Best Weed Halloween Party Ideas for Stoners

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It’s that time of year for the boys and ghouls to show their true selves and get into the spirit of Hallows Eve! COVID-19 has really put a damper on social activities and with precautions in place it is important now more than ever to abide by protocols and safely socialize all throughout the holidays. Halloween may not be what it was in the past, but there are still some fun things to do in the comfort of your own space with the roomies and significant other! Here is a list of the best Halloween party ideas for stoners to revamp your home into a fang-tastic space.

Quarantine-O-Ween Ideas

There are so many spooky-full ideas to do from the comfort of your home that requires no social interaction but still delivers a great time! Enjoy your first Quarantine-O-Ween with a few ideas to spice up your living room and turn it into whatever Halloween-filled fun your Covid creativity can take you. 

Decorate, decorate, decorate!

The easiest thing you can do to celebrate Quarantine-O-Ween is to go wild on the decorations this year. Feel free to decorate one room or all rooms with different themes to truly rally and get yourself into the Halloween spirit. Pumpkins and plastic skeletons are always a nice touch, and with all the smoking sessions it’ll look like a crazy lair where all of the weed spells take place. 

Halloween movie marathon

If you are in a place where the weather has dropped and the only thing you want to do is dress up in your animal onesie (always a great go-to costume), Halloween movie marathons are for you! All you need is the best spooky movies to watch, your favorite Halloween candy and of course the dankest weed you can find. This combination is pretty killer so be ready to sink into the couch all weekend!

Glow in the dark egg hunt

Yes, it’s not Easter but this glow in the dark egg hunt takes a stoner-style approach. Glow in the dark egg hunt takes the art of searching for eggs but with a twist: fill the eggs with your favorite candies and favorite nug strains! The winner not only gets some munchies as they go but have nugs to roll up in a joint for later - or grab a few $4.20 store steals as prizes. This makes the game a bit more motivating for adults and with glow in the dark eggs they’ll be more fun to find. There’s only one rule: everyone in your household needs to take a few bong rips and be high as heck before starting the egg hunt!

Scavenger hunt quarantine style

Having to stay indoors will force you to get creative in order to increase the fun, so add in a scavenger hunt to the mix! A scavenger hunt created by a stoner is the most epic combo because you know it’ll be random, full of high pit stops and more. The options are endless with indoor stoner scavenger hunts, so here are a few ideas:

  • Toke and go: each player gets a joint for themselves (because Covid and why not) and must take a hit at every scavenger hunt location they stop at. Or step it up and check out these cheap bongs online so everyone in your household gets their own glass bong to toke and go with! Looks like Christmas is allowed to come early this year.  
  • Beer goggles: scavenger hunts are always pretty fun but it can also be pretty easy, especially in small spaces. Make things a bit more difficult with a wild card that is beer goggles! When each player gets to a location they must pull a card and there’s a chance they must use the beer goggles to the next station. This makes things a bit more unpredictable and with the endorphins flowing there is sure to be some chaos occurring.
  • Stoner inspired: make a station where each person must roll a joint before the end of the competition. Check out these cheap rolling papers and rolling trays to make it an official setup. This slows things down a bit but also really lets you show off your skills! Or lack of...either way there will be tons of smoking to be done!

Carving pumpkins

This is definitely a classic activity that should always be done but pumpkin carving with a stoner must always have a twist. Buy pumpkins to make your very own pumpkin bong! A fun activity that can be doubled for a smoking device afterwards, you’ll want to put your best craftsmanship forward and create an epic piece. We suggest buying baby pumpkins as well to test out a few hits before moving onto the big leagues.

Halloween doesn’t have to involve trick-or-treating and crazy parties at a friend of a friend’s house. Your household is a great place to have a safe and stoner-filled night that involves all the sweet candy and joints that your heart desires. Stay safe during the holiday season and enjoy the holidays with your household and significant other the way you really want to - stoned and ready to chill hard AF.

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