Side Effects of Smoking Dabs

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Side Effects of Smoking Dabs
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Not many stoners stop to think about the difference between smoking traditional marijuana via flower versus smoking marijuana through marijuana extracts like smoking dabs. The main difference between dabbing and traditional marijuana smoking methods is the vaporization that is through dabbing. High concentrations of cannabis must be heated and melted down in order to vape and dab with, and this method can introduce many risks that normal weed and a typical smoking method would not typically have. Vaping and dabbing are potentially dangerous because of the vapor that is created from this highly concentrated form of cannabis. So what are the possible dab drug side effects that marijuana wax and a dab device can cause? You can still grab some of the best dab accessories just know what you are getting into so you can handle your smoke sessions better and shine like the bright diamond dabber you are.  

What is dabbing?

Dabbing is the act of smoking the vapors that are extracted from a highly concentrated form of THC. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive chemical compound that gives that “high” or stoned feeling that many seek through smoking. Dabbing uses a very high THC concentration, meaning it is more pure than flower, edibles, etc. Dabbing is more for experienced cannabis users so please advise if you are just beginning to enter the cannabis world, dabbing should be something to try after building a level of tolerance for yourself. There are definitely levels to smoking weed so make sure you know which stage you are at so you can enjoy yourself rather than overwhelm yourself! Dabbing is a very fun activity but only when you know that your body can handle it, and trust that you will know if your body can handle it or not by how high you get off of just one dab.

Side Effects of Smoking Dabs

Dabbing versus marijuana smoking

Now how much more potent is THC content in cannabis wax versus regular marijuana or normal cannabis? Marijuana concentrates are about 80% pure THC as compared to marijuana flower that is typically around 15% of THC concentration. Dabbing gives a very intense high for this reason, as you are inhaling cannabis concentrates that are about five times more potent than smoking a joint. Sometimes, it might take a few puffs or even the entire joint to feel high (based on the individual), whereas dabbing can instantly make you feel high with just one tiny ball of cannabis wax. The psychoactive chemical found in cannabis concentrates give the desired effect of being high almost instantly and cannot compare to smoking normal marijuana flower. 

Can dabs damage lungs?

Dabs can cause respiratory illness and can definitely damage lungs with extended use. The high level of heat used to extract THC concentrate from cannabis wax can be very dangerous to the lungs and cause a lot of respiratory issues down the line. While vaping is said to be less dangerous or harmful than smoking, vaping is not healthy by any means and still has a lot of toxins from the excessive heat used to extract cannabis concentrate. Many believe that dabs are safer than smoking cigarettes but just like smoking hookah, when you are vaping too much there can be a possibility of health issues associated with this activity. To be fair, just like any activity done in excessive amounts there will be risks and potentially extremely dangerous risks if done daily and for an extended period of time. 

What are long term effects of smoking dabs?

The side effects of smoking dabs can be a long and extensive list as compared to fairly new substances since there is enough information to make a safe call that vaping too much can lead to health issues and other long term effects that might hurt your body later on. Dabbing concentrates are an easy and travel-friendly way to get high and to get a very potent hit of marijuana extracts, so many resort to dabbing if already smoking daily. The upgrade from marijuana smoking to marijuana extracts and dabbing is a major step up in THC content so the delivery will be more potent as well. Here are a few long term effects of smoking dabs and how the effects of dabbing could potentially affect your body overall. 

Panic attacks

Panic attacks as a side effect of smoking dabs is a major side effect that can happen pretty often. The side effects of THC and smoking joints of marijuana can already increase the chances of a rapid heartbeat that can lead to a panic attack, so marijuana use through concentrated forms can become the dangers of dabbing if your tolerance is not high enough and you have consumed too much drug use. It is important to note that while smoking cannabis can assist with mental health issues, it can also cause a situation where mental health conditions become more present if you consume too much. The side effects of smoking dabs like the cause of panic attacks can decrease over time as your tolerance builds and heightens, however it is important to consult with many healthcare professionals aside from using marijuana as a way to treat psychiatric disorders in other ways aside from using cannabis to cope through these issues. 


While this might not happen often, it is important to mention any and all possibilities of what might occur when dabbing and the possible dangers of dabbing. There are many side effects of dabs like psychosis that can cause dabbing effects on the brain with increased use. Over time, there is a higher risk that dab enthusiasts might experience psychosis, especially if using hash oil or other cannabis concentrates that you do not know the extraction process and can have other poisonous solvents present. It is essential that you only use cannabis concentrates that you trust when smoking marijuana, like purchasing medical marijuana from a local dispensary that has passed mass legalization requirements and there is a known manufacturing process that can be traced back if other substances were to be discovered. 


