How To Hit A Dab Pen

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How To Hit A Dab Pen
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The world of dabbing has completely evolved and revolutionized into a whole other side of cannabis, specifically cannabis concentrates. Vape pens and dab pens alike can hold cannabis oil that does not leave you having to deal with a sticky mess by providing vapor production quickly and on the fly. Start inhaling right after setting the best temperature for yourself, and the art of portable vaporizers will change your stoner worldly view forever. With a few tricks on how to hit a dab pen or how to use a wax pen in different ways, you will soon be one of the most well versed dabbing individuals amongst your friends. After diving in, feel free to grab yourself and some friends the best dab pens online so you are ahead of the game and ready to dab in a jiff.  

How to hit a dab pen

Learning how to hit a dab pen is pretty straight forward but for a 710 newbie, there might be a ton of questions that can easily be answered and organized here. If you are new to using a dab pen, there is not much to it but you do need to understand how a dab pen works in order to know how to properly use it. A dab pen is a portable vaporizer device that uses wax thc to create vapor production and with the use of a dab tool you can avoid a sticky situation that wax typically causes. Unlike some vape pens containing oil cartridges, dab pens use a heating coil that melts the wax to the proper temperature for ultimate dabbing. 

First things first, when you are using dab pens you will need the following:

  • Cannabis oil
  • Wax pen
  • Dab tool

While the cannabis oil is a given, you will want to make sure you have the right wex and cannabis concentrate. In the wax world, cannabis flowers and wax are consumed in totally different ways so make sure you get what is right for you. You will also want to make sure you don’t skip out on investing in good dab pens, as many dab pens can be quite generic. You will want to do your research and find out which portable vaporizers are best for your needs. A dab tool is also very necessary, you can use any long type of metal tool as you will use this to grab your wax to load onto your vape device. 

A dab pen typically consists of the following pieces to complete its setup: the battery portion and power button, the coil and cap, and the mouthpiece. You can easily check for all pieces but each will not function properly without the other so you will want to double check that all of your pieces are in place and working properly if you run into any trouble. 

Charge your dab pen

Making sure that your  dab pens are properly charged is essential, and you probably would not believe that this is a major reason many have issues with their pens - because it needs a charge! You do not want to be grabbing for your pen and suddenly realizing that you do not have enough battery to get a few hits in, so get into the habit of easily charging your device quite frequently so that you keep a standard that your vape pens should not fall below a certain battery percentage. If you are starting to use a vape pen that is unused, there should be some battery life, however you will probably want to charge and fill the battery up completely so that when you press that power button everything goes smoothly.

Remove the mouthpiece, then remove the coil cap

When you remove the mouthpiece, this will allow you to remove the coil cap and can now access the metal coil that is inside, where you will put your wax or shatter. You will put the coil cap and mouth piece back on after you fill up the wax so keep these pieces nearby so that you can get to inhaling quicker! Using wax can be a tricky thing so you will want to follow the next steps correctly so as you do not cause yourself a messy situation that can be easily avoided with a few tools. 

How To Hit A Dab Pen

Use dab tool to collect wax

Using your dab tool, take your wax or shatter and draw it to the coil where the vape pen will heat it up and melt it for inhalation. Be sure to grab a wax ball about the size of a grain of rice or similar, so as not to use too much or too little. Starting off with this size can ensure that you can clear the dab and you can always refill if you need more.

Turn on your vape pen

Once you place your ball of cannabis wax into the metal coil, you will want to press button that says power and wait a few seconds for it to start the temperature control. There are  dab pens that have extra features to help with the heating element to reach higher temperatures fairly quickly. Once you push button that says fire or similar in order to heat your pen, your wax will slowly melt and your pen should alert you of when the heating element is at optimum temperature. 

Put your mouthpiece back on and hold fire button

To inhale through your mouthpiece, you will want to hold that fire push button down while you inhale. This ensures a nice and steady puff throughout, and you should be able to clear your pen pretty quickly. Wait a few seconds if you have extra left over, and then press the fire button again to inhale so the cannabis wax does not burn.

