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Cannabidiol for Diabetes

December 02, 2021 3 min read

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CBD, or cannabidiol, is used to treat many ailments and illnesses. In recent years, cannabidiol for diabetes has become a big topic of conversation due to its many benefits like controlling pain and discomfort. Although most studies have been done on rats, it is important to understand the difference between human and animal testing. However, studies do show the effects of cannabidiol may lower the occurrence of diabetes in obese mice. There has been human testimonial, though, that shows cannabidiol in diabetes can exponentially improve comfort levels when dealing with diabetes. Learn more about cannabidiol for diabetes and the best ways to consume CBD if you are diabetic.

Should diabetics use CBD?

There are a few main reasons why diabetics should take CBD and each contribute to a different symptom that diabetics might experience that cause discomfort. Besides a better sleep, diabetics might experience the following:

  • Lowering hyperglycemia or high blood sugar levels
  • Lowering cholesterol and “bad fat” levels 
  • Increased insulin production
  • Anti-inflammatory to swelling in diabetics

Let’s dive deeper into each one because it all makes sense once all connected together!

Does CBD raise insulin levels?

While some studies show that CBD can cause weight gain and insulin resistance, there are also studies showing that CBD raises insulin levels. CBD might not directly affect glycemic control but it can help treat hyperglycemia and improving high blood sugar levels.

Hyperglycemia and CBD

Diabetics experience fluctuating blood sugar levels, which can be referred to as hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). These fluctuations create an unpredictable roller coaster when it comes to glucose levels. There are some studies that show CBD might help type 2 diabetics with moderating blood sugars. 

While there is little evidence, users still stand by CBD helping lower blood sugar levels considering the cannabis plant has medicinal properties when it comes to the endocannabinoid system managing energy metabolism in the body. Energy metabolism in the endocannabinoid system is important because this is what controls insulin sensitivity and whether or not insulin would work for a certain type diabetic.

CBD and lowering cholesterol 

There is not much evidence regarding CBD and lowering cholesterol, however many CBD products do contain healthy omega acids that help in reducing cardiovascular disease. Type 1 and type 2 diabetics might benefit from increasing CBD intake if wanting to lower insulin intake. This coincides hand in hand with blood sugar levels so CBD actually plays a bigger part than one would think! Insulin can become very expensive and overall taxing to take on a person’s body so supplementing with a natural remedy like CBD is a safe option for diabetics to try. 

CBD and increased insulin production

CBD helps with promoting the “good fat” which directly correlates to a person’s glucose levels in the body. While there are not many studies showing CBD directly increasing insulin production, consistent use of CBD has shown to lessen the need for insulin intake for type 1 and type 2 diabetics. This is a huge milestone for diabetics that rely on taking insulin because naturally raising insulin levels is what affects how a diabetic feels. That “roller coaster” effect with lowering and rising insulin levels can become very taxing and dangerous on the body, so if CBD can help on any level in decreasing the need for insulin injections - why not?

CBD as an anti-inflammatory for diabetics

Another important benefit of taking CBD as a diabetic is its ability to help with swelling and pain. CBD acting as an anti-inflammatory for diabetics is a huge selling point because lowering swelling in diabetics can directly help with preventing nerve damage. Most diabetics experience swelling in the hands and feet so avoiding major nerve damage and further pain in these areas are game changing if diabetics are able to keep this under control. 

What CBD is best for diabetes?

Any kind of CBD is a good choice for diabetics, but full-spectrum CBD might be the best option when it comes to treating diabetes. Full-spectrum CBD contains all the beneficial compounds of the cannabis plant so having both CBD and traces of THC combined can directly help with raising insulin levels and especially fighting inflammation. Full-spectrum CBD oil is especially convenient to use because a few drops at strategic points in the day can do wonders for someone looking to get better control of their diabetic symptoms. Take your time looking for the best CBD online and choose the right type of CBD oil for you. Look at strength, flavor profile and a proper Certificate of Analysis that provides credibility. While cannabidiol for diabetes is an ongoing process to show just how beneficial CBD can be for diabetics, it is best to consult with a medical professional prior to CBD consumption just to be safe. 

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