier when using Delta-8 versus consuming THC. Let it be known that over consumption of anything is not a good idea so ration your use with Delta-8 THC until you are able to know how to feel from it.

When to use Delta-8 THC vs normal THC

Some of us stoners were a bit confused when Delta-8 talk started happening, and wondering why people would want to smoke Delta-8 THC strains over the classic THC strains we know and love? Well, there's a good reason and if this applies to you it presents a healthy and controlled option to using THC at your optimal level.

Many Delta-8 THC users prefer this strain over classic THC because sometimes higher amounts of THC can cause paranoia. Delta-8 THC can feel similar to a nice hybrid of mostly CBD with a hint of THC, where the psychoactive effects are not as present as with higher THC strains, but the good feels are there and a lot easier to welcome without the panic and paranoid symptoms. 

Comparing it to a drink of alcohol, Delta-8 THC can be looked at as drinking a glass of wine instead of drinking multiple shots and getting highly inebriated. In fact, many feel a bit of a buzz pretty similarly to how one would feel when drinking a glass of wine. Funny enough, when making this analogy to alcohol it seems much less potent than most think when it comes to inhaling marijuana. We all know that when weed is used in doses it is in fact much more medicinal than alcohol consumption which makes Delta-8 an excellent option as a way to unwind without the hangover.

Delta-8 THC vs pharmaceuticals

Are you battling physical ailments and trying to ditch pharmaceutical pills, but still experiencing extreme pain? Delta-8 THC has helped patients that would like to relieve symptoms of pain without getting hooked on opiates and other painkillers that are prescribed to them. Sometimes, normal THC strains are too strong for certain patients so Delta-8 is a great way to experience relief with a nice high or buzzed feeling as compared to a complete sedative state with pharmaceuticals.

What else to know about Delta-8

Not to be confused with other THC strains or even Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 is consistently growing in popularity for its subtle buzz with increased use. Check out a comparison of Delta-8 vs Delta-9 to understand the differences to make the best choice on which Delta strain is best for you.

While extracting Delta-8 THC is much more complicated than normal THC extraction, Delta-8 THC has proven itself to be a competitive strain against other THC strains and even CBD. Without having to combine THC and CBD, Delta-8 THC still provides that hybrid effect of a relaxed body and cerebral high without completely feeling like you are “high”. This means your eyes shouldn’t experience redness or droop lower, your motor movements shouldn’t slow down and you’ll be feeling a nice relaxed feeling throughout while still maintaining control. This strain is the epitome of, tell me you’re a parent that smokes weed without telling me you’re a parent that smokes weed. Delta-8 lets you unwind a bit without completely losing it and that’s what adulting is really about, right?

Does Delta 8 make you high?

Technically, yes it does but not in the sense that classic THC strains would. As previously stated, Delta-8 THC is like drinking a glass of wine versus taking several shots of tequila as one would feel much higher effects with classic THC. It’s best to look at Delta-8 as the responsible THC strain that lets you have a little fun without going too overboard. Looking to buy Delta 8 online? Choose from capsules, gummies, tinctures and more!

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