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Yin and Yang Bong - 9in

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Life is a balancing act, but this Yin and Yang Bong will help you bring peace to your life in more ways than one. This small bong is lightweight and extremely portable with a built-in downstem, so you can easily stick it in your backpack and bring it along to your favorite meditation spot.

☯️ FAR EAST INSPIRED - Design Inspired by Eastern Art and Philosophy

☯️ BEAUTIFUL BONG - Frosted Glass with Transparent Floral Print

☯️ FEWER LOOSE PARTS - Built-in Downstem

☯️ HIGH QUALITY - Heat-Stable Borosilicate Glass

☯️ EASY TO HOLD - Cylinder Bong Shape

☯️ ASH CATCHER - Cleaner Rips

☯️ SMALL BONG - 9” height

☯️ LIGHTWEIGHT - 10.5oz

☯️ Female joint with bowl included

The Yin and Yang Bong may be small, but its cylinder body shape creates plenty of room for your bong to bubble, creating perfectly balanced rips. So whether you’re the spiritual type or just want to channel your inner hippie, this bong is sure to add some Yin to your Yang. It also makes a great gift for the Libras in your life, who are known for their sense of balance and harmony.

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