Best Bubblers 2021

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best bubblers
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If you are a fan of convenience, portability, and of course weed - bubblers are probably one of your favorite ways of getting high. Popular for its compact size, bubblers are close in size to weed pipes while offering water pipe functionality similar to a bong - talk about the best of both worlds! If there is one thing you should do in the New Year, it is a must to upgrade your 420 smoking accessories so you feel fresh and weed-eyed with a new perspective on life. How can you have a new year, new me mentality if you don’t have a new bubbler to match the vibes? Here’s a list of the best bubblers 2021 has to offer. 

Amazing Bubblers 2021

Cali Crush Glass Bubbler

cali crush bubbler

Not an ordinary looking bubbler, the Cali Crush Glass Bubbler is part of the luxury line of products Cali Crush has to offer. At only six inches long, this cool glass bubbler fits right into your bag and all you need to do is add some water and weed! This might look like an odd-shaped piece but it can stand on its own which speaks to its convenience. There is a side carb on the left and a tapered mouthpiece to get you some nice and clean hits. Available in multiple colors, this weed bubbler definitely gives mystical vibes and you’ll be feeling pretty majestic after only a few hits. 

Pistol Bubbler

If you are looking to spice up your smoking accessory collection, the Pistol Bubbler is definitely the piece to get people talking. At 7.5 inches long, consider this the ganja glock that will have you emptying the clip to get you lit - full of weed of course. This bubbler for sale is sleek and transparent so you can watch the smoke fill up the pistol chamber and really get a show. 

Sherlock Bubbler

sherlock bubbler

The Sherlock Bubbler is what stoner dreams are made of! At only six inches tall, there’s a lot going on in this amazingly cheap bubbler than what meets the eye. With a swiss cheese percolator and built in splash guard, this bubbler can also stand on its own so it is like a mini version of your favorite bong but way easier to travel with! Compared to typical sherlock bubblers, this one is more vertical than horizontal in design making it easier to handle than classic bubbler pieces. Available in two colors, choose your mood and add this glass bubbler to your collection it will definitely fit right in!

Silicone Bubbler

silicone bubbler

Do you get nervous when transporting glass? The Silicone Bubbler might be more your speed. At only five inches tall, silicone is nearly indestructible so you don’t have to worry about the clumsy moments that come once you’re a few bowls deep. You can take this silicone bubbler with you just about anywhere and never stress about it coming back in one piece! A uniquely shaped bubbler at that, this piece is available in two bright and fun colors so you can whip this out when you’re feeling like the cool kid on the block. With an angled mouthpiece, this bubbler makes it easy for you to toke your little heart out. 

Pink Captain’s Glass Mini Bubbler

If you like to be the leader and want an elite smoking piece, the Pink Captain’s Glass Mini Bubbler will deliver just that. At 5.5 inches tall, this is a uniquely designed glass bubbler that is definitely a conversation starter. With a clear chamber and tapered mouthpiece, this mini bubbler makes it incredibly easy to take quick hits and still be sitting looking pretty. If you consider yourself to be the captain of cannabis, this mini glass bubbler is your perfect match! If you prefer a more mysterious version, try the Captain’s Glass Mini Bubbler for a piece that looks like it could have been found out at sea. 

Large Twist Bubbler

large twist bubbler

The Large Twist Bubbler is a crazy fun twist on what you’d consider the perfect hybrid of a water bong and a pipe! Looking like an old fashioned tobacco pipe but with more spunk, this six-inch cheap bubbler can stand on its own like it’s bong half-brother to really hold its own no matter how petite it might be. Made of borosilicate glass, this piece can be fragile but is worth it for all the fun it brings. Get more than twisted on this bubbler for sale and you are guaranteed to have a good night!

Grab a Sick Bubbler!

The best bubblers 2021 are all about convenience and functionality, not to mention for a good deal! Bubblers are an excellent cost efficient option for those on a budget since it will get the job done and more for under $50. Whether you have owned a bubbler or not, now is the time to grab yourself (and your bestie if you’re feeling generous) some new pieces and thrive into this year looking high and well. Where is the next place you’re bringing your bubbler to smoke? 

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