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Females have come a long way in terms of women’s rights, equality in the workplace, and rising above sexist double standards. In honor of Women’s History Month, you know we have to go big and highlight some of the household celebrity stoners that are a mood 24/7 and ultra fans of Mary Jane. Here are the top 10 female celebrity stoners every cannabis cutie can relate to, you may not be rich and famous but the one thing you have in common is love for the ganja!



Obviously RiRi makes the female celebrity stoners list as #1 because she is absolutely iconic in everything she does and the way she does it all with a blunt in hand. Her carefree and eff you attitude has inspired many to soar higher and elevate one’s life on all levels. Rihanna makes it look so easy to be a multi-faceted ganja goddess and with a good strain on deck you too can live your best life unapologetically. The Caribbean cannabis queen not only flaunts her love for weed in daily life but her success speaks for itself and is the ultimate flex. If anyone deserves every blunt to the face it is Ms. Fenty herself!

Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus

Another badass that has openly smoked weed for years while in the spotlight is Miley Cyrus. Previously a child star it was a tough transition for her with the media portraying her as a rebellious teen when in reality she was doing what we’ve all done - spark a joint! Even though Miley has been sober for quite some time now, she is still an advocate for smoking weed and doing whatever the eff you want - and that’s on female empowerment!

Maya Angelou

maya angelou

Who knew this queen was a huge advocate of cannabis? Maya Angelou explains how she would enjoy joints in moderation and how it helped her to deal with past childhood trauma. Ms. Angelou was an incredible woman who spoke six languages and was the first Black woman to conduct a cable car in San Francisco. Her beautiful way with words are indescribable and she was in a league of her own. RIP to this majestic spirit of a woman who we could only imagine what it would be like to smoke with - oh the conversations to be had!

Martha Stewart

martha stewart

Post prison sentence Martha Stewart has really blossomed into a cooking cannabis connoisseur especially with her hype man being Snoop Dogg! Although it is unsure whether Martha is actually a female celebrity stoner and smokes weed, we definitely know she is getting direct secondhand high but being around Snoop. Being the savvy businesswoman she is, Martha partnered with a Canadian cannabis company to develop pet-friendly CBD products. Martha Stewart has always been a force to be reckoned with and she just continues to reach new levels and expand her resume. 



Solange has not been quiet about her fondness for Mary Jane. Beyond being Beyonce’s sister, this music mogul has gathered some inspiration from herbal meditation. Having encouraged audience members to light up when she performs, she even had a tribute to marijuana in Champagne Chronik Nightcap. As she says, “don’t you want to elevate babe?” Why yes, we do!

Anna Faris

anna faris

Casually winning High Times magazine’s Stonette of the Year award in 2007, Anna Faris has been the stoner girl ever since. Whether she is playing a stoned character or actually getting high on her off time, Anna Faris has been a cannabis advocate and often speaks on the matter to normalize that conversation. Ten years ago it was still taboo to speak about weed so it was a big thing to be standing loud and proud with bong in hand!

The list can go on and our intention is to start a trend in giving thanks to the weed queens everywhere! Anyone that sees the good in life can appreciate a female celebrity stoner that delivers top tier energy no matter where she goes or what she does. If you are a female or have a female in your life that should be recognized as a cannabis queen, buy bongs online and show some love the right way during Women’s History Month! We appreciate women everywhere for their contributions in cultivating an empowering community in cannabis. 

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