G Pen Roam Vaporizer Review

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G Pen Roam Vape
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Almost a decade since its debut, the Grenco Science G Pen Roam Vape is still going strong as one of the best portable dab rigs on the market. The first portable vaporizer with a self-contained water filtration system, the G Pen Roam is in a league of its own. Here’s a breakdown and full G Pen Roam Vaporizer review and whether it is worth the splurge! Hint: it is, but keep reading anyway for important details before adding to cart. 

What is the G Pen Roam? 

This G Pen Roam Vaporizer review wants to highlight the functionality of this fully portable electronic dab rig that is actually in the form of a vape setup. The build of the G Pen Roam features a spill-proof filtration system. The first of its kind, this setup is a self-contained borosilicate glass hydrotube with a fully quartz tank along with a battery that heats up concentrates within seconds. The best part about the G Pen Roam is that this high-end portable vape delivers perfect hits every single time. 

What does the G Pen Roam come with?

Made of a durable aluminum alloy shell, here’s what else you’ll find in the box:

  • G Pen Roam vaporizer device
  • Removable silicone mouthpiece
  • Rechargeable 1300mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Dab tool for handling concentrates
  • Hemp travel case
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty with Grenco Science

Not only do you get the portable vape device but a removable silicone mouthpiece, charging cable and travel case make it extremely easy to pack up and take with you on the go! 

How to use the G Pen Roam Vaporizer

Let it be clear in this G Pen Roam Vaporizer review that only concentrates work with this bad boy, and there’s a few things you should know when trying to operate a G Pen Roam vape. This electronic dab rig is pretty straight forward while ready and able to make your dabbing life easier the second you start using it!

Charging the G Pen Roam

Each portable vape set comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a micro USB charging cable for easy convenience to juice up and quickly. Access the battery level on the LED screen that displays that and temperature levels, along with giving a thumbs up when you’ve reached your preferred setting and ready to dab. 

When first taking the G Pen Roam out of the box, it will take roughly 45 minutes to one hour for a full charge, and will last you about 20 sessions per charge. The great thing about the G Pen Roam is the 30 seconds heat duration setting that will cool the device down to preserve battery life as well as vaping material. 

G Pen Roam temperature settings

The easy-to-use buttons found above the LED display are for adjusting temperatures and will operate in 25 degree intervals. Temperature levels range from 600 - 800 degrees Fahrenheit and also has settings in place to avoid overheating. 

Water tube and quartz concentrate tank

Upon opening up the G Pen Roam device, there is a water tank and mouthpiece. Easily remove the water tank and fill with water to the black line, and once placed back into the device it will connect to the battery.  The quartz concentrate tank sits on top of the device and this is where you drop your concentrates in with a helpful dab tool found in the Roam kit!

Heat up G Pen Roam

To turn the G Pen Roam on and off, press the power button (located on the battery) five times.

For automatic heat activation, press the power buttons twice and wait a few seconds for your portable vape to heat to its optimal temperature. When the ideal heat setting has been reached, the device will vibrate as an alert that it is ready for dabs! The G Pen Roam will stay at the temperature for 30 seconds then vibrate again as it deactivates. If you would like to take back to back hits, just press the power button two more times and extend the session for another 10 seconds. 

To manually heat activate the G Pen Roam, hold the power button down until the device powers on. Once it heats up to the temperature selected, a vibration will show that the device is ready to be used. Either way, the G Pen Roam heats up fast and is excellent for quick dab hits on the go and in a pinch. 

Is the G Pen Roam worth it?

Being that the G Pen Roam has been around for a minute and still one of the most popular portable dab rigs, there’s no mistaking that this device is worth it for those that want to invest in their dabbing experience. The G Pen Roam delivers quality hits every single time and has everything you need to properly hit a dab wherever and whenever. With a one-year manufacturer warranty that can be registered directly with Grenco Science, G Pen Roam users are well taken care of and a heavenly portable vape to have on hand. If you are needing something else for your dabbing needs, make sure to check out other cool portable vapes online that are more your style. 

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