Best Halloween Glass 2020

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It’s about that time of year again, where the seasons change, decorations are out, and that also means it is time to switch up that bong routine! With the holidays approaching it is essential to have your smoke setup at its finest so you can celebrate Halloween high as a bird, get ready to watch scary movies and munch on Halloween candy. If you are having a hard time choosing the best glass bongs and pipes, here’s a list of the best Halloween bongs, bubblers and pipes this 2020 to help you brew up a nice bowl (or three) of your favorite weed strains to get you feeling stoned and spooky!

Colored Mushroom Bong

mushroom bong

Not only does the Colored Mushroom Bong deliver in bringing the fall vibes, this fiery orange glass bong is a beautiful piece that can sit in your house throughout the entire holiday season. At ten inches tall, this cheap bong for sale has little circle and showerhead percolators that pack a powerful punch and filtrate hits like no other. Word on the street is if you take enough hits, the percolators will start to look like little aliens checking in on you! Each percolated hit is guaranteed to deliver a smooth toke, especially with an ash catcher to add to extra filtration. With a sturdy base you can place this beautiful water pipe just about anywhere, but you’ll want it to be front and center for all the festivities. 

Mini Skull Bubbler

skull bong

Create a magic potion with the Mini Skull Bubbler bong, the perfect addition to your Halloween decor! At 4.5 inches this mini bubbler gives a deadly high, so beware! Mix your best weed into the bowl and watch as the smoke fills the skull like you are casting a spell in a cauldron. Each inhale will feel like you are the fourth witch to Hocus Pocus - she was there, she was just stoned in the corner. Summon your higher powers and get witchy with this mini glass bubbler that is sure to get you hauntingly high.

Wide Neck Dappled Tube Bong

dappled tube bong

Glow in the dark bongs are here not just for Halloween but all year long! The Wide Neck Dappled Tube Bong is a 14-inch beaker bong for sale that screams all things Halloween and trouble. The glass sphere glows magically in the dark like you are reading a crystal ball, and it shows you’re about to get high as heck! Light up the bowl and watch the bubbles dance around the light before traveling up the chamber’s snake-like design to inhale a clean, big bong rip. Each toke is exciting and this glass bong obviously works best in the dark, so perfect for a scary movie night setup!

Marley Natural Spoon Pipe

marley natural spoon pipe

This is not the spookiest of the bunch but it could double up for a classic Halloween costume, because what stoner doesn’t want to dress up and get high at the same time, right? The Marley Natural Spoon Pipe is the perfect accessory to any costume that involves a cool pipe, except this one is actually real and will get you pretty damn high. Made from heat-resistant glass and sustainably sourced walnut wood, this glass bubbler pipe is a luxury piece that will enhance your high to the fullest so you can really get into character.

Captains Glass Mini Bubbler

mini glass bubbler

Looking like a modern-day poison apple, the Captains Glass Mini Bubbler is another glass pipe to add to your Halloween collection to really brew up some buzz around the house. With a deep bowl and angled mouthpiece, this mini bubbler will have you feeling up to no good and in the Halloween spirit. With a clear chamber and mouthpiece, the smoke provides the spooky vibes and will have you toking all night long. Available in a mysterious, mystic blue and enchanting apple green, choose your mood and let the good times bubble.

Gather up your broomsticks and spellbooks, it is time to add some Halloween glass to your collection. These glass bongs and pipes for sale are a no-brainer to perfecting this year’s Halloween setup, because there is no better way to ring in Halloween than to buy a cheap bong for sale and get freakishly high, right? Don’t forget the popcorn, candy and horror films to add for maximum effect!

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