How To Grow Weed Outdoors

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Growing Weed Outdoors
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Take advantage of Mother Nature and all the natural elements have to offer to produce some Mary Jane goodness! Cultivating a weed harvest outdoors has many benefits being grown under the full spectrum of sunlight that can produce better quality cannabinoids and terpenes as compared to indoor setups and artificial lighting. Here’s a beginner’s guide on how to grow weed outdoors so you can set yourself up for success and smoke that organic stuff right from the garden. 

How to grow weed outdoors

While many think it is super straightforward with just planting a seed in some soil, there is a specific process that can help contribute to successful outdoor growth. For instance, the full spectrum of lighting that you get while growing outdoors is a plus but you’ll need to know the other natural elements like harmful insects that can ruin your harvest.

Best conditions for growing weed outdoors

There are certain times of the year that might be more ideal for starting your harvest, so make sure you research this timeline based off of your surrounding area and its climate conditions. Remember that temperatures above 85 degrees Fahrenheit can cause your plants to stop growing, while temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit can stunt your plants and can even cause death. 

If you are in an area with higher rain and winds than the average town, it is best to factor this in since natural conditions can affect the growth of your harvest too - no one wants a moldy crop! Pay attention to the following when planning your growth timeline:

  • Sunlight - Weed harvests need direct sunlight for at least six hours a day, preferably receiving light during midday since the quality of light is best then. If your yard gets a lot of shade during the afternoons, it is best to find a different spot that will receive direct sunlight as much as possible. Be mindful of the season you are choosing to grow in as the sunlight changes too!
  • Wind and rain - Some kind of wind and slight rain is always good for plants as they need to cool off in especially hotter months, just like us! However, if you live in the Pacific Northwest and think you can start growing your harvest in the middle of January, you need to think ahead and take advantage of the natural sunlight seasons instead.

  • Materials needed to grow weed outdoors

    Once you plan your growth timeline, you’ll want to gather materials and fully prepare for every stage to come. Here are the essentials every marijuana grower needs to grow weed outdoors.

    Seeds or clones 

    It is your choice whether you choose seeds or clones. Clones are the branches cut from the main marijuana plant and are still a great option for beginners to plant, however seeds tend to yield stronger crops and are more resistant to disease.


    After choosing the best place to grow your harvest, choose between three different types of soil: silt, sand, or clay. While there are different variations of these soils, many marijuana growers go with a mixture called loam which is a combination of the three types of soil in a way that holds plenty of moisture but drains well enough so that air can reach the roots properly. This combination is 40% silt, 40% sand, and 20% clay.

    Plant containers

    The containers you plant your seeds or clones into make a difference as it will serve as the foundation for your marijuana growth. While many experienced growers prefer to plant into the ground, beginner growers can always use pots as well to centralize the plant growth and keep it contained and manageable like moving it around to different spots when needed. Any plastic or fabric pot will do as it still provides excellent support and drainage without trapping soil in the way a clay pot would. Keep it airy and breezy but not flimsy!


    The primary nutrients to feed your marijuana plants for growth are: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Try to choose organic fertilizers specifically made for cannabis with these nutrients for best results!

    Step by step how to plant marijuana outdoors

    1. Germinate marijuana seeds. 

    2. Feel free to look up different methods to germinating a seed when you learn how to grow weed outdoors, but the simple wet paper towel and plate method to get yourself up and running. All you do is put the seed onto the paper towel and fold it over, it will take a few days to fully germinate and show some growth. 

    3. Plant seeds.

    4. Once the seat fully germinates after a few days, plant directly into the ground or into desired plant pot of choice. To do this, all you do is create a small dimple and place the seed inside and then cover the hole without patting it down and cutting off its oxygen. Spray some water on each spot you do this in and make sure you do this often to keep it moist. 

    5. Give your THC plants some TLC.

    6. Some tips to giving your plant some love and care is to not give it too much love, as in overwatering. Avoid doing this and instead give the plant some nutrients! While soil naturally provides the proper nutrients to the seeds, over time the nutrients start to deplete and this is where organic fertilizers come into play. 

    7. Time to harvest!

    8. Pistils are small, hair-like structures on the budding marijuana flowers and this is when you know it is harvest time! Check out how long it takes to grow weed to get a more in depth reading about this stage of growing marijuana. To yield your harvest, cut the main stem and remove the branches if you’ve grown more than that. Collect the branches and hang them up for the next stage and cut the leaves that are sticking up from the bud as close as possible.

    9. Dry and cure your buds

    The last step to grow weed outdoors is to dry and cure your buds! The branches need to be hung upside down to allow air circulation and needs time to dry - about one to two weeks. Ideal environments for this stage is a dark and low-humid environment, and it is also normal for cannabis to shrink up in size and lose its color during the drying and curing stage. 

    To cure weed, place in an air-tight and dry container, like a glass jar. This helps with longevity, and when you reach this step it is time to enjoy and bong appetite!

    Growing marijuana is definitely a timely task but most definitely worth it! Now that you know how to grow weed outdoors, make sure you set yourself up for further success with the Bud to Bud Subscription Box to really kick up your smoke sessions a notch! Enjoy all of your smoking essentials right at your door. 

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