Hawaiian Runtz Strain Review

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Hawaiian Runtz weed strain
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There always comes a time in a stoner cycle where you might get bored with the strains you’ve been picking up and with so many options at your local dispensary why should you limit yourself? It is more than okay to have your go-to strains like Sour Diesel for a daytime strain or Zaza weed for a good nighttime strain to unwind. Read on to discover a strain that is the best of both worlds, with a unique high that will transport you directly to paradise. Our Hawaiian Runtz strain review covers why this strain needs to be in rotation next time you stop by your local weed shop.

Which strain of runtz is the best?

The Hawaiian Runtz strain is a mix of 60% Hawaiian sativa strain and 40% Pink Runtz strain for the perfect tropical mix. Hawaiian Runtz gains the best traits of both parents in flavor profile and appearance, with full flavors of fruit and sour candy for a delightful combination. Both parent weed strains are hybrids and provide a well balanced head and body high. 

Hawaiian Runtz is breathtaking in person and boasts beautiful dark green nugs with dark purple undertones, amber hairs and covered in purple-tinted white trichomes. If you can truly imagine getting your hands on this strain you’ll know how hard it hits just based on appearance. Its dark and magical appearance combined with a light fruity flavor profile is what makes this strain so unique and stands out from the other runtz strains within its family.

Hawaiian Runtz weed effects

If there was such a thing as a perfect hybrid mix of THC, Hawaiian Runtz would probably be in the top three considering how far back its hybrid parents and grandparents go. This weed strain is popular for its fast acting effects and how quickly users become high from just a few tokes.

Uplifting and euphoric

An extremely well balanced hybrid strain, Hawaiian Runtz strain is an uplifting strain that inspires creativity and a nice burst of energy. This can be a great wake and bake strain as it is versatile enough to take a hit or two and get yourself going in the day. The tropical taste of fruit flavors combined with an instant mood enhancing effect makes this a top shelf strain, especially how fast it acts once you start smoking it. You’ll feel like you can take on the world and that’s a pretty bold statement considering what we’ve all lived through in 2020.

Heals chronic pain

Hawaiian Runtz strain review is best for those with chronic pain because this strain will have you feeling good from head to toe. Ranging up to 23% in THC content, if you smoke enough you will definitely become sedated and experience couch lock. However, a few puffs will still have the pain melting away and those uplifting feelings start coming to the forefront. 

Anxiety and stress

Another reason to smoke some Hawaiian Runtz is to ease the anxiety and stress levels throughout your busy adult life. Every stoner enjoys a good pick me up in the form of a joint and Hawaiian Runtz is top tier when it comes to making someone feel good and relaxed. Anxiety and stress can often have you in your head a lot more than you should be and this is a nice strain to use throughout the day or at night whenever those feelings start to settle in.

Migraines and fatigue

Those who experience headaches and migraines will benefit from smoking Hawaiian Runtz with its nice head high effects without that pounding feeling some indica strains cause. People who have migraines know they’d do just about anything when an episode strikes and Hawaiian Runtz is here to save the day!

Anyone who experiences fatigue or gets exhausted quickly might want to wake and bake to this weed strain. While those types of symptoms should be evaluated by a medical professional and probably contribute to diet and sleep schedule, Hawaiian Runtz can help that second wind kick in when you don’t have it in you naturally to get up and go. 

Inspires creativity

What makes Hawaiian Runtz strain review so special is its ability to inspire creativity and motivate a different level of thinking. There are some strains that aren’t able to do this and that’s okay because each strain has a purpose and is used at appropriate times. Hawaiian Runtz is a strain that inspires an artistic view and encourages artistic expression with sudden bursts of energy. Hawaiian Runtz is not only a cool strain for its tropical roots and dark mysterious appearance, but the way it makes users feel is hard to match and really converts first timers to regular users for this very reason.

Hawaiian Runtz strain

There’s no doubt that Hawaiian Runtz strain is top shelf due to its high quality and countless positive effects. A few tokes of this strain and you’ll be thinking of palm trees and the beach, even if you are locked inland somewhere with no such setup in sight. Head to your nearest dispensary and ask for this strain the next time you plan to smoke with friends to really get the party started. Need more accessories? Check out these bongs for sale to upgrade your collection with the latest.

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