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Genius Pipe Essentials Kit
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In the last few years, Genius pipe has taken the world by storm and many stoners have been wondering if the minimal design and patented technology is really worth the hype. For over a decade, pothead engineers Dyan Ferman and Stas Gulinsky, worked on a better way to make a portable smoking pipe that wasn’t so harsh on the lungs and throat. The duo experimented with vortex cooling, a patented technology originally used for cooling down nuclear reactors. Crazy right? They also worked on developing a smoking pipe for modern stoners’ busy lifestyles that combined a small, lightweight design with maximum smoke production and cooling on each draw. The result of all their years of hard work was the original Genius Pipe 1.0, which launched in 2014. Since its inception, the inventors have upgraded the design and functionality of the original Genius Pipe. The company is known for taking the 420 community’s input into consideration when creating new products and using hardcore fans of the brand as beta testers for new releases.

Types of Genius pipes

Genius Top Secret Pipe and Genius High Expectations Pipe

Both of these Genius pipes are the full-sized version that is part of the original flagship collection. The Genius Top Secret Pipe and Genius High Expectations Pipe are both 6” x 1.5” x 0.3”, a full inch longer than the Genius Pipe Mini. Both hand pipes come with one TruTaste screen and one slider. The only thing that sets the two styles apart is the color combination of black vs aluminum.

Genius Pipe Mini

The Genius Pipe Mini is exactly what you imagine, it’s just a smaller version of the original. Measuring in at 5” x 1.25” x 0.3”, this portable pipe was designed to be lightweight, travel-friendly, and made for discreet hits while out and about. The Genius Pipe Mini has the same size bowl and screen as its larger counterpart, however it does have a slightly smaller cooling chamber, so hits are a little more harsh that the full-size option. If you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of cooling power for extra portability, this mini pipe is for you.

How do you smoke a Genius pipe?

Each Genius pipe is made from anodized aluminum, making it virtually impossible to break and great from transporting in a backpack. The innovative handheld smoking pipe uses a special vortex cooling technology. The inside of the airway is filled with small bumps that hit against the smoke and create thousands of mini vortexes each time the user takes a draw. Essentially, the Genius pipe is creating the same diffusion, filtration, and aeration effect as a water bong, but without the water! By eliminating the direct airpath, each hit is softer, creating an unparalleled experience that makes smoking from a pipe without water more enjoyable than ever. Since it’s a bit different from your typical smoking pipe, you may need some guidance when first setting up your Genius pipe and getting ready for your first smoke sesh.

Here’s how to smoke out of a Genius pipe:

  1. Place the top and bottom together until it snaps into place. You’ll hear a clicking sound when the magnets attach and the pipe will close and lock automatically.
  2. Open the slider cover and place the screen in the bowl, pushing it firmly to the bottom. Fill the bowl with finely ground dry herb. If you want to smoke cannabis concentrates, insert the G-Stone and apply the oil directly to the ceramic stone.
  3. Control airflow using the slider to cover or uncover the bowl. This is great if you want to save the rest of an unsmoked bowl for later.
  4. To clean, pull apart the top and bottom so the magnets detach. Push out the screen once the top of the pipe is off.

Conclusion: Is the Genius pipe worth it?

Absolutely! Don’t give up on hand pipes until you’ve tried a Genius pipe. If you like toking on the go, a Genius pipe is definitely worth the higher price tag. Here’s a quick breakdown of why the Genius pipe is worth it:

  • Smoother, cleaner experience - The Genius pipe cools down each hit so it is soft on the lungs and throat, plus you don’t have that burnt taste often associated with hand pipes. The taste of the hit is better comparable to that of a vaporizer with the softness of a water bong or bubbler. You won’t experience that heavy, uncomfortable burn like you get from a glass smoking pipe.
  • Travel-friendly and durable - Since the Genius pipe is made from anodized aluminum, it’s extremely durable. The magnetic cover keeps a packed bowl in place and any smells locked within the airtight smoking pipe. And let’s not forget about the slim, discreet design and small size that fits perfectly in a pocket or backpack.
  • Multi-functional pipe - It’s rare to find a smoking pipe that can also work as a dab rig and vaporizer. All you need to do is purchase the cheap Genius pipe G-Stone accessory and you can smoke concentrates at low and high temperatures using the same pipe and bowl.
  • Simple to fix - Genius pipe replacement parts are cheap, easy to find, and quick to snap into place. Everything from the screen to the slider can be replaced if you misplace it.
  • A breeze to clean - You probably know that cleaning a glass pipe can be a nightmare. Since the Genius pipes come apart, it’s easy to clean the interior airpath and bowl. Plus, you don’t have to worry about accidental cracking since it’s not made of fragile glass.
  • Clogs won’t stop you anymore - Unlike a traditional smoking pipe that occasionally gets clogged with resin and takes a while to clean out properly, a Genius pipe can be taken apart, quickly cleaned, and snapped back together without skipping a beat. This is also useful when changing and repacking a bowl. No more stuck ash that won’t come out.

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