10 Cool Stash Jars & Boxes

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10 Cool Stash Jars & Boxes
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No matter if you are a novice smoker or a veteran who is very familiar with Mary Jane, stash jars and boxes for your weed is an absolute essential. Besides preserving your marijuana and keeping it safe and out of reach from children, stash jars and weed boxes will keep the stoner side of you organized. Regardless of your budget, we’ve got you covered with 10 cool stash jars & boxes you most definitely need to buy for yourself and friends.

Cool stash jars & boxes for $4.20

If you can’t afford to dish out a bunch of coins for a cool stash jar don’t sweat it, here’s a few options for $4.20 that will take you (and your weed) a long way!

Raw Metal Pop Up Tin

raw metal pop up tin

This cool stash jar is nothing fancy but the Raw Metal Pop Up Tin gets the job done. Completely made of metal you’ll never have to worry about breaking this twist top stash jar. At a little over two inches you can fit quite a few of your best nugs in there, slip this baby into your pocket and you are ready to roll. 

EF420 Syndicase

EF420 Syndicase

Spice things up a notch with the EF420 Syndicase which is a 4.75-inch metal weed box that is super travel-friendly. The stash that smiles back, enjoy the little ganja leaves on the tin top with their cute little stoner eyes before opening to grab from your stash and get cute little stoner eyes as well. Add this to your other EF420 collectibles, this is probably one of the best $4.20 steals around!

Cool stash jars & boxes under $20

Looking for a bigger stash jar than the $4.20 options but still looking for a budget deal? Here are some cool stash jars and boxes under $20 that are total steals.

EF420 Glass Stash Jar

EF420 Glass Stash Jar

Upgrade your storage to the EF420 Glass Stash Jar, a 2.5-inch beauty made of durable glass and topped with a wooden lid for a sophisticated look. With a tight silicone seal, this is a multi-use storage that can fit more than your buds. For only $14.20 you can grab a few for you and the roomies so everyone knows which glass stash jar is whose! 

Cool stash jars & boxes under $50

If your budget allows, it is highly recommended to get multiple cool stash jars & boxes because you will never regret doing what you can to maximize your weed and its quality. Here are a few brand name options that are popular choices when it comes to choosing a stash jar for your weed.

Revelry Mini Confidant Pouch

revelry mini confidant pouch

Sometimes a stash jar can’t hold everything you need it to so throw your bud into the Revelry Mini Confidant Pouch, a five-inch pouch that gives you confidence when carrying your stash. Made of polyester, there is a special multi-layered design built into the pouch to mask any smell from the inside. Although pocket-sized, you can fit a bit more than the average mini stash jar so take this weed pouch wherever you need to knowing that your goods are safe and in one place. Choose from a green or black colored pouch for only $34.20 but who can put a price on reassurance?

Marley Natural Small Wood Case

marley natural small wood case

The gorgeous Marley Natural Small Wood Case is a five-inch beauty that provides a sleek and discreet look. Made of black walnut wood, this is a classic slide-top design with an inner silicone seal to fully secure your herb and accessories. Also featuring a magnetic hold, this is one mini stash box that will blow your mind every single time with high quality and the ability to blend in with just about everything. 

V Syndicate High End Smart Stash

v syndicate high end smart stash

Low and behold the luxury line of weed stash jars like the V Syndicate HIgh End Smart Stash, with humidity control and a built-in grinder to really amplify its value. Available in three sizes, choose which is right for you and enjoy all the perks of a cool stash jar that literally does all the hard work for you. This style is available in yellow or red and includes sa humidity packet.

V Syndicate Illuminati Smart Stash

v syndicate illuminati smart stash

Stare deep into the souls of your buds with the V Syndicate Illuminati Smart Stash, a truly trippy yet satisfying stash jar to own that will light up your life and the longevity of your weed. Perfect for stoners on the go, the glass and wooden design is ultra smooth and is the perfect touch to this mystical-looking weed box. 

V Syndicate Hamsa Smart Stash

V Syndicate Hamsa Smart Stash

The V Syndicate Hamsa Smart Stash is everything you need to ring in new and improved energy, and bless your weed before smoking it too! Choose from 3.5 inches, 4 inches or 5 inches if you like to buy in bulk. All V Syndicate smart stash jars include a funnel, magnetic lid, built-in grinder plate and a humidity packet to perfect the process of lengthening the life of your ganja.

V Syndicate Owllusion Smart Stash

v syndicate owllusion smart stash

If spirit animals are more your vibe, the V Syndicate Owllusion Smart Stash will light up your world and send you for a hoot in all the best ways. With a beautiful owl design etched into the glass jar and a wooden lid with a built-in grinder and funnel, smart stashes are one of the best investments you can make in your stoner life.

V Syndicate THC Elemental Smart Stash

 v syndicate THC elemental smart stash

Bring the weed formulas in your head to life with the V Syndicate THC Elemental Smart Stash, one of the coolest sci-fi looking weed stash jars you could find on the market with an epic all-in-one build to take you and your weed a long way. Perfect for travel, choose between different colors to really customize your vibe. 

Cool stash jars & boxes for your weed

It should be a no-brainer at this point that stash jars and boxes are more than necessary in helping to preserve the life of your weed, but if you’re still having a hard time choosing from the 10 cool stash jars & boxes, try the Bud To Bud Box with pre-selected goodies for you that has included weed stash jars in the past! Sometimes you just need to leave it in the hands of a professional and let us choose for you. 

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