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CBD vs THC For Pain

October 13, 2021 3 min read

best cbd for pain
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If you’ve ever experienced pain you are most likely familiar with the urgent feeling of needing to find relief. While many over the counter products might help, nowadays there are more options available that are more holistic and much more enjoyable to take over pharmaceuticals. The big debate in recent years amongst the cannabis community and curious cannabis consumers is the ever evolving question: is CBD or THC better for pain? Here is a comparison of CBD vs THC for pain and how anyone can benefit from either.

What is the difference between CBD and THC?

While both CBD and THC derive from the cannabis plant, they are different components of the cannabis plant. CBD, or cannabidiol, can come from hemp plants as well as marijuana plants, while THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, can be mostly found in marijuana plants. It is commonly known that CBD lacks the psychoactive component that is found in THC, which is what makes someone feel high.

How does THC help with pain?

THC helps with pain for obvious reasons of providing a body and head high that is incomparable to CBD. THC is fast acting and will easily help someone that is experiencing pain, whether smoking a joint or popping a few tincture oils. There are even THC bath bombs available that will really alleviate pain and have you feeling loose as a goose.

THC is often used by cancer patients as a best method for managing pain from chemotherapy treatments, and that alone should say something about the powerful effects THC can have for those that are truly experiencing chronic pain from illness or physical injury. While THC is definitely a top choice for providing some relief, CBD is just as effective in helping with pain if someone does not wish to have the psychoactive effects that THC has. For many reasons, some are not able to use THC and CBD is just as good of a solution. 

Does CBD really do anything for pain?

Just because CBd doesn’t make you feel high does not mean that it can’t help manage pain. CBD actually acts as an anti-inflammatory and is super helpful in calming nerves from the inside out. CBD helps with any sore joints or muscles and is especially beneficial for those that suffer from chronic pain.

Is CBD good for joint pain?

Given that CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory, it is very good for joint pain and can help ease the daily pains after a long work shift, hike or even a hard workout. CBD is very good for those with arthritis and when taken on a consistent basis, users can really see a difference in joint health and overall pain levels tend to decrease.

What CBD to use for pain

Here are some of the best CBD products to buy that can help manage pain. Usually, CBD products can take anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes to take effect so plan accordingly and you’ll be on your way to feeling naturally relaxed so you can either carry on with your day or wind down and feel some relief for the rest of your evening. 

Vesl Oils CBD Oil

Vesl Oils CBD Oil

Try some Vesl Oils CBD Oil that also contains vitamin E for some extra antioxidants on top of anti-inflammatory benefits! With 25 mg of CBD full spectrum per capsule, one or two of these will put your body and mind at ease. Liquid gel capsules are very travel-friendly so this makes for the perfect travel buddy and no excuse to not take with you everywhere you go.

Original Hemp Cool Relief Roll-On

Original Hemp Cool Relief Roll-On

If you are wanting more topical application for direct pain relief, try the Original Hemp Cool Relief Roll-On. Easy to apply directly to a body sore, this is more for before or after a workout and will not only ease the pain but will cool the spot too. That cool sense of relief is similar to icy hot but the CBD is much more holistic and healing!

Tailored Hemp Co CBD Pre Rolls

Tailored Hemp Co CBD Pre Rolls

Run a bath and light up one of these Tailored Hemp Co CBD Pre Rolls to find relief from your pain pretty quickly. Choose from many different flavors like gusherz, dream queen, or purple krush. These come pretty close to feeling like you are actually smoking weed so if you are not able to do THC but still want to ease your smoke fixation, these CBD pre-rolls are for you!

Best CBD for pain

The whole CBD vs THC for pain debate could get very deep but essentially it comes down to preference and whether one is able to consume THC or not. THC is pretty fast acting while CBD can be more mild than THC effects but still effective nonetheless. Check out other CBD oil for pain with tinctures, daily capsules and more! 

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