How to Make a Homemade Bong Bowl

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how to make a smoking bowl
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Maybe it rolled under the couch or fell and cracked, but at some point every stoner will have their setup ready to go just to find out that they’re missing a smoking bowl. It’s actually quite easy to create a water bong at home. A homemade gravity bong can take just a few minutes to build, however it can be harder to decide what to use as a bong bowl. Not only is it an essential part of every bong (you can’t smoke without one), your homemade bong bowl also needs to be made out of a material that’s safe to smoke out of. They may not reach extreme temperatures like dab nails and bangers do, but smoking bowls are still heated when igniting your bud and oftentimes touch the open flame.

How to make a bowl for a bong

How to make a bowl for a bong

Screwdriver socket

Most people have at least one socket lying around with their tool set and while not really homemade, this is the easiest option if you need a bong bowl. Choose a small socket that can fit on the top of a pen or your glass downstem if you have one. Create an airtight seal using masking tape or clay for the best burn.

Metal hose nozzle

Another safe homemade bong bowl is waiting for you in the yard. Unscrew the metal hose nozzle from the hose and make sure you have a downstem that will fit the size of the nozzle. If not, you can cut the hose and use that as your downstem in a homemade bong.

Veggie or fruit bong bowl

You’ve seen watermelon bongs, apple pipes, and more, but you can also use a fruit or vegetable as a temporary smoking bowl as well. Not only are they easy to make, a fruit bong bowl is also the most customizable since you can carve the hole to fit your downstem perfectly. Nearly any type of produce could work. We’ve seen potatoes, zucchini, pumpkins, apples, pears, and even strawberries made into smoking accessories. All you’ll need is a sharp paring knife and possibly screwdriver. Look at your fruit of vegetable of choice and find the best point to carve the bowl. Use the knife to make the bowl. Leave thick edges that won’t collapse and make sure the walls are steep. Create the hole for the downstem using the screwdriver.

Foil smoking bowl

There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding aluminum foil safety, yet it is a common household product that is used in cooking. Some people refuse to use foil bong bowls, however the debate is still out and more research needs to be done to determine what levels are deemed unsafe. Foil is used by most people on the grill or in the oven, which isn’t very different from heating it while smoking. When it comes to cooking with aluminum foil, one study found that there is no link between heating food in foil and an increased risk of disease.

Stoners often turn to foil when they need a bowl since most people have it around and you don’t need any tools to work with it. To make a foil bong bowl, you will need a piece of aluminum foil and a toothpick at the very least. Mold the foil into a bowl shape around your downstem and don’t forget to poke a few holes in the bottom with a toothpick so the smoke can exit into your bong. Another option is to get a plastic bottle cap and drill a hole in the bottom that fits the downstem, then wrap it in foil.

Homemade filter for bong bowl

Sometimes your DIY bong bowl will have a large bottom opening making it hard to smoke without a screen. One option is to cut up a metal sieve or wire mesh strainer from your kitchen, but the easiest thing to do is head to your sink faucet. In most sinks you can unscrew the nozzle and there will be a small removable screen. Be sure to give this a good scrub and trim it to fit your homemade bong bowl. You won’t have to worry about ground bud falling into the bong water or clogging the downstem!

Cheap smoking bowls for sale

Cheap smoking bowls for sale

Ready to ditch the temporary equipment and buy a new downstem and glass bowl? Visit our online headshop for cool smoking bowls that start at less than $5!

  • Honeybee Silicone Bowl - Borosilicate glass bong bowl covered with a colorful silicone skin for drop protection.
  • Yoda Bowl - Hone the force and show off your Star Wars fandom with this detailed Jedi Master-inspired bong bowl.
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How do you make a homemade bong bowl?

If your bowl has broken, you may be wondering how to make a bowl. Luckily for you, there are plenty of options! In the article we discuss how to use aluminum foil, fruit, even a screwdriver socket! It's pretty easy to make a homemade bowl, let us teach you how!

What tools do you need to make a bong bowl with your own hands?

If you're looking up how to make a bowl, you've come to the right place! Depending on the bowl you'd like to make, you may need some tools. For a socket bowl, you'll neeed masking tape or clay in order to seal the bowl to your bong. If you don't have tools, try making an aluminum foil bowl!

Can you make a bong bowl out of foil?

Foil bong bowls are probably the easiest homemade bowls to make! If you're bong bowl has broken, you need to know how to make a bowl, grab some foil! You'll need to form aluminum foil into a bowl that will fit into the male or female joint of your bong, then poke holes to create a bong bowl.

Can fruit be used to smoke a bong?

A fruit can be used as a (very) temporary bong bowl. We're sure you've seen, or tried, an apple as a pipe by puncturing one hole for the carb, one hole for the bowl, and one hole for inhalation. The process is simlar, except you can stick the fruit or vegetable directly onto the joint of the bong!

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