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best big bongs
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Every stoner has their go-to smoking accessories. Whether it’s a nice mini pipe or a crazy dab set up the goal is to get high and do it in style. Water bongs are essential when expanding your collection as it provides a different high compared to joints and pipes - especially when it’s a huge bong giving you all the smoke! Here’s a list of the best cool big bongs you absolutely need in your life because if you don’t have a big bong yet, you’re missing out! 

The Astral Bong

astral bong

This simple but extremely elegant Astral Bong is the perfect huge bong for every stoner that loves a good aesthetic. At 16 inches tall, the Astral Bong provides an out of this world experience that can also be used as beautiful decor to add to your home. This big bong is set up to give you a cooler, filtered hit that will get you so high you’ll feel like you’re in another dimension. If you’re into good vibes and energy this cheap bong provides it all!

Three Tree Perc Bong

percolator bong

The Three Tree Perc Bong might look intimidating but it’s worth all the coins. At 16 inches tall this big bong has three tree percolators for big (but comfortable) hits and delivers ultra-filtered hits for a very pleasant smoking experience. This percolator bong removes large contaminants you do not want to inhale with your smoke and with a straight shooter style setup you will feel your high right away. If you enjoy clean and massively filtered hits, this huge bong is for you!

The Royal Glass Bong

royal glass bong

If you’re feeling extra fancy, the Royal Glass Bong is your perfect match. At a whopping 19 inches tall, this huge bong has an excellent filtration system that also includes an ice catcher to cool down your hits. With a honeycomb percolator towards the base and a tree percolator right underneath the ice catcher, this big bong delivers and does not fool around. With studded glass at the top of the mouthpiece for extra grip, you have full control of this beast of a bong and are sure to enjoy everything it has to offer.

The Sestina Bong

sestina percolator bong

Percolator bongs really enhance your smoke sesh and the Sestina Bong is no exception. A massive 24 inches in height, this big bong has six honeycomb percolators to give you smooth and filtered hits every single time. Cool your hits down for an even better smoking experience with the ice catcher and you’ll be saying sayonara to reality and hello to cloud nine. This percolator bong never disappoints!

Pink Quadruple Jelly Fish Perc

quadruple jellyfish percolator bong

The Pink Quadruple Jelly Fish Perc is a straight shooter style glass bong that filters your hits so well you won’t feel it until it hits you! At 21 inches tall this big bong contains four jellyfish percs that provide an incredible experience. Water pipes with percolators are guaranteed to give you a high that is incomparable and you have to try it to see why. This beautiful water bong is a beauty and a beast!

It can be difficult to decide what water bong to pull the trigger on, but these cool big bongs are excellent choices if you’re up for the challenge. Huge bongs look daunting but give you a smoking experience like never before. Saddle up and get ready for a ride because these massive bongs will keep you highly satisfied!

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