Security Window Glass Mini Carb Bong - 5"

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Material: Glass
Height: 5"
Style: Finger Carb

The Security Window Glass Mini Bong is a shorter, carbed bong - just under 5" - with a design pattern that resembles a skewed take on a security window. 

Note: like many glass pieces, colors will vary in hue slightly.

The Good

Feeling secure is one of the fundamental parts to a comfortable existence and one of the core developmental components for healthy attachment. Security windows are typically found in work environments to protect staff from the dangers on the other side. Of course, there’s times when we find ourselves on the other side of the glass, like after times when we’re relieving ourselves in public and a police officer happens to be walking by and blows the whole situation out of proportion. Fortunately, it’s just a misdemeanor and makes for a great story.

The Bad

The judge won’t release you on your own recognizance, so you need to ask friends to come up with bail money.

The Ugly

The horrific anxiety you feel while waiting for someone to post bond.