Mars Hydro TS1000 Indoor Grow Tent Kit Review

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Mars Hydro Grow Tent
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Smoking marijuana is always a wonderful pastime but some stoners want to take it to the next level and we are all here for it. Growing your own weed can be a daunting task but with tools and guides to help a stoner out will have you flourishing with a green thumb in no time! If you’re new to growing and would like to start with some supplies, let’s start with a full Mars Hydro Indoor Grow Tent Kit review to see if you are ready to take on growing your own harvest.

Are grow tents kits worth it?

If you are not familiar with growing marijuana it is most definitely a good idea to purchase a grow tent kit. Basically, grow tent kits give you all the supplies and tools you need to easily start an indoor growing setup, which is a plus for new growers who have no idea what they’re doing. 

Now, why choose an indoor grow tent kit? While it is often easier to grow outdoors with the essentials provided by Mother Nature, growing indoors actually provides you with more control like the light, air, temperature, etc. Every little factor to a growing environment is important so having the ability to control each one counts towards the overall success of your crop!

What does the Mars Hydro Indoor Grow Tent Kit contain?

You’ll basically have everything you need to grow your own weed, sans the actual seeds or clones you need to grow, along with the soil. Here’s a quick list of what each kit contains and we can get down to the specifics later:

  • 150 Watt LED grow light
  • Hanger grow tent kit
  • 2.3’ x 2.3’ grow tent
  • 4” inline duct fan
  • 4” carbon filter
  • 33” length flex ducting
  • Humidity thermometer with timer
  • 4 pc 5-gallon grow bags
  • Duct clamps

How to use the Mars Hydro Indoor Grow Tent Kit

With so much included in the Mars Hydro Indoor Grow Tent Kit, what should you do with it all? While it might seem overwhelming at first for beginners, with a few instructions you’ll be in business in no time and feel like you’ve been growing your own bud longer than just a day.

Hanger Grow Tent Kit

One of the main parts of the kit is the grow tent, which will house everything to facilitate growth. The tent comes in an all-metal frame, so no worries about a flimsy plastic setup this is the real deal. The tent is better than the average grow tent with a double layer lining to eliminate any unwanted light, along with a highly reflective interior to maximize the use of the light inside the tent. The bottom of the tent provides three vents to promote extra airflow and several openings for the electrical cords and water lines. 

The tent can probably be built in as little as 15 minutes, so we recommend following the instructions so you can get to finishing your setup ASAP!

LED Mars Hydro Grow Light

The other star of the show is the 150 Watt LED grow light, which is basically your source of light and means for growing. Unlike an ordinary light or lamp you can buy at Target, this is a good light to have for your grow tent because the LED light uses cutting edge technology to actually mimic natural sunlight along with using half as much electricity compared to other grow lights. Although the wattage is a good amount, you don’t have to use the full wattage during the early stages at least which can save you some money down the line. 

Another plus to the LED grow light in this tent kit is that the power supply is detachable, meaning you can hold this part of the grow light outside of the tent. Also, if you want to expand one day this light allows for connecting with other lights via an ethernet cable, so if you decided to get a larger tent this light will still allow you to do so. 

Mars Hydro tent components

The remaining parts of the Mars Hydro Indoor Grow Tent Kit will be placed inside your tent and will help keep the environment inside of the tent at a proper temperature and humidity to promote positive growth. 

Air flow is essential to your weed plant’s growth, so the fan and air filter come in handy as it filters the air in the tent around every five to seven minutes. This helps to prevent odors coming from outside of the tent so your growing stash can stay discreet. 

Final thoughts on the Mars Hydro TS1000

If you’re still on the fence about purchasing an indoor grow tent, you should know that this tent is able to fit into a closet or small garage and be a little corner of heaven that you didn’t know could exist. While it might take you a minute to get yourself acquainted with the new setup, once you get your plants seeded and soiled you won’t be looking back. Be sure to plan ahead while your crop is flourishing and sign up for the Bud to Bud Subscription Box for when it is time to reap from your own harvest! All that’s left to do is pick your favorite strain to grow and you’ll be smoking your own home grown stash in no time. 

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