How To Clean Your Grinder

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You know what time it is when you are attempting to grind some weed but find yourself stuck and working way too hard to twist that thing around. If your grinder has obvious build up and it is difficult to grind some kush, you’ll need to clean your grinder so it can work properly again. Here is all you need to know on how to clean your grinder so you can get it up and running like it is brand spanking new!

Types of grinders

While most of us remember to clean our bongs, pipes, and bowls, it is quite easy to forget to clean your grinder. But it is just as important to keep your grinder clear of build up so make sure you have the right supplies to easily get the job done. Depending on what kind of grinder you have and the material it is made out of, you might need more specific supplies and we got you covered!

How to clean a metal grinder

If you have a metal grinder, which most of us do, this part is for you. Cleaning a metal grinder requires just a step or two more than the typical process you’d imagine of cleaning a grinder. The supplies you’ll need to clean a metal grinder are:

  • Grinder cleaner (metal-friendly) or isopropyl alcohol
  • Plastic bag that zips up and one that your grinder fits into
  • Cleaning tools like a toothbrush or small cleaning wand
  • Freezer
  • Water

First, you’ll want to freeze your grinder with each part separated from one another. This makes the process of removing the leftover crystals much easier and less of a mess. You’ll want to save this for future use as it contains a ton of the good stuff you don’t want to throw out!

After leaving your grinder parts in the freezer for a few hours, remove and dust off with a toothbrush or other cleaning brush - make sure to transfer to something you can hold this resin in.

Now you can begin the actual cleaning phase, where you put the grinder parts into a bag and either use your grinder cleaner or isopropyl alcohol. You’ll want to make sure the grinder parts are submerged or you are at least following the directions of the grinder cleaner you are using. Feel free to leave overnight for an extended deep clean, then run under hot water when you are ready to rinse. Once washed off, revealed before your eyes is a grinder that looks and feels like new!

How to clean a plastic grinder

Plastic grinders are pretty easy and straightforward to clean, however you should invest in another type of grinder material as plastic grinders are not ideal for long term use. They are fairly easy to break and wear down much quicker than other types of grinders so while this is a great type of grinder to have with you on the go, make sure you have backups if you want to keep your kush freshly grinded with sharpness and precision. 

Similarly to cleaning a metal grinder, you’ll need a toothbrush or cleaning tool that can get in all the nooks and crannies of your plastic weed grinder. You don’t need to put it into the freezer since it is made of plastic and might not hold as well as metal would, but you can pretty easily wipe away weed debris without much resistance. Toothpicks are also great to use with plastic grinders and can easily help you get the job done.

Use a plastic bag that zips up and pour your preferred brand of grinder cleaner into the bag. Submerge all divided parts, let it sit for a bit and rinse off with water! The best thing about cleaning a plastic grinder is that it doesn’t take very long to remove the build up between shredding teeth so you can quickly pick and swipe away to get your plastic grinder back up and running.

How to clean an electric grinder

You must be very mindful when cleaning an electric grinder to unplug the device. Make sure this step is done so that you don’t run into any technical issues or mishaps. Next, you’ll want your cleaning tools along with some rice - yes, you read that correctly and you’ll see why. 

Use your cleaning brush to lift up some of the build up and wipe away clean. Next, you’ll plug in the device and insert a few pieces of rice to shred and which will form into a flour type of material. This will help bind the remaining kush remains and makes it super easy to dump and dispose of.

Best grinder cleaners to buy

Now that you know how to properly clean a grinder, make sure you get a compatible grinder cleaner and feel free to snatch one of our cool weed grinders while you’re at it. Cleaning your grinder is just as essential as cleaning your other supplies so don’t skip out on this step no matter how high you are! Pro tip: clean prior to smoking so that you can enjoy freshly grinded weed as a reward.

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