Best Heady Glass Pipes

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Shrimp Nigiri Sushi Hand Pipe
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For many stoners, quality glassware is a very important part of the smoking experience. Some people want to turn heads with a cool water bong that gets everyone talking, or they may keep a secret stash of one-of-a-kind hand pipes for special occasions. Heady glass pipes are a great option to add a unique handmade touch to your collection and are cheaper than larger heady glass products. Browse our quick list of the best heady glass pipes that won’t break the bank.

Best Heady Glass Pipes

Shrimp Hand Roll Heady Glass Pipe

Everyone loves freshly made hand roll sushi and this heady glass pipe looks so real you might forget it’s not the real thing! Designed by the master glass blowers at Empire Glassworks, the Shrimp Hand Roll Hand Pipe is extremely detailed with a textured nori wrap that helps give it some grip, a life-like cooked shrimp, and slices of avocado in a green ombre. This glass pipe is six inches long with a tapered mouthpiece and a large bowl that makes it a great pipe for sharing with friends.

Shrimp Hand Roll Spoon Pipe

Glass Penis Pipes

Be prepared for orgasmic tokes from one of two glass penis pipes that are sure to turn heads. This American made heady glass is available in two colors and sizes, but if you ask us, size doesn’t really matter. The Rainbow Rod Spoon Pipe is 5.5 inches long, while the flesh-colored Phallus Small Spoon Pipe is a portable 4 inches long so you can keep it in your pocket, though you may receive a few extra-long stares when walking on the street. Both penis pipes are life-like and detailed, complete with a deep smoking bowl that will last longer than your ex.

Rainbow Rod Penis Pipe

Avocadope Glass Pipe

Is your favorite meal Sunday brunch? This glass pipe is even better than avocado toast with your girlfriends. Measuring in at 3.5 inches long, the travel-friendly Avocadope Glass Pipe is ready to get you blazed in style during a road trip or day at the beach. The artist made sure to have a textured skin for grip and an interesting design with the bowl at the far end of the pipe opposite the mouthpiece. It’s only fitting that this American made heady glass pipe was crafted in the state that produces the most (and best) avocados, sunny California.

Avocadope Heady Glass Pipe

World Leaders Heady Glass Pipes

No heady glass pipe collection is complete without this trio depicting power-hungry world leaders. Whether you have a political stance or not, every stoner can appreciate the craftsmanship and attention given to each of these one-of-a-kind character pipes. The coolest part is that all of the pipes stand up on their own so you can show them off before lighting up. First up is the Presidential Pipe is inspired by Donald Trump. While he may be out of office, no one will forget the controversial American president or his iconic blonde combover. North Korea's Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un is displayed with his slick hair, round face, and chubby cheeks as the Rocket Man Pipe. The final dry hand pipe in this heady glass collection is the Pootie Pipe, inspired by none other than Trump’s overseas bestie, President Putin.

Empire Glassworks Presidential Pipe

Shrimp Nigiri Sushi Hand Pipe

Ready to complete your sushi pipe collection? Don’t forget about the unique Shrimp Nigiri Sushi Hand Pipe, also designed by heady glass artists at Empire Glassworks. This palm-sized mini pipe is only 4.5 inches long and 2 inches wide so you can grip it and store it away with ease. Blown from thick borosilicate glass, the more you look at this sushi hand pipe, the more dazzled you will become. From the swirly orange texture of the shrimp to the individual grains of sticky rice, this glass pipe is a heady glass pipe masterpiece. The smoking bowl is hidden on the bottom of the sushi so when sitting on a table face up, it passes for a trinket or fancy piece of art.

Shrimp Sushi Nigiri Hand Pipe

Boobies Hand Pipe

Free the nipple takes on a new meaning when getting blazed from the Boobies Hand Pipe. This cheap heady glass pipe is just $74.20 and is the ultimate answer to boobs or butt. Realistic on one side and flat on the bottom, these tits won’t roll away when you’re not looking. When you’re ready to smoke, flip it over to pack the bowl and don’t forget to control the airflow using the left-side carb.

Empire Glass Boobies Pipe

Heady Glass for Sale

Did any of these heady glass pipes catch your eye? If not, visit our online smoke shop for other options like silicone pipes, glass hand pipes, bubblers, mini pipes, character pipes, and more!

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