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If you are new to the cannabis community and beginning to show interest in smoking marijuana - welcome! We know it can be daunting to try something without much experience, but have no fear because we are the experts here and happy to guide you. Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know as a first-time pot smoker!

Before we begin the most important thing to remember is the basics: stay hydrated and do not smoke on an empty stomach! This is crucial and will make or break any smoke session you partake in. Just like a night of drinking, make sure you have some food in your stomach and some water on hand to avoid getting cottonmouth. 

The Basics

As a first-time smoker, you never know how it will hit you. If you’ve done research on what to expect, you’ll find that every person experiences a marijuana high differently. Depending on the strain you smoke, the state of mind you are in, and of course, whether you are hydrated and fed are all factors contributing to how the ganja will hit. The best you can do for yourself is stick to the basics and make sure you are in a peaceful state before lighting up!

Do not smoke alone

I think it’s safe to say that ideally, your first time should be with people you are comfortable with. Some smokers don’t feel high at all after their first time smoking and others go on a trip to the moon and back. If you are relaxed and around your close circle of friends, it is easier to fully enjoy your first time regardless of how it hits you. 

Should you smoke a joint, rip a bong or eat an edible?

There are obviously many different levels of getting high and the options are endless! But again, let’s keep things simple and to the basics. The last thing you want to do is eat an edible as your way of trying to get high for the first time. Edibles are not for newbies because you truly never know how each one will hit you. Although that’s the very reason why people love edibles, this is a veteran’s choice and you can start off slow with a gummy or two later on.

Bong rips are bound to get you really baked, but it might not be the best option for a newbie to try since it takes some practice to learn how to smoke out of a bong. As a first-time cannabis smoker, it might also be intimidating to try a bong rip. You are probably wondering how much of your mouth to put over the opening, when to suck the smoke and how not to cough all at the same time. We are major fans of bong rips but save this for your second or third experience - baby steps!

Alas, smoking a joint with a few friends is the best way to get high when smoking for the first time. It’s as simple as breathing, just inhale and exhale slowly, taking in as much or as little as you please! Smoking a joint is a much better option for first-time smokers because it is easier to control the amount you take in. Plus, it is a very inclusive activity so it is a great pastime to do with your people - just remember with COVID-19 precautions in full effect to practice proper social distancing until then. Also, make sure you pace yourself - don’t be fooled if you don’t feel the effects immediately, you’ll feel it soon enough.

What strain to smoke for the first time?

If you live in a state where marijuana is legalized and have access to a dispensary, we definitely recommend asking your local budtender for any suggestions for a first-time smoker. Depending on what each dispensary has, budtenders are great at explaining the type of high you should expect from any type of strain. Check out this guide that will help you know what cannabis strains are best for you

Set the scene

By now you’re starting to imagine your first smoke sesh and it’s time to set the scene. We’re talking music, munchies and any other miscellaneous thing you feel will elevate you to the next level high. If you’re having trouble finding a good playlist, here are the best Spotify playlists for when you’re high. Music brings all the good vibes so you’ll feel relaxed and ready. As for the munchies situation, grab all of your favorite snacks ahead of time - even if you’re not hungry beforehand, you will most likely be starving after your first time smoking. You’ll be thanking yourself when all you can think about is a bag of Hot Cheetos post smoke sesh and voila, there it is!

Your first time smoking is an experience you’ll always remember and it’s helpful to prepare yourself beforehand. If you are nervous, don’t be! Educate yourself ahead of time with our previous articles and see what you think will work best for you. Veteran stoners, what other tips would be good for first-time smokers that we haven’t mentioned? Share with us!

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