Fastest Ways To Get High On Weed

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best weed smoking essentials
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There are some days you can sit down and take your time unwinding, maybe practice rolling a joint and smoking it as a reward. Then there are other days where you can’t get high fast enough and itching to get some relief. Are you in the thick of it and in dire need of getting high AF. as quickly as possible? There are certain methods that work faster than others in terms of getting someone high, and we’re here to spill all the tea and share the best stoner hacks. Here are the fastest ways to get high on weed whenever you are in a pinch just trying to get your head in the clouds.


One of the fastest ways to get high on weed is through taking bong rips. The history of bongs goes way back in time, all the way to the Common Era and has evolved to what we consider top of the line bongs today. With intricate hand blown designs, extensive percolators and ash catchers for extreme filtration and more, bongs come with pretty much everything you can think of besides your weed material. Bongs are an excellent way to get high fast because one or two bong rips should instantly send you to the moon. 

Bongs are a popular and common choice amongst stoners for its convenience and practical use. Most stoners that own bongs will smoke from it daily which saves on buying unnecessary material like rolling papers and rolling trays. Bongs only need themselves, some water, weed, and a lighter to be ready to rip! It is one of the most cost effective setups you can buy and if used daily you will most definitely get a return on your investment.


If you are a fellow dabber, you’ll know that dabs are probably the absolute fastest ways to get high on weed and stay high for quite a while. One of the best options on the market to get THC into your body quickly, dabbing will instantly take your sober mind and turn you into a stoney bologna. There are many upsides to dabbing but only if you know what you are doing, since a proper high will heavily depend on whether you are dabbing correctly or not. 

Dabbing essentially is the act of consuming concentrated cannabis oil. Through heating up a dab setup and dropping the concentrated cannabis wax, it melts into oil and when heated properly, it extracts the most potent part of the THC material that vaporizes to smoke and get high off of. When dabbing, you are dealing with a very high concentration of THC so it is important to know what you are getting into! If you are newbie to dabbing and trying to learn more, a great start is learning answers to questions like how does a dab rig work? 

Steamroller pipes

One of the fastest and low cost methods to getting high and quick, are through steamroller pipes. If you are not sure what a steamroller pipe is, it is a device that is meant to be a one hit wonder or a straight shooter where you take a big hit all at once. Steamroller pipes are the fastest ways to get high on weed because you can easily fill it up, toke in one or two quick hits, ash and you are good to go! Do not underestimate steamroller pipes, they might look like they are basic and boring but when you are trying to get high in a pinch you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that one is nearby. 


Easily one of the most classic ways to get high, joints are another viable option when trying to get high quickly and efficiently. Joints are a simple way to control your high, since you decide how many puffs to take and how often. Smoke a joint quickly for a high that hits you from the jump, or take a few hits here and there while working on something to sustain your high. Joints are a popular option because it can be a chill or crazy time, up to you to pick your poison. 

Weed smoking essentials

Depending on how you like to take your THC, you’ll know what works best for you and the best part about getting high is that each time differs and offers a nice story to tell. Some days you’ll want to relax and take your time sailing to the moon, but other days the clock is ticking and before you know it you are feening for a quick hit of your favorite weed strain. Always stay stocked up with the best smoking accessories for every one of your moods, you’ll thank yourself later!

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