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Cute Carb Caps For Sale

October 19, 2021 4 min read

best carb caps

Every dabbing enthusiast knows how important it is to have a fully stocked dab setup. Have you ever had a dab sesh with some friends and you’re missing essential accessories that could change your life as a dabber? Suffer no more because we got you covered on one of the most essential dab accessories to exist - carb caps! Here are some cute carb caps for sale that are absolute must-haves and budget friendly.

Does a banger need a carb cap?

Carb caps are specifically used to modify airflow to your nail or banger while simultaneously increasing flavor and dabbing efficiency. Using carb caps allow users to dab at lower temperatures which helps to retain heat for longer periods of time and stretches the quality of concentrates. If you prefer high-temperature dabs then carb caps might not be necessary for you, however carb caps increase longevity and allow more dabs out of your material when lit at the proper temperature. 

Are carb caps universal?

It is worth noting that there are different carb caps for different nails, but it is not difficult to figure out which dab carb cap is compatible with your device. There are enails or electronic nails, flat top bangers and more plus the material it is made with like quartz or ceramic - the options are endless!

Carb caps for $4.20

If you don’t want to break the bank you’re in luck because normally, carb caps are not expensive at all. In fact, you can get quite a few carb caps for a nice $4.20 steal! Here are carb caps that are less than $5 and more than worth adding to your dab collection. Because what do you have to lose?

Disoriented Pikachu Carb Cap

Disoriented Pikachu Carb Cap

While the photo might have you a little worried, the Disoriented Pikachu Carb Cap is cuter in person so you’ll just have to confirm that yourself. This is a directional airflow carb cap that provides angled airflow and is compatible with dab rig bangers. With increased airflow restriction, this Pokemon-inspired carb cap for banger comes in different colors and is cheap enough to grab and dab them all!

Fox Carb Cap

Fox Carb Cap

What does the fox say? This Fox Carb Cap says “dab-dab-dab-da-dab-dadab-dab” when of course, you’re taking dabs from this cutie. This directional airflow carb cap for banger provides angled airflow and is compatible with all dab rig bangers to increase airflow restriction. Available in orange, blue and red, choose your favorite foxy vibe and watch this fox flow and be one with your dabs!

Carb caps under $10

If you have a little more wiggle room with your budget, check out a few of these cute carb caps for sale and under $10! 

Pineapple Carb Cap

Pineapple Carb Cap

Looking for some tropical relief? The Pineapple Carb Cap will have you feeling like a high-apple with your head in the clouds after just a few pulls. Choose from yellow, green or orange and all are compatible dab rig bangers for increased airflow restriction. If you’re ever stuck in some cold weather and need a pick me up, these dab carb caps will be the go to in warming up and provide a bit of peace and paradise. 

Minion Carb Cap 

Minion Carb Cap

Minion Carb Cap is everything you never knew you needed to perfect your dab setup. Great for providing airflow into any glass banger, hold onto the minions head and wiggle back and forth to control the amount of airflow traveling through your dabs. The disc shaped base is designed perfectly to handle the heat so all you have to do is collect some clean dabs to your desired temperature. 

Heady carb caps for sale

If you are into heady accessories you’ll definitely need to read on and make sure you are in the know about the latest heady carb caps. Probably the least expensive heady accessory of all heady accessories, dab carb caps are the perfect way to expand your heady collection without breaking the bank too much.

Rocketship Carb Cap

Rocketship Carb Cap

The  Rocketship Carb Cap is the next heady accessory you need to treat yoself to. At four inches tall and made from heat-resistant glass, this piece is made of thick opaque glass and the perfect addition to any heady glass collection. Designed to be a unique rocketship ready for blast off, this heady carb cap costs a lot more than typical carb caps but well worth adding to any heady collection for the long haul. 

Are carb caps worth it?

Experienced dabbers will say that carb caps are essential because of the quality it provides when used with concentrates. Dab carb caps help control airflow and retain heat for customized dabs at your leisure. These cute carb caps for sale are one of the most budget-friendly stoner accessories available and takes your dab sessions to the next level without much effort. For more dab accessories, check out dab rigs for sale to pair your cute carb caps with some new hardware. Even though we don’t know you, we know you deserve it!

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