Since there is a lot of THC found in cannabis concentrates, smoking weed through other methods like dabbing can cause hallucinations and a rapid heartbeat when there is more THC present thus increasing the potency of each hit. Concentrated marijuana will always hit harder than smoking weed through regular marijuana use and other methods like a joint or bong rip. The same effects can happen with overconsumption whenever smoking marijuana, but dabbing marijuana concentrates becomes a different story and hallucinations are an increased factor with high concentrations of THC present. 

Blacking out

Needless to say, consuming dabs and too much over time, users might experience blacking out, which can cause other types of chronic illnesses and codependency on marijuana concentrates. The cannabis plant can cause a very soothing and uplifting effect, but consuming too much and through such a potent form like hash oil can cause blackouts and an unhealthy addiction that can lead to substance abuse. Similar to consuming alcohol, when consuming too much and experiencing blackouts, that can be a sign of substance abuse so if this occurs it is best to consult with a doctor and ease off dabbing until it gets under control. Healthcare professionals understand the side effects of using marijuana and man made drugs through the process of extract THC, so they might be able to recommend better ways to manage your marijuana use. 

Side Effects of Smoking Dabs

What are the benefits of smoking dabs?

As much as there can be side effects of smoking, there are also some benefits of smoking marijuana through the extraction process. Using a highly concentrated form of the dab drug can cause the ultimate state of euphoria when using the correct amount. The marijuana plant is a beautiful gift to stoners around the world so the side effects can seem well worth the higher risk of effects produced because the benefits can really help an individual’s day to day life. 

Dabbing is quick and efficient

One of the biggest benefits of dabbing is that it is fast and efficient when it comes to comparing other ways to smoke marijuana. With the use of a blow torch or even electric dab rig, users can cut the preparation time in half so they can feel the effects produced by their dabs pretty instantaneously. When users smoke marijuana through forms of joints or even edibles, it can take some time to prepare all of the material and for the high to kick in. When using cannabis concentrates, it is a breeze to inhale and quickly smoke marijuana the pack it up and move on with your day. 

Dabbing is smokeless

While dabbing can create smoke, it is actually vapor that the user inhales from the marijuana plant. The extraction process and to smoke marijuana through the concentrated form of THC turns the marijuana contents into a vaporized cloud that is filtered for the ultimate smooth dab. Think of a bong rip through a heavily percolator bong but through a dab rig that has potent THC present and knowing vapor hits harder in its most concentrated form. The strength of a dab can be compared to a few heavy bong rips so each dab is as special as the next and is guaranteed to get you to a higher state of mind. Dabbing is also supposed to be better for your lungs since typical marijuana smoke can lead to lung damage, so the smokeless vapor aspect is a plus for the more health conscious stoner. 

Dabbing has tons of flavor

While dabbing conceals a lot of the marijuana smell as compared to the marijuana smoke of a joint or bong rip, dabbing offers a ton of flavor when it comes to describing the quality of a dab. Depending on the material an individual is dabbing with, many medical reviewers that use medical concentrated marijuana can say that dabbing offers a flavorful experience. Especially when using low heating temperatures, dabbing creates a better atmosphere for more control over heat temperatures so the individual user can adjust their smoke session as much as they need to. 

Side effects of dabs

Now that you know the pros and cons of the side effects of dabs, you can make a proper evaluation of how to handle yourself when using dab concentrates to smoke marijuana. There are many reasons to use or not to use dabs, but every cannabis user should know the resources and information necessary when considering moving to dabbing higher concentrations of marijuana. Dab enthusiasts enjoy 710 activities because of how quickly and efficiently dabbing acts and users experience a higher state of mind instantly. The side effects of dabs also are present when using other forms of cannabis, but dabs have an increased higher risk of these side effects because of how much more potent THC is in its concentrated form. 

Dabbing is not for beginners, needless to say that all side effects will occur that will not be a fun experience for someone just getting into the cannabis world. While new users should stick to pipes or small bongs, after building a higher tolerance to using cannabis then they can slowly introduce themselves to the idea of dabbing and consuming higher concentrations of marijuana. If you would like to consult with a medical physician before using marijuana concentrates to dab, feel free to do so or try the method of microdosing as well. Microdosing is when a user intakes small and controlled doses of marijuana throughout the day or night to help them supplement their high throughout the day. Someone can microdose as much or as little as they would like, but beginning users should start out very slowly so they can see exactly how much their tolerance can build over time. Like consuming any type of marijuana, withdrawal symptoms may occur so if you start to use cannabis and experience withdrawal symptoms, microdosing is a helpful way to slowly wean yourself on or off of cannabis to help with the symptoms of withdrawal. 

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