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Munchies: Weird Munchie Combinations That Actually Taste Good

January 04, 2022 3 min read

weird munchie flamin hot cheetos
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One of the most annoying effects that comes with getting blazed is suddenly getting the munchies and not having the energy to do anything about it. The munchies usually hit at the worst time possible, like when you're already baked out of your mind and can’t remember how UberEats works or when you haven’t hit the grocery store in two weeks and you’ve already eaten your way through the freezer and pantry. These are the moments that stoners’ creativity are put to the test and weird munchie combinations are born.

Weird munchie combinations that actually taste good

Flamin’ hot bagel

Only a pothead several dabs deep could come up with this weird munchie combination. If you’re a flamin’ hot Cheeto fanatic, you’ll love the stoner approved flamin’ hot bagel. This is such a good munchie snack, you’ll have trouble stopping yourself from having seconds. Toast a bagel and add cream cheese before loading it up with Cheetos. The cool cream cheese pairs so well with the chips, which gives it a little crunch. The flavors somewhat resemble the spice of buffalo chicken wings with a cool ranch dip.

Sriracha and peanut butter sauce

This weird munchie combination may sound absolutely bonkers, but the spice and vinegar of the hot sauce balances out the creamy peanut butter perfectly. If you think about it, it’s just a simplified version of Thai peanut sauce and everyone loves Thai peanut sauce! Mix together sriracha and peanut butter (creamy or crunchy) to taste and use it as a dip for chicken fingers, fries, or chips. The weird food combo also works great as a salad dressing or marinade.

Instant ramen and cheese

Don’t judge this weird munchie combination before you try it. Upgrade your next instant ramen dinner from your college dorm room days with an unusual add in, cheese! This munchie recipe tastes like a mixture between two stoner favorite dishes, ramen and mac n cheese. Prepare your instant ramen like normal and make a cheesy sauce on the side to pour over the noodles by melting grated cheddar cheese, milk, and cornstarch to thicken it. If you’re feeling really sluggish, just melt a Kraft single over the top of your noodles.

Butter and sugar sandwich

Weird or genius? A butter and sugar sandwich sounds like something you reach for when you’re absolutely dying of hunger, but this weird munchie combination could be your new go to breakfast. If you’re dying for something sweet, toast up two slices of bread, load on the butter, and sprinkle with granulated sugar. This easy munchie recipe with no cooking needed has just three ingredients and requires the lowest level of effort so you can appease your sweet tooth and get back to binge watchingRick and Morty.

Oreo cookies and mayonnaise

That’s right, we said it. Oreo cookies dipped in mayo might just be your next favorite munchie snack. You probably already have these two things at home and won’t need to move too far from the couch to satisfy your cravings. Each bite is sweet, salty, and even more creamy with this added condiment.

Popcorn with hot sauce

This super quick munchie snack takes just a minute or two to prepare. When normal popcorn is too boring for your elevated taste buds, top it off with a few shakes of Tabasco, Tapatio, Frank’s Red Hot, or your favorite hot sauce. No hot sauce in the cupboard? Try soy sauce (trust us), Old Bay seasoning, garlic salt, Ranch dressing, or hot chocolate powder.

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