Best Spotify Playlists For When You're High

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Most people listen to music daily, but when you’re high, music can be a relaxing, therapeutic, and even inspiring experience, particularly for those in a creative rut. Head to any music festival or concert and you’ll likely catch a whiff of that sweet Mary Jane because music just sounds so much better in a marijuana enhanced state. We all have drastically different music preferences, but there is one thing that we can all agree on: weed and music are the greatest power couple of all time (sorry Bey and Jay-Z). If you’ve been dying for some new music recommendations, pack that bowl and hit play on one of these essential Spotify playlists that are perfect for lighting up to.

Deep House

Take your love for electronic music to an entirely new level with a little herb and the Deep House Hits playlist by Dutch independent record label Armada Music. Electronic music only rather recently became mainstream in the U.S., but has been a mature genre in Europe for decades, making it one of the best places to discover new DJs. Of course we can’t talk about deep house without mentioning one of the hottest party islands on the planet and home to legendary nightclubs Amnesia and Pacha. Yes, we’re talking about the White Isle, Ibiza! Shuffle through the Deep House Ibiza Sunset Mix 2020 for fun tropical tunes that work in both a party and chill atmosphere.

Bonus: Deep House 2020

Hawaiian Reggae

Do you love reggae music but are sick of listening to the same artists and songs over and over again? Move your search from the Carribean to the Pacific because Hawaii has their own subgenre of reggae called jawaiian music that will have you dreaming of smoking some Maui Wowie or better yet, Puna Budder on a black sand beach. Jawaiian incorporates an addicting reggae beat with Hawaiian words and other elements of the local culture, combining the best of both worlds. The hottest island artists like Anuhea, The Green, J Boog, and Common Kings can be found on the Hawaiian Jams and Hawaiian Reggae Best Hits playlists.

Bonus: Jawaiian Songs Hawaii Playlist

Chill, Yoga, and Meditation

Whether you’re trying to bring balance to your chakras, or simply smoking to unwind after a long day, the Flow State: Yoga & Meditation mix will help you do just that. Curated by trance icons Above & Beyond, this playlist is heavy on the electronic beats and light on the vocals (every song is an instrumental) for the ultimate chill vibes. For a more upbeat, yet still calming playlist, try the Yoga Girl Playlist of the Month which is hand picked by popular yoga teacher Rachel Brathen. She updates her playlist monthly so you’ll always have an endless list of tunes to help you finally hit that firefly pose–or let’s be honest, chill on the couch with some Cheetos and a fat blunt.

Bonus: Lush Lofi

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The uplifting beats and often thought provoking lyrics of American folk music were born out of the 1960s counterculture that has since become synonymous with cannabis use and activism. Just like the surge in popularity of marijuana, folk music from that era continues to be an inspiration for contemporary singer-songwriters. If folk classics that never get old are just what you’ve been looking for, listen to the 60’s Soft and Folk Rock playlist featuring legendary artists like America, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, and Simon & Garfunkel. For a more modern take on the genre, check out the What the Folk! Playlist which has the latest mellow tunes by George Ezra, Hozier, Vance Joy, and more.

Bonus: Essential Folk

Hip Hop

I’m sure the Hip Hop Yoga mix would be perfect for a yoga flow sweat sesh, but it’s also just an all around great playlist of chill hip hop and R&B that works in any situation. Think Khalid, Post Malone, and Drake with a little Cardi B, Lizzo, and Travis Scott thrown into the mix. Remember those high school afternoons hiding out in your car smoking weed while listening to Nelly and T-Pain? Bring back those vibes with the 2000’s Hip Hop mix when you’re sick of mumble rap and are feeling a little nostalgic.

Bonus: Hip Hop BBQ

Made For You Playlist

You know what type of music you like to listen to and that’s probably not going to change once you’re blazed. If you’re all out of ideas or just too high to search for a new playlist, you can always head straight to the Spotify Made for You Playlists. These personalized mixes are based on the artists and genres that you’re already listening to and are updated frequently. The Daily Mixes are roughly grouped by genre, while the Discover Weekly playlist are full of recommended songs that you might like but haven’t yet listened to.

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