Cute Bubbler Pipes to Add to Your Collection

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pink mini bubbler

If a pipe and a bong had a baby, it would be a bubbler pipe. Bubblers combine the best of both worlds into one unique piece. These special water pipes function the same way as a normal pipe, but there is at least one water chamber that generates bubbles to help filter and cool the smoke before it reaches your lips. You get to enjoy the portability of a pipe plus the filtration and cooling power of water that you get from a bong. This unique hybridization results in extra smooth hits that are comfortable for your throat and lungs. It’s no wonder why bubblers have become so popular!

Because they are small and typically made of one solid piece of glass with no extra pieces needed, bubblers are perfect for passing around with friends or bringing with you on the go. It doesn’t matter if you’re into hammer bubblers or sidecar styles, a huge variety of bubblers have made this list and there’s sure to be one that catches your eye. Take your smoking sessions to the next level with one of these cute bubbler pipes.

Triple Chamber Rasta

Start feeling irie with this  Triple Chamber Rasta bubbler with stripes of red, yellow, and green. Three chambers means three times the water filtration and also triple the volume of smoke so you can take massive, smooth hits. The six-inch bubbler has a super unique design that most people haven’t seen before. Invite over a few of the homies, turn on the Bob Marley, and pull out this crazy triple bubbler. You’ll be feeling like you’re smoking on the beaches of Jamaica in no time.

Triple Chamber Rasta bubbler

Glass Hammer

It’s unbelievable how much is packed into this five and a half inch percolated bubbler pipe. The  Glass Hammer has a full tree perc inside the water chamber so you’ll have lots of aeration for fresh, contaminant-free hits, similar to what you’ll get out of a bong. The entire bubbler is made of clear heat-safe glass so you can see the gigantic bubbles at work. With the flat “Hammer Style” base, this bubbler will be stable when you set it down on your coffee table. It also has a removable bowl so you can swap it out for a different size or shape.

Glass Hammer bubbler

Double Trouble

Pull this trippy yellow and red spiral piece out at a party and you’ll be the highlight of the night. This seven-inch water pipe has two mouthpieces for double the trouble and twice the fun. The  Double Trouble bubbler is an exciting way to share hits with friends or that special someone. The elegantly curved “Sherlock Style” dual stems prevent splashback from the water chamber so you can both take deep pulls at the same time.

Double Trouble bubbler bong

Storm Trooper

You don’t know the true power of the dark side until you’ve hit this  Star Wars inspired bubbler. Grab this four-inch water pipe featuring an iconic Storm Trooper helmet and get ready to battle the rebels. Unlike most bubblers, this piece has a removable bowl instead of a carb so you can easily clean or customize it until it’s just the way you like. Pack your bowl and get ready for this bubbler to transport you to a galaxy far, far away.

Storm Trooper bubbler bong


Take your blunts and joints up a notch with this ultra portable two and a half inch bubbler. This new-age bubbler works a bit differently than your typical piece, but is small enough to fit in any bag. To use, it’s as easy as adding water to the  Blizzy, inserting your lit joint (or blunt), and inhaling. Fill up the chamber with smoke for crazy huge hits that are filtered by the water, elevating your smoking experience. After lighting up with this little Blizzy, you’ll never want to smoke a blunt without it.

Blizzy bubbler bong

Chaos Theory

At just $4.20, this is the most affordable bubbler to make it on this list.  Chaos Theory is four inches tall and made of high-quality borosilicate glass that can withstand high temperatures. It’s small enough to take along with you on the go and the bent neck helps to reduce splashback. This glass piece has a beautiful swirl design and comes in clear with blue, red, grey, or green accents.

Chaos Theory bubbler bong

Blue Boot

The name of this piece says it all. Fill the toes of the boot up with water for a fat, filtered hit. This quirky design was crafted in the “Hammer Style” which means that the bottom of the boot is flat for extra stability when placing it down on a table. You won’t have to worry about the  Blue Boot accidentally tipping over and spilling. Psychedelic white and cobalt blue patterns circle the seven-inch water pipe, which also features textured glass elements.

Blue Boot bubbler pipe

Skull Sidecar

The bright yellow or pink  Skull Sidecar bubbler adds a little touch of macabre to your smoke outs. Just like a sidecar on a motorcycle, this bubbler has the bowl and water chamber hanging off to the side of the downstem for a truly unique look. The design is more comfortable to hold and makes it easy to pass around a group of friends. At seven and a half inches, this hand-blown glass piece is large enough to filter out ash and cool down the smoke before it hits your lips, but still small enough to travel in your bag.

Skull Sidecar bubbler

Bubbler pipes are inexpensive pieces to add to your collection and make great gifts for your 420-friendly buddies. We’ve got lots of  high-quality bubblers in a variety of styles and colors starting at less than $5! Head over to Everything For 420 and check out our collection.

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