Stache Products Lip x Rio Dab Kit Review

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If you haven’t heard of this trendy new stoner company yet, this article will get you up to speed on the Stache Products brand and their most popular product, The Rio! Established in 2015, Stache Products designs smoking products for modern pot heads that are looking for portable devices, affordability, and overall convenience. Lighting up shouldn’t have to be a headache! The cannabis brand’s first product was a portable dab pen that got lots of traction in the cannabis community, but was quickly copied by other brands. Everything changed just three years ago when The Rio by Stache Products was born. Rio is an acronym for “rig in one” because it was designed to be the one and only dab kit you’ll ever need. Crafted specifically to be taken along on the go, this portable dab rig is everything and more that it promises.

Lip x Rio Dab Kit Stache Products review

If you’re looking for a way to get tasty dabs on the go that has the same quality as a tabletop dab rig, this one-of-a-kind smoking device is just what you need. The Stache Products Lip x Rio Dab Kit is a high quality borosilicate glass mini dab rig with a long neck that has a refillable butane torch hidden in the base. This dab kit is ready to work right out of the box. All that’s missing is a potent concentrate. The Rio is crafted specifically for cold start dabbing, also called reverse dabbing. That means instead of heating up the nail beforehand, simply add your concentrate of choice to the provided quartz banger and cover with the included carb cap, then ignite the butane torch to vaporize your smoking material. It’s as easy as that!

Lip x Rio Dab Kit specs

  • 14 inch e-rig
  • Protective Rio base
  • Compatible with cannabis concentrates
  • 4mm thick borosilicate glass
  • Heating: refillable butane torch
  • 14mm female joint
  • Three-pinch ice catcher
  • Inline percolator
  • 14mm male quartz banger
  • Puddle Pusher carb cap
  • Silicone plug
  • Titanium dab tool included
  • Travel case with EVA foam insert and lock
  • Limited warranty including 1 year warranty on the torch

Stache Products Lip x Rio Dab Kit

Stache Products butane torch

What makes the Rio dab rig stand out from the rest is that it doesn’t have a battery (that means no cords or charging to worry about), and it has no coil to interfere with taste. Instead, this cool e-rig uses a built-in butane torch that is positioned right below the quartz banger, which is a game changer when it comes to dabbing on the go. You’ll have tasty, quality dabs anywhere you are, even if there isn’t a store to buy batteries or an outlet in sight! Just imagine the possibilities on your next camping weekend, beach day, backpacking excursion, and road trip. The butane torch has a large, refillable tank that is hidden in the colorful base of the dab rig. Simply twist the knob to ignite and play with the heat level.

Lip x Rio Dab Kit portability

Because of the long neck of this specific Rio model, it’s not as portable as the Rio Makeover, which stands at just 6.5 inches. The extra glass and size makes the Lip x Rio Dab Kit a little less comfortable to transport, however the added inches improve the vapor quality and allow for chilled dabs due to the three-pinch ice catcher. Each Stache Products device comes with a lockable travel case that includes an EVA foam insert. Once placed snugly into the zipper case, the Rio dab rig can withstand minor drops. Each dab rig also comes with a silicone plug, so you can transport it pre-filled with water and ready to light up at a moment’s notice. As we mentioned earlier, if you fill the butane tank, you can use your portable dab rig anywhere. There’s no need for batteries, charging cables, or power outlets.

The Rio by Stache Products pros and cons


  • Ultra portable design with a lockable travel case included.
  • Designed for cold start or reverse dabbing.
  • Unparalleled burn from the built-in butane torch.
  • Butane tank lasts a lot longer than a full charge of an e-rig with a battery.
  • Smooth, filtered dabs thanks to the inline percolator.
  • No batteries, charging cable, or coil.
  • Works great for solo and group sessions.
  • Rio Stache Products accessories and replacement parts available.


  • Lip x Rio Dab Kit is less portable than the smaller 6.5-inch Rio Makeover.
  • It takes some practice to learn how to control the temperature and achieve the perfect dab.
  • Nearly the entire mini dab rig besides the base is made from glass that’s unprotected, so it isn’t fully drop proof.

The Rio by Stache Products for sale

Has our Lip x Rio Dab Kit review convinced you that you need to try this portable e-rig for yourself? If so, visit our online smoke shop for the best price on Stache Products dab rigs and choose between the turquoise or black Lip x Rio complete kit. Be sure to check the homepage to get a Stache Products discount code.

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