Using a vaporizer pen is a good sign to take with you everywhere with how compact and travel-friendly they are normally. With the easy step by step processes above you now know how to correctly light up on the fly! Whether you have used vape pens before or not, once you get the hang of the process you will be good to go and have a wonderful smoking experience. If anything goes wrong, you are most likely needing to reference the manual as it can be a simple error on the device that can be fixed or reset. 

How to hit a dab pen with an iphone charger

While learning how to hit a dab pen with an iphone charger is surely a task that can be done with some successful maneuvering, it is important to note that most vape pens require a specific type of voltage in order to work that most chargers will not be able to deliver. If you want to go this route, it will involve cutting your current iphone charger that you plan to hit your vape pen with so probably think twice before going with this option as there are many back up choices that can offer a much better outcome without sacrificing a charger cable. 

How to fix a dab pen battery that won’t hit

It can be a frustrating experience to be wanting to hit a dab pen that is not working. A lot of times it can be the battery, so there are a few ways to try and troubleshoot a vape pen battery with a little effort. Using a paper clip, you can adjust the connection plate that is connected to the battery. It is most likely a sign to adjust the connection plate when your battery is not hitting or able to pull a hit, so grab a paper clip and work to move it to the center and just go by trial and error before it starts to work again. If this is not successful for you, try changing the battery as a last resort to save you some cash.

How to hit a dab pen when it’s dead

It can sort of be impossible to hit a dab pen when it’s dead, because it does need the temperature control for the heating element to properly function and melt the weed so it is heated into liquid and at ultimate potency. It is a sign to charge your pen when it is no longer working, or reference above if it does have a full battery life. You will not want to waste your thc concentrate on a vaporizer pen with a dead battery so just making sure you have enough battery to get you through at least one dab should be sufficient.

Getting multiple batteries as back ups are very important if you are an avid dab enthusiast because you will surely not want to be tied up with dealing with dead batteries from time to time. An efficient cannabis user plans ahead and purchasing extra batteries to keep charged and on deck is a power move and a smart one too. Having multiple batteries can also help out a friend one day too so pro tip is to keep this packed with you along with your other vaporizer device materials so that you stay ready whenever a homie is in need. Because who wouldn’t want someone to save the day with a fully charged battery when they thought they were out of luck? 

How to hit a dab pen without a battery

Again, it is almost impossible to hit a dab pen without a battery, because you will need the fire button to give more power to the heating element that allows the full flavor of your thc liquid to be properly prepared for smoking. The heating chamber will not work properly if you do not have a battery to support the cannabis wax to turn into thc liquid. It is best to draw dabs from a device with a battery, and alternatives might work here or there but it will not work as well as proper wax pens. 

Hitting a dab pen without a battery is not a good idea but if you are really in a hurry, you can always order extra batteries ahead of time to solve this problem so that you can interchange the batteries and troubleshoot them as you need to. A lot of times 510 batteries just need adjustment but if you do not have a battery at all, sacrificing charger cables or other electronics is not worth it when you can get the best voltage that is properly fitted for a vaporizer pen. 

How to properly hit a dab pen

Now that you know the essentials of how dabbing works, you know how to properly hit a  dab pen and what is necessary for a quality hit. A vape pen has a ton of potency since the cannabis used in the form of wax is almost pure thc and perfect for burning. Using the mouthpiece, dabbers like to use a vape pen as a method of weed consumption because it often offers more potency and can save money in the long run if you are able to take one or two dabs at a time to last you throughout the day or night.

With the ultimate temperature control to the heating element and with a coil inside that is protected by the mouthpiece and battery, the smoke experience through vaping is one of a kind and an excellent travel-friendly method for on the go vapor users. A vape pen can heat up quickly which helps users start smoking a lot faster, so when in public and needing to smoke discreetly it is easy to light up on the fly and be done with it in a snap. A vaporizer pen is an excellent gift to yourself or loved ones because anyone that is a cannabis enthusiast can find a need for a vape pen at some point. If you or your group of stoner friends do not use vaporizer devices very much, getting a vape pen is an excellent beginner’s device to practice with using pens and heated concentrate.

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