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Let’s set the scene: it’s a Friday afternoon, you just got your hands on some dank OG Kush that you and the homies can’t wait to light up. Did you know that the right weed accessories directly contribute to the quality of your smoke sesh beyond the quality of the buds? While most think you need a big and expensive bong for a high quality sesh, that is far from the truth. Broken down to the essentials, a weed grinder is one of the most important tools to use when prepping weed and a way to get the most out of your buds. Here is how to use a weed grinder properly and a few recommendations to add to your collection. Grinders are like lighters, you can never have enough!

What is a grinder?

Like you might have guessed, grinder is a slang term in the cannabis community that has always stuck around. The OG Mary Jane cultivators coined the term grinder when using a container with “teeth” that gets turned back and forth to grind up smoking material.

A grinder is important for those that want every part of the plant, like the kief. If you are sleeping on kief, we highly suggest you wake up and join the party! A little sprinkle of kief will undoubtedly take your joints to the next level and a grinder is the one of the easiest ways to slowly cultivate a kief stash. Many grinders today also have its very own storage space for kief that can be collected and stored over time for when you need it.

Parts of a weed grinder

There are very creative looking weed grinders out on the market today, but the essential components of a grinder remain true: a grinding chamber, teeth to grind the buds, and a lid or compartment to keep material neatly contained. 

There are different types of grinders, but the most common are:

  • Two-piece grinder (single chamber)
  • Three-piece grinder (two-chamber)
  • Four-piece grinder (three-chamber)

Each grinder will have a bowl and lid, and from there a grinder may have added chambers for kief storage and collecting freshly grinded bud.

How to use a grinder

Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to properly use a weed grinder. Make sure to take your time in each step to avoid any spillage, the finer you grind your weed the better quality it will be but it can get messy quick!

1. Load grinder with weed. Take a few nugs and break it up into the grinder, placing it around in between the teeth and avoiding the middle as this is where the grinder will pivot when in use. 

2. Grind your weed.After placing your weed in the chamber, put the lid back on and start to rotate the grinder with one hand and then rotate the lid with the other hand. At first you might feel some resistance but keep working through it! If you need to adjust your buds in the early stages, feel free to as well just be mindful of how little the nugs might be and it can start spilling out easily.

3. Give the grinder a little tap.This will break up the bud that is caught between the teeth and also helps separate the kief into its separate compartment. You’d be surprised at all the work being done inside that little grinder!

4. Collect the grinded weed. Twist the chamber open and dispense into your joint or bowl. If you are looking to collect your kief, be mindful of the screen if there is one! Pro tip: building up your kief collection over time will only make it that much better, so be patient it will pay off!

Best grinders to buy

Here are some grinders to snag for yourself and friends if you are a real one! Grinders are a stoner’s best friend and truly unlocks the flavor of every strain for an optimum smoking experience. 

Pikachu Metal Herb Grinder - 50mm

Pikachu Metal Herb Grinder - 50mm

The Pikachu Metal Herb Grinder is a two-part grinder that makes it easy to turn with its two pointy ears for good grip. Made of metal in 50mm diameter, this adorable Pikachu design will quickly prep your bud and in style. 

Death Star Grinder - 2.5 in

Death Star Grinder - 2.5 in

The Death Star Grinder is a 3-piece grinder that has a large bottom chamber and built-in screen for holding lots of bud and kief. Made of durable metal, this Star Wars inspired grinder gives a fine, even grind for high quality grinded bud every single time. 

Marley Natural Small Wood Grinder - 60mm

Marley Natural Small Wood Grinder - 60mm

The Marley Natural Small Wood Grinder is a luxuriously made 4-piece grinder that is well worth the investment. Made of North American black walnut wood, this grinder has 32 anodized aluminum teeth for an extremely sharp shred. The magnetic top provides extra security and a removable screen gives you room to do what you need! Take this authentic Marley Natural wooden grinder on the go with you and know you’re taken care of.

Grinders are essential

As you can see, how to use a weed grinder goes further than the actual act and more so understanding why using a weed grinder is important. Grinders really enhance the flavor of weed and bring out the best of each strain with finely ground pieces to roll a joint or pack a bowl. There is nothing like taking a bong rip of freshly ground weed, so be sure to check out more herb grinders online to choose your vibe. 

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