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Journey Pipe vs Genius Pipe

June 03, 2021 4 min read

Genius Pipe High Expectations

Two innovative smoking pipes have been making waves in the cannabis community recently. Journey Pipe and Genius Pipe are two brands looking to turn the idea of an old school pipe on its head. These aren’t your grandpa’s smoking pipes, these are advanced smoking devices that are designed for ease of use, portability, high smoke and flavor production, and of course, hits that are easy on the throat and lungs. The main reason potheads choose other options over smoking out of hand pipes is because of the harsh burn from each hit. Journey Pipe and Genius Pipe have come up with technologies that turn down the heat for smooth, comfortable hits that you won’t even imagine came from a hand pipe! We’ll be breaking down the differences between Journey Pipe vs Genius pipe and giving both brands an in depth review.

Journey Pipe Review

Journey Pipe had a rough start, changing hands quite a bit before settling with its current owner, Head Choice Inc. The brand prides itself on using only the best and highest quality materials including non-toxic and heat-resistant stainless steel, strong magnets, and a no chip, non-toxic coating. Stoners love these metal pipes due to its specialized screenless bowl.

Types of Journey Pipes

There are three variations of the Journey Pipe. These are the J2, J3, and J4.

  • Journey 2 Pipe - This Journey Pipe is an upgraded version of the original J1 pipe and is the most popular smoking pipe in the lineup. After a few hiccups were reported by users with the J1, Journey Pipe upgraded the magnets with a revamped locking system for the J2. This iteration has the smallest bowl size, but still uses the heat-resistant zinc alloy and screenless smoking bowl technology. This hand pipe is the most portable of the triad.
  • Journey 3 Pipe - Available in black and silver, the Journey Pipe 3 has an increased bowl size that’s perfect for passing and sharing with friends. The J3 pipe also features the screenless bowl that prevents the device from ever clogging as well as the magnetic swinging lid that allows you to save your half-smoked bowl and keep pungent smells at bay. This metal pipe got a modern upgrade with a sleeker design than the J2.
  • Journey Pipe 4 - The Journey pipe 4 is exactly the same pipe as the Journey pipe 3, except for a protective silicone skin that covers the entire exterior. This silicone skin will keep your pipe cool to the touch and protects the metal interior of the pipe from any dings. It also helps give your pipe some grip and stops it from rolling away when packing it on a slippery surface.

Genius Pipe Review

The Genius Pipe has risen in popularity for its minimal design and patented cooling technology. The brainchild of engineers Dyan Ferman and Stas Gulinsky, Genius Pipe is the best smoking pipe around thanks to the vortex cooling technology that was originally designed for cooling down nuclear reactors (cool right?). When you take the hand pipe apart, you can see that the airpath is lined with small bumps that hit against the smoke and cause mini vortexes, which gives the smoke additional time to cool off before reaching your lips.

Types of Genius Pipes

  • Genius Top Secret Pipe - The Genius Top Secret Pipe measures in at 6” x 1.5” x 0.3”, which is an inch larger than the more portable Genius Pipe Mini. It is a slightly upgraded version of the original pipe that was first designed by Genius and is their top seller.
  • Genius High Expectations Pipe - The Genius High Expectations Pipe is the exact same pipe as the Genius Top Secret, except for the color combination. Just like its predecessor, this metal pipe is six inches long and features the slider and replaceable TruTaste screen.
  • Genius Pipe Mini - At just five inches long, the Genius Pipe Mini is a petite and packable version of the original. It was designed for stoners on the go and is lightweight, travel-friendly, and made for discreet hits. While it may be smaller, the Genius Pipe Mini has the same size bowl and screen as its full sized siblings, however it does have a slightly smaller cooling chamber. This means hits are a little less comfortable than the full-size hand pipes, though still much softer on the lungs than a cheap smoking pipe that doesn’t use this cooling technology.

Journey Pipe vs Genius Pipe

Both portable pipes have aspects that make them a great choice and you won’t be sorry if you choose to buy either one of these top hand pipes. Both are designed to be portable with durable materials and a cover for the bowl that keeps smells contained. Journey Pipe uses a magnetic lid that twists sideways, while the Genius Pipe has a sliding cover that extends when in use. The Journey Pipe and Genius Pipe are also both made from metal, the former with zinc alloy and the later with lightweight anodized aluminum. If you’re worried about cleaning, both pipes are easy to take apart and put back together, so you can quickly get the gunk out of the interior airway, bowl, and mouthpiece.

Journey Pipe vs Genius Pipe differences

The main difference between the Journey Pipe vs Genius Pipe is their standout technologies. As mentioned before, all Genius Pipes use a patented vortex cooling technology that assures each hit doesn’t burn your throat. Hits from this hand pipe are often described as smooth and filtered and having nearly the same filtration, aeration, and diffusion you’d get from a water bong, but without the water. On the other hand, Journey Pipe uses a special screenless smoking bowl that never gets clogged like a cheap glass pipe does. You’ll also never need to replace any screens and dumping and repacking the bowl is quick and painless. Another difference between the two portable pipes is the look. Genius Pipe has a very modern, minimal look, which doesn’t really resemble a pipe. While the Journey Pipe does look like a hand pipe, it has a sleek and compact three-part design.

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