Best Rick and Morty Smoking Accessories

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Best Rick and Morty Smoking Accessories
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Being a true fan of Rick and Morty goes beyond just getting one or two smoking accessories and calling it a day. With so much Rick and Morty memorabilia from shirts to pillow cases, the smoking accessories will blow your mind and inspire you to get each and every RnM product you can get your hands on. Luckily for you, we have more lists than you can imagine with everything RnM. Like what are the best Rick and Morty episodes stoned? We got you. Here are currently the best Rick and Morty smoking accessories that are must-haves and right in time for Rick and Morty season 5 premiere!

Cartoon Duo Bong - Mad Scientist

cartoon duo bong

Make a statement with the Cartoon Duo Bong, a 13-inch beaker bong that comes in three different options like the Mad Scientist right here that just gives off crazy vibes you need to get high to. This Rick-inspired beaker bong setup includes a downstem percolator to promote quick filtration and a wide mouthpiece to inhale big hits in one go. The Mad Scientist bong is interesting in its own nature and we guarantee you’ll be having some trippy thoughts smoking out of it - I mean, how can you not? The teeth alone are intriguing and let’s not get started on the green patch under his lips or the crazy eyes he has going on. This is a great RnM smoking accessory to binge watch the past four seasons and freshen up on things to make room for the latest season.

Cartoon Duo Bong - Neurotic Grandson

cartoon duo bong

The other option as part of the Cartoon Duo Bong, or feel free to get the Duo Bundle if you can’t decide and need to get both! If Morty is more your speed, you’ll want to get the Neurotic Grandson bong that is a little less out there but still gives off true RnM energy. Sans the crazy teeth but still giving major crazy eyes, Morty looks baked AF already so it is an encouraging way to live your best life and get high too! Let’s be honest, with any Rick and Morty accessory it is almost always a sign to get high as a kite and blast off into another galaxy in your mind. Having a Rick and Morty bong is just a daily reminder!

Rick Dab Set

Rick Dab Set

An essential 3-in-1 dab setup, the Rick Dab Set is a four-inch dream for the dabbers that want to have a travel-sized buddy with them! Including a dab tool, carb cap and holder, each too is a 710 essential that every dab lover needs in their life. This entire setup acts as a dab station to keep your space organized and clutter free. With it being so small, you can’t help but slip this into your dab bag and bring along with you for the ride. Who wouldn’t want to dab with Rick himself? The beautifully crafted carb cap alone can give the scientist a run for his money with you looking like you’ve got an upgraded dab lab setup of your own! Dabbers everywhere, whether a Rick and Morty fan or not, should highly consider this budget-friendly gadget. 

V Syndicate High Def Wooden Rolling Tray With Side Storage

V Syndicate High Def Wooden Rolling Tray

Upgrade your Rick and Morty collection to the fullest with the V Syndicate High Def Wooden Rolling Tray With Side Storage, an 11.5-inch rolling tray that is like the weed cuterie board of your dreams! Do your business and grind your weed to roll your joints and all the while keep things tidy in the storage side. There’s enough room for everything in your schedule, you can even make extra room for snacks! This is the ultimate rolling station and Rick and Morty truly set the tone for an epic smoke sesh. 

Ooze Glyco Chilling Glass Water Pipe

Ooze Glyco Chilled Glass Water Pipe

Although this is not an official Rick and Morty smoking accessory, this deserves to be mentioned for the major evil scientist vibes it gives off from the jump. The Ooze Glyco Chilled Glass Water Pipe is a 7-inch glycerin coil bong that comes in a neon green color, it looks like you are conjuring up a scientific formula! With a glycerin filled pipe, just put in the freezer for icy cold bong rips that are truly unmatched. With a beaker base style you won’t have to worry about how lit you get, just freeze, smoke, and enjoy!

Rick and Morty stoner gear

While preparing for the newest season we are in an exciting time to step our game up and truly rep Rick and Morty loud and proud. If you can’t wait for the June 20th season to premiere we are right there with you, but in the meantime make sure to buy Rick and Morty smoking accessoriesr so you can stay ready. Good luck ramping up your RnM setup and Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!



What every smoker should have?

If you're a fan of rick n morty, you've come to the right place! We believe every smoker out there needs a special type of bong to show off, if you're a fan of rick n morty, you've got to check out some of our stand out bongs from the hit tv show!

Why do I need smoking accessories?

If you're looking into accessories, you might be asking yourself if it's necessary. Depending on the way you smoke, sometimes it's fun to add accessories to show off style or improve your smoking experience. If you're into the show rick n morty, you should check out our cool rick n morty bongs!

Is smoking bongs better than vape for you?

If you're a health conscious smoker, you might be looking into different types of smoking. Consider bongs, which will use dry herb, that can sometimes be found grown organically and locally sourced, however you will be inhaling smoke. Vaping on the other had uses vapors instead of smoke.

What smoking accessories do I need daily?

Depending on the way you smoke, you're going to need accessories. If you smoke out of a bong, you'll need a downstem and a bowl. If you roll joints, you will need papers and a rolling tray to keep everything tidy. Don't forget to pick up a cool lighter from our huge collection of accessories!

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