Cute Bubbler Bongs For Summer

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Summer is here and it is time to enjoy the sunshine and all the good vibes! What better way to ring in the summer season than by getting yourself a cute bubbler bong? Ranging from extra affordable to luxury choices, there’s a cute bubbler for everybody with must-haves for any price point. Grab a few for you and the besties it’s time to have a hot bubbler summer!

Bubblers for $4.20

If you’re trying to save some coins to spend on other summer shenanigans, check out a few cute bubbler bongs for summer that cost only $4.20 and you can spend the rest on some top shelf weed because balance!

Chaos Theory Glass Bubbler - 4 inches

chaos theory glass bubbler

The Chaos Theory Glass Bubbler is a classic sherlock-stemmed bubbler design that is extremely travel-friendly at four inches tall. Choose between fun colors like red, green or blue, pop into your bag and when you’re ready to use just fill it up with some water and weed and start to toking! With a convenient bent neck you won’t have to worry about any splashback and look forward to nothing but smooth and high quality hits for a low budget price.

Art Deco Glass Bubbler - 4.5 inches

art deco glass bubbler

Smoke up all the fun with the Art Deco Glass Bubbler, a 4.5-inch mini bubbler bong that is a masterpiece in itself with a cool artist design made from borosilicate glass and built to be used and abused. With a flat base you can easily store this piece considering how small it is and since it is semi-transparent you’ll be able to see the smoke swirling upwards before you inhale. This is a fun piece overall to have in your house and keep as a centerpiece too!

Bubbler bongs for under $20

Double your budget and take a step up from the $4.20 steals without fully committing to the luxury level. Here are some bubbler bongs that you can snag for less than $20, there’s enough money left to grab something from the $4.20 store too!

Captains Glass Mini Bubbler - 4 inches

 captains glass mini bubbler

Impress your friends with the Captains Glass Mini Bubbler, a 4-inch mini bubbler bong that has a deep bowl and angled mouthpiece for a luxury experience without the price tag. For less than $15 you can grab this mini bubbler and pack a nice big bowl and get quite a few bong rips out of it. The sophisticated blue color paired with an intricate yet transparent textured design reminds us of Adam & Eve with the poisonous apple and the serpent, yet one bite (bong rip) out of this will have you feeling more heavenly instead. Like they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away and stoners love symbolism. If you’re feeling like you want to switch it up try the Pink Captains Glass Mini Bubbler that is 5.5 inches that is clear throughout and there’s no mistaking how high you’ll be getting. 

Large Twist Bubbler - 6 inches

large twist bubbler

The six-inch Large Twist Bubbler is one of the items on this list that is the best bang for your buck considering how big it is for the price. Choose from different color schemes that are a beautiful combination of various color combinations that will really come to life once it’s lit up and filled with smoke. The tapered mouthpiece is one of the highlights so that you don’t have to work too hard to get a nice, full hit. With a left side carb added to the build of this bubbler, experience more comfortable and controlled hits - you might just forget how little you paid for such enjoyment. 

Luxury bubbler bongs

If you’re a bubbler bong enthusiast and really looking to invest in a new piece, here are some luxury bubblers that are worth the price and made from the best and highest quality materials. To each their own especially with bubblers, but the following is worth saving up your money for considering how often you’ll want to be toking from it!

Marley Natural Glass Bubbler - 4.5 inches

marley natural glass bubbler

You’ll be feeling JUST like Sherlock Holmes with the Marley Natural Glass Bubbler, a 4.5-inch bubbler bong that can be used with water or dry if you prefer. Made of glass, metal, and wood, Marley Naturals is known for using high quality wood and sleek designs that are classic with an innovative twist. With a taper mouthpiece and this beauty being able to stand up on its own, this is the most adult bubbler you can probably buy for yourself and feel like you’re in an episode of Mad Men sans the cigarettes and substitute for a weed pipe. This is a fairly discrete piece and obviously travel-friendly so you won’t want to leave home without it!

Grav Large Upright Bubbler - 9 inches

grav large upright bubbler

The biggest bubbler on the list will be the Grav Large Upright Bubbler, a 9-inch piece that produces massive hits that are not for novice users. The 45-degree angled mouthpiece also doubles as a splashguard along with a tungsten showerhead downstem to filter each hit before it gets to you for inhalation. You’ll want to keep this big bubbler bong out at all times because it is so well crafted it deserves to be treated as more than just a bubbler.

Hot stoner summer in full effect

Be sure to grab other goodies from the $4.20 store so you have everything you need to have the best hot stoner summer yet. Grab your bongs and bathing suits, it’s time to celebrate life stoner style!

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