Cool Weed Grinders for 420

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420 weed grinders
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If there is a holiday to treat yourself it is the epic 420. But why confine yourself to one day when you can show your love to Mary Jane all 365? The best thing about smoking weed is all the creative smoking accessories available to help you really set the vibes for the smoke setup. Upgrading tools as simple as a grinder can really go a long way! Here is a quick list of cool weed grinders for 420 that you should absolutely add to your smoking collection. 

Revolver Grinder - 40mm

revolver grinder

Check out the Revolver Grinder that will lock and load your weed so you always stay ready! This cool grinder is a 40mm that pays tribute to an actual revolver with silver and gold accents made from top quality material. This will weigh nice and heavy in your hand and you can just feel the durability! The three layers and dual-chambered setup comes equipped with a magnetic close feature to avoid spills. Use the bottom compartment for extra storage and grind away with more than enough room to spare!

Black Out Grinder - 50mm

black out grinder

The Black Out Grinder is a 50mm beauty that is sleek and a total knockout! This 4-piece coolest weed grinder looks sophisticated with just enough color to pop through and make it a sight to see. Weighing just 5 ounces, take this herb grinder with you wherever you need to go and don’t be bogged down by it! Choose from multiple colors and choose your vibe, and did we mention this is a budget pick!? For less than $15 you can’t go wrong.

V Syndicate Sharp Shred T=HC2 Grinder

 v syndicate sharp shred grinder

Everyone knows a stoner that prefers tried and true brands, so the V Syndicate Sharp Shred T=HC2 Grinder is not only reliable but also featuring a really unique design. Choose between 55mm and 63mm or between a two-piece or a four-piece - the options are overflowing; it is hard to limit yourself to just one! This cool weed grinder will most definitely motivate a stoner to prep some fat joints and get in the mood. Feel free to grab the matching rolling tray to really ramp up your smoke spot and create a theme!  

Dark Side Grinder

dark side grinder

The Dark Side Grinder can pass off for a mini figurine at first glance, but unscrew Darth Vader’s head and a full grinder setup will appear! Get you and your friends Darth Faded with this cool herb grinder every Star Wars fan needs in their life. This portable and discreet grinder will be a game changer the next time you’re trying to roll up and get high on the fly. Grind up some Dantooine dank and harness the power within you!

Buckethead Grinder 

buckethead grinder

Another Star Wars inspired design, the Buckethead Grinder is the ultimate grinder made of durable aluminum and ready to grind some ganja. Bucketheads are essential in galactic battles so harness that power within this herb grinder and level up your joints in no time! With a built-in kief screen and mini scraper included, look forward to a grinder that not only looks good but delivers top tier grinded kush. Choose between black or gold they both look like they are ready for the battlefield!

Marley Natural Large Wood Grinder

 marley natural wood grinder

Have you seen a grinder like the Marley Natural Large Wood Grinder? This 76mm grinder is for the stoners that need some room to roll stacks and stacks of joints. This high-end wooden grinder has four pieces made of shatter-proof polycarbonate and sustainably sourced black walnut wood. With a kief catcher and hidden scraper tool along with a magnetic closure - what more do you need? This cool weed grinder produces two grind sizes so if you are looking for luxury in a large grinder this is it! Although on the higher end price wise, it is worth every penny to control the quality of grinded weed in the way a stoner can with this wooden grinder. 

On top of being part of the coolest weed grinders for 420, these smoking accessories also set the caliber and tone for a smoke sesh so it is important to not skimp on the quality of your smoking tools. The next time you are buying a bong online make sure to add these cool weed grinder for 420 to your cart, you can thank us later!

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