Best Stand Up Comedy Specials to Watch High

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Stoners are known for getting the uncontrollable giggles over things that really aren’t all that funny. So why not feed into that positive laughter alongside some of the best stand-up comedians who are probably just as baked as you are (we’re looking at you Seth and Joe). Comedy and pot mesh together so well that some comedians have dreamt up entire shows while blazed, plus it’s an endless source of inspiration. When you finally run out of movies to watch stoned , give one of these funny stand-up comics a go.

Best stand-up comedy specials on Netflix

Bo Burnham - What

Starting from the lengthy opening skit with his awkward miming, you’ll be thinking WTF is going on while at the same time feeling like you can’t take your eyes off the screen. Bo Burnham has an absolutely unique and unusual way of doing stand up that you probably haven’t seen before. His sets often feature rapping, piano playing, lasers, spoken word poetry, smoke effects, and lots of original songs, so it’s definitely not your typical comedic monologue. Bo’s sets are extremely well planned and rehearsed, it’s obvious that he put lots and lots of time into each performance. The avant garde style and witty, often self-deprecating humor makes him one of the funniest stand up specials today. After you’ve finished his newest stand up special, accurately named What , (because you’ll be saying–what did I just watch) make sure not to miss his 2016 Netflix debut, Make Me Happy .

Joe Rogan - Triggered

Who knew that the UFC commentator and host of Fear Factor was actually an extremely talented and funny stand-up comic? Joe Rogan may have put his comedy career on hold for years to pursue other avenues in entertainment, but his 2016 comedy special, Triggered is pretty dang hilarious. He jokes about the craziness of raising children and explains the differences between smoking pot and taking edibles (the later being that you can speak with dolphins). Joe’s stand up performances are still quite under the radar, with most young people recognizing him from his very popular podcast show The Joe Rogan Experience That's also worth a listen, especially while high. For more of Joe’s crazy antics, check out his most recent comedy special, Strange Times .

Hannah Gadsby - Nanette

As a queer woman from a small town, Hannah Gadsby represents a community we hardly see in the comedy world and yes, her show Nanette probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and she doesn’t try to make it that way either. Her entire stand-up special is based on true stories, so instead of raunchy one liners and jokes that appeal to all, she reflects and pokes fun about societal issues that have affected her (and many, many others) like the prevalence of misogyny, quarter life crisis, the gender pay gap, not being lesbian enough, and her detest of the rainbow flag. Since her content stems from history and society, her jokes are funny yet very true.

Seth Rogen - Hilarity for Charity

Like the name suggests, this is a recorded live show with proceeds going towards a cause Seth has spoken openly about, Alzheimer's. Don’t expect a Seth Rogan stand-up show because that’s not what you’re going to get, though he does crack some pretty silly jokes along the way. Hilarity for Charity is a 90-minute special hosted and created by Seth, which features skits and songs from well-known comedians and a bunch of his A-list friends. Jeff Goldblum, Tiffany Haddish, Sacha Baron Cohen, Chelsea Peretti, and other big names take the stage bringing something new to the table during each act. Even Kermit the Frog and the rest of the Muppets make an appearance to support the cause. 

Adam Sandler - 100% Fresh

The king of comedy himself, greatest stand up comedian, Adam Sandler is back after a decade away from the stage with his highly-rated comedy show 100% Fresh . This Netflix special is a mashup of the best bits from various performances around the country featuring original music, songs, and of course Adam’s classic silly voices we all know and love. His jokes fall more on the tame side, so the show appeals to all audiences and spans generations. Smoke a bowl or two and watch as Adam’s absurd songs like “Grandma Died” which was performed at a subway station makes you giggle with laughter.

Ali Wong - Baby Cobra

If you know anything about Ali Wong’s stand-up comedy shows, she’s a lot, a whole lot. She was very pregnant when filming her breakout Netflix stand up special, Baby Cobra and is not afraid to make you feel uncomfortable at every turn. She’s known for talking openly about sex, pregnancy, child rearing, hoarding, and life as a second-generation Asian American. Even if you aren’t a parent, Baby Cobra will leave you in stitches and is even more hilarious after partaking in the sticky icky because nothing is off limits with Ali. A pregnant woman joking about eating ass, queefing, having sex with a homeless man, and trapping her husband makes for one of the best stand up comedy specials of all time. If you couldn’t get enough of Baby Cobra , her second stand up comedy special, Hard Knock Wife is just as funny and she just so happened to be pregnant again.

Bonus picks

Richard Pryor - Live in Concert

Donald Glover - Weirdo

Chris Rock - Kill the Messenger

Aziz Ansari -Right Now

Sarah Silverman -A Speck of Dust

Wanda Sykes - Not Normal

Doug Benson - Doug Dynasty